Social Media Policy

ERS values the support of riders who choose to follow and interact with us on social media.  We really enjoy seeing posts, stories and photos of riders out on the water with ERS equipment though we generally encourage moderate and reduced use of social media sites.

As a company that exists to enhance outdoor activity and peoples recreational lives we don't want to spend our own time glued to a screen, nor encourage it in others to the point of excess, when there is so much great stuff to see and experience - just by looking up.

More Social Connection - Less Advertising Revenue

It will not take a huge leap to assume most of us know one or more people that never seem to be off their phone. Device use crept into our lives and often develops into dependence that is seldom recognized or challenged.

ERS feels social media and device use addiction has been normalized and requires change. The net negative societal influence has not been adequately understood or addressed.  It requires effort, and then action, to see change across a wider strata of businesses and communities.

The mechanism of addiction has similarities to substance abuse or gambling, though far less persuasive since we function adequately despite checking every tweet, TikTok video, post or story that our phone demands we give attention.  Device use has become normalized to the point of wasting hours a day - and accepting it as normal.

Excessive social media and device use creates a dopamine feedback loop that is designed around extending end user interaction time in order to increase advertising revenue for the platform in use.  The algorithms are purposefully designed to keep users scrolling, and conditioning users to keep checking in with constant notifications and fear of missing out.  If the platforms keep you doing this, then they have more advertising space / time to sell to corporations.

Moving Forward

ERS has expressed preference to our riders to focus on being in the moment, tagging us when they wish to share content but not to let social media dictate or form their core experience on the water.

ERS has spent months where we have posted nothing.  We have an implemented policy that on dates of significant cultural or historical importance that has nothing to do with paddle boarding we will post nothing unless it is important to us as a business, or to an individual involved in our business.  The intent is to clear space so real people can interact with real people which we feel is a positive use of social media.

Social media in all its forms morphed from a platform where friends and family could interact into 'influencers' and businesses using it as tool for the illusion of popularity.  There is considerable supply of services for likes, comments, and fake reviews that operate through automation or click farms and are routinely used by businesses and 'influencers' to inflate their numbers.  We have never bought fake followers, likes, or comments or sent free products to 'influencers' like many of  the companies who push the narrative of popularity via false metrics on social media (commonplace in our own sphere).  We minimize any advertising spend and content to put more effort into designing and manufacturing better products.

If you want to read what real people think of their ERS boards and gear we have an entire section of our site dedicated to ERS user / rider and insights and reviews. These are real people who share their real experiences using ERS equipment. 

From a commercial standpoint we realize limiting our involvement with social media will have implications though we've always done what we feel is right and our stance on this issue is no different. Social media can provide some small and local businesses a tool to grow their community and act as a convenient customer and feedback portal, which is something we absolutely encourage if it helps these businesses.

ERS will be as current as practical on our active social media accounts to give our riders and potential customers collated platforms to interact with ERS as part of their many social and community interests. ERS is genuinely appreciative of any rider that feels like sharing info about what we do, and any experiences we had a part in facilitating.  We post our social links on each page of the site and use these platforms to interact and intend to keep having fun with it. 

Social media is a great platform to share interesting information and great photos, though we feel its use and purpose needs to be balanced and not form the basis of social activity. 

If you personally feel the need to cut back your social media and device use then consider adapting a practical guide to limit social media for your circumstances - or - browse discussion groups such as r/noscreen r/nosurf for inspiration on the benefits of less screen time in general.

ERS is about getting outside more and seeing what is happening in the world. There are some really cool things and experiences right in front of you.

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