SKYLAKE and GT | Insights

Paddle Board Reviews and Insights of the ERS SKYLAKE Color and GT Series from Customers and Owners of SUP-Related Businesses

Lightweight Performance | Configurable Fin System

Customer feedback is an essential facet of our business. It’s what allows us to build paddle boards with the specific features and performance attributes that matter most to people and contribute most to their enjoyment of their time spent outdoors and on the water. Below we have assembled reviews and insights from a mix of first time buyers, more experienced paddle boarders, and SUP industry business owners who paddle our boards. The reviews are specific to board models and are grouped under each board name so that you can read insights specific to any ERS inflatable paddle board or series you want to learn about.

SKYLAKE BLUE | Magenta | Aqua - Reviews and Insights

The SKYLAKE Color series feature a removable LRC fin setup that opens up a lot of possibilities for where and how you want to paddle. These are the best SUP all-around inflatable SUP boards for riders who want lightweight durability and outstanding glide.

SKYLAKE GT - Reviews and Insights

The SKYLAKE GT series features shorter speed orientated outline shapes and are the best inflatable paddle boards for speed and distance. The lightweight bullet shapes cut through the water easily and are the top pick for paddler who wants a shorter touring style board.
Skylake AQUA 9-6

ERS Skylake 9-6 S3 | Aqua

The SKYLAKE 9-6 S3 AQUA is a dynamic and responsive SUP designed for waves and casual use. It turns on a dime and is feather light for even the smallest SUP riders. The 2021 series sees only minor refinements from previous editions and a new AQUA color scheme.

Gregory Miller


Pure awesome in the shape of a SUP board. The SKYLAKE 9-6 S3 is a board I’ve been on all winter while surfing up and down the west coast. I’m on a several month road trip so wanted to keep my boards as small and light as possible and this board shreds and packs up to almost nothing. The flex fins actually work really well in the coastal waves I didn’t feel the need to switch them out to the semi flex side bites. Swapping out the center to something shorter also lets me put someone else on the board without worrying about them bottoming out. It’s an incredible board that not only surfs well, but is a great compact all-around shape that is really smooth across flat water, chop and is great on the river.



Paddled close to 150 miles through the Grand Canyon on the Skylake S3. Near a month long rafting trip with coming and it was amazing to have a board that weights so little but kept up with everything I wanted to do on it. It's a really fun board to ride on boat wake waves or surf with and it fits in the back of my car without having to deflate it!

Skylake 10-7 Reviews

Skylake 10-7 S3 | BLUE - Magenta - AQUA

The SKYLAKE 10-7 S3 series is the ride of the summer. Featuring a phenomenal choice of colors it combines a lightweight SUP with performance and glide. Returning to its roots in 2021 we've giving the SKYLAKE series the same ultra grip deckpad of our DUAL series and optional blue or yellow side fins.



PERFORMANCE BOARD OF THE YEAR 2018 AND 2019 - I found the rocker in the nose to be more than substantial when I hit a few rapids and the rigid walls kept me feeling strong and stable as I moved this way and that. Earth River SUP did a fantastic job at designing this SUP as I found no flex whatsoever at 15 PSI. I would even go as far as saying I enjoyed less thickness because it was nice to be closer to the water but not worrying about sinking as the board still felt very rigid! - This is one of those boards that is an extremely viable option for beginners as far as use goes and also value. But you also won’t outgrow your board as your skills advance. It’s the kind of SUP that keeps giving.



I love my 10-7 Skylake Blue. I tell everyone who doesn't paddleboard that they should start and to check out ERS SUP boards. My board is light enough I can haul it anywhere, its stable enough that I can do yoga, take both my crazy dogs out, and paddle moving or flat water. Paddleboarding is hands down my favorite summertime hobby. ERS SUP has impressed me with their quality, attention to detail, and customer service. I was looking for a company whose designer's and engineer's use their own products and constantly make improvements. Here is a picture of me taking my dog Kawi out on Lake Nighthorse in Durango, CO for the first time. We were both getting our sea legs but I love the pure joy in the photo. It took her a while to realize that my paddleboard wasn't a diving board but she's a pro now!

