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Paddle board fin setups can make a huge difference in the feel, performance, and enjoyment of a board, so understanding the ins and outs of each fin system can be an important part of deciding which SUP is right for you.



ERS SKYLAKE GREEN 9’6, 10’7, and 11’0 boards share a high performing fin system that has three equally sized semi-flexible fins permanently attached to the board. The fins are made from a special polymer that has “memory”, allowing it to bend when pressure is applied but always return to its original shape

Advantages of the ERS triple fin system are:

– It lets you paddle in very shallow water because there is no long center fin.
– The fins are indestructible, so you never need to worry about breaking them
– The fins are permanently attached, so you will never arrive at the water and discover that you have left your fins behind.
– The time tested design has been refined over the years and gets rave reviews from recreational paddlers.
The advantages of the triple fin system are apparent when you consider how many instructors and outfitters have chosen it for their paddling programs.

NOTE: Our 12-6 SKY LAKE uses a standard US fin box and an included 8″ fin. This makes more sense for a touring class board to maintain speed and momentum.



ERS V-II boards are designed and built for a high level of performance and have a fin system that can be tuned to the changing needs and paddling styles. The Advanced 2 + 1 setup has a center fin box compatible with all US Standard longboard fins and a pair of side fin boxes that accept the included “click fins” as well as a vast array of FCS 2 side fins.

Advantages of the ERS V-II Advanced 2 + 1 fin setup are:
– It lets you use different fin configuration based on your needs and preferences. You can run a single center fin when speed is a priority, a long center fin and two side fins for stability in moving water, or two side fins and no center fin when you want to keep things loose and fast turning.
– The center fin box accepts both US and FCS Connect fins, so you have virtually unlimited selection of fins to choose from.
– The side fins can be inserted and removed quickly without any tools or hardware, or can be permanently secured using set screws.
– With the fins removed, the boards roll up very compactly when deflated and stack well when left inflated.

NOTE: The ERS 10-0 boards come with an option of a permanent triple fin setup OR a 2 + 1 flexible setup. The 7-2 G-Rocker comes with its own custom setup of tri click fins.

Selecting the fin system that is right for you is an important consideration when buying a board. Whether you decide to go with the carefree triple fin setup or the more configurable removable fin system, Earth River SUP is sure to have a board that’s perfect for you and fits your lifestyle.


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