ERS values the support of riders who choose to follow and interact with us on social media. We really enjoy seeing you're posts, stories and photos of riders out on the water with ERS equipment though we actually encourage moderate use of social media sites.

Social media addiction is a destructive phenomenon that has been normalized and requires change. The damaging and negative societal influence of social media addiction has not been adequately recognized or addressed and requires effort across a wider strata of businesses and communities. Social media and device use creates a dopamine feedback loop that is purely designed to extend end user interaction time in order to increase advertising revenue for the platform in use.

As a company we've decided to limit our posting frequency and content to a maximum of three-four posts per week per platform and we've requested our riders focus on being in the moment, tagging us when they wish to share content but not to let social media dictate or form their core experience on the water.  We've spent months where we have posted nothing and we have never bought followers, likes or fraudulent reviews like many companies who push a narrative of popularity via the numbers on social media platforms.

From a commercial standpoint we realize this will have implications though we've always done what we feel is right and our stance on this issue is no different.  Social media is a great platform to share interesting information and great photos though it needs to be used in moderation and not form the basis of social activity. 

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Rewind Time...
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Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms! We start our lives looking up at you, and it never really changes.
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Paddlestroke SUP
At Paddlestroke SUP, we are super stoked on the new 2021 ERS Skylakes! 5 years in a row!!!! This keeps our lesson program on point!
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If you're in the DC/MD/VA area and have expert SUP skills.
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