Richard M. Tettelbaum


A dramatic improvement in performance over my 6 inch thick ISUP. It is exceptionally stiff for an ISUP and very responsive to subtle shifting of weight to assist in steering. I think this known as carving I really love this thing and am glad that I got it a few weeks ago. Picture is of me, an old fat guy paddle boarding off beach in Oxford, MD. Company great to work with -- sent me a new side fin after I lost my first one, due to my sheer negligence, on maiden voyage. ERS has probably the best SUP web site that I have ever seen. It's instructional videos are first rate.

Jennifer Wildman

New Jersey

I bought the SUP for my husband as a Father’s Day gift. Best gift ever!! He’s already ridden it on Nakote Creek, Patcong Creek, Bargaintown Lake and Great Bay! He’s had the kids on it, and our dog! It’s a true family gift. Our 15 year old son has used it multiple times as well. Next up...ocean! We live the easily adjustable fins as they allow easy transition for conditions.

dennis estrella


My wife and I have a small condo near our grandchildren.. We love doing things with them and bribing them out into nature is one of those things. Having the ability to have a SUP that we can store in our laundry closet, put in the back of our mini cooper. Once at our destination we have them pumped up and ready to go withing 20 mins. The only thing i notice with the inflatable SUP vs the fiberglass ones we've rented is that I'm a little higher in the water. They are awesome!

Michele Gonzales


I love my earth river stand up paddleboard! I get to take it to the dam six minutes from my house and ride in the mornings before I go to work. My golden doodle loves joining me. Even my 78-year-old mother got up on the board and paddled around for a while. My best memory is mastering triangle pose on my board.

Holly Stewart


The ERS Board brings my family and friends together. We enjoy exploring the outdoors and our time together. It has provided me with an opportunity to improve my physical fitness and balance while being outside and investigating nature’s beauty. I choose the ERS SUP board due to its durability and ease of use with the (electric 12VDC) pump. It also provides me with multiple fin options as I learn and try new locations with SUP. The board is big enough to fit my daughter, the dog and a friend but still fits into a bag that I can manage putting in and out of my vehicle. The price to value ratio on ERS board is high and would recommend it to family and friends.

Jeremiah Seng


Love paddling my ERS on the San Joaquin River, local reservoirs, or high mountain lakes on these hot summer days! Great way to cool off with the kids, friends, and spouse. The semi flexible fins are great when some of us have a hard time avoiding rocks! It’s great to be able to fit the family gear and paddle boards inside the car when we head out on an adventure.

Clinton Beachy


This is the first paddle board I have used so I don't have others to compare it to. However, after doing a lot of looking online and checking out reviews I was confident this was a quality product. The board is as good (if not better) than what I was expecting. One of my buddies couldn't believe that an inflatable board would be capable of holding someone up like that but I was happy to show he was wrong. The board is great for everything I do with it. The first time we put it in the water was when we rented a house boat on Lake Cumberland. That was the perfect time to have a great board like the Earth River SUP. Everyone had a great time using it as a paddle board or just as something to float on around the back of the boat when we were just relaxing. I have also had it out in a couple different reservoirs and rivers here in OH and it does great. I love being able to pack it up into my little Toyota Corolla but still have a great board to use when I get there.



When I decided to buy a SUP, I knew I wanted a high quality board that was inflatable for easy transport...that's why I chose an ERS SUP board. The Skylake Blue is a great looking board and I like the soft, non-slip surface...great on the feet! I love paddling in the lakes of Idaho!

Allan Cortesi

ST Thomas USVI

My wife Pia and I use our Earth River 10'7 Sup on the beautiful calm blue Caribbean waters of Nazareth Bay St. Thomas USVI. We spend the day circling the sailboats, spotting fish in the clear waters and even venturing out into the rougher seas! The board is very responsive and stability is great. It looks far superior to other Sup's we encounter. Our only complaint is we only own one and have to share.

Anna Keeling

New Zealand / USA

I got the ERS Blue 10.7 for my 50th birthday. I'm fit and athletic and have paddled kayaks on and off for many years but am fairly new to SUP and surfing. I enjoy the challenge of balance sports and I wanted a board that I could use for flat water, river boarding and surfing (both rivers and small ocean). My board also had to travel internationally so an ISUP was all-important. My dual nationality family commutes between the US and New Zealand every 6 months and I wanted to take the board with us. I've paddled the board on lakes and most excitingly, down rivers like the A section of the Green river in Utah, the Gates of Ladore on the Green/Yampa and the wild and scenic 45 mile section of the Rogue river in Oregon. I've also surfed on the South and East Coasts of the South Island, New Zealand. The board is easy to travel with (I've moved it to a smaller bag). It takes me less than 10 minutes to set up with the hand pump. Less to pack up.

Despite being relatively new to the sport, the learning curve has been fast and I'm now able to surf small ocean and river waves with ease and remain standing on most grade 2 river rapids without fear (as long as the water is deep and I'm wearing a helmet). The versatile fin set up gives me options. I mostly use the smaller main fin with the side fins but if I'm planning a straight mission on flat water, I'll use the long main fin. I feel massively stable on this board (at 5.6' and 130lbs) and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile and portable board for lots of different uses. I can't remember if I went for the paddle upgrade or not but my paddle has been easy to use with no flex issues. I've paddled a fair few hard SUP's of around the same length and width and the performance of my ERS ISUP is not inferior to those boards.

Skylake Aqua Review

Skylake 10-9 S3 | AQUA

The SKYLAKE 10-9 S3 AQUA is the evolution of incredible 11-0 shape that has been a mainstay of the ERS range since we began in 2012.  The 34" wide outline keeps the stability while the slightly reduced length makes it a little easier to turn and transport. X9 SKYLAKE construction and an ultra grip deck pad round out the next generation of a lightweight stable SUP designed for paddlers of all sizes and ages.


New York

I love my new Earth River SUP. It is a great all around board.You can't beat the convience of having a board you can take anywhere, it fits in any car trunk. The stability is just as good as my hardboard I also own. Buying from and dealing with Pumped Up SUP for the purchase was a great experience.

Holly Olszewski


I am excited to ride my board more, I just received it last week - we took it out but were missing the fins, but were able to paddle around at our local reservoir close to shore. Luckily Pumped Up SUP (Retailer) responded within a day (thank you customer service!) and we now have the fins for this next weekend’s adventure. We have a good friend who chose a ERS board and I had ridden hers previously which was much easier to maneuver and more stable than other boards I have tried. So that is what led me to purchase a ERS for myself to use (with potential small passengers) in the reservoirs/ lakes/ rivers of CO!

Lesley Martin

New York

I've only had my ERS for one season, but I was able to take it out onto Lake Erie where I live (picture attached) for a sunset paddle, which was awesome! Additionally, I took it to Cape Cod and the Adirondaks to try it out in the ocean and the lakes (no pictures of those excursions...left the phone at home). I really enjoy how sturdy it is, yet easy to maneuver. Also, my cat seems to love it ... maybe I'll get him out for a paddle one day too! Excited to be able to get out again as soon as the weather warms up enough!

ROBERT Fairbairn


I have just had the board a couple of weeks after more than a year of consideration. Greg Miller from ERS has been incredible in helping me narrow down options and consider what was right, and I am thrilled with everything about the board so far, aside from the current state of restrictions making it hard to paddle as often as I'd like. I live right smack in downtown Washington, DC and am riding on the nearby Potomac River every chance I get, but will be taking the board farther afield over the next few months and a friend and I are considering paddling from DC to the bay on the Potomac once we have a little more practice, hopefully before the end of the summer.

ERS GT Reviews

Skylake 10-9 GT | Dark Aqua

GT Boards - COMING MID-LATE 2021



I love the mobility that this board provides. Its touring inspired shape and reduced weight allow it to track faster than other boards this length, making it perfect for riders looking to explore cramped waterways while maintaining speed. Also great for paddlers who’ve mastered the fundamentals and want to glide a little bit faster.


These are expert users of the Earth River SUP 10-0 that have been asked for their opinion on the board. These users have extensive use of these boards and choose to use them in there SUP instruction programs on a daily basis.

10-11 Aqua reviews

Skylake 10-11 GT | Dark Aqua

GT Boards - COMING MID-LATE 2021



This board has the best of both worlds: a touring shape with a wider width allowing you to track faster while remaining stable. Well suited for riders that are progressing their skills but want something a little quicker than an all-around board. The larger surface area makes it a good first for people with pets or kids who like to come along for the glide. This is one tactile board for everyone in the family to enjoy but keeps a little bit of edge for the solo paddler and keeps the fun with ERS features such as the raised kick pad.

Mary Ellen B


I bought this when I found I could not keep up with my friends using my yoga board. I love how you can feel and read more of the water and how easily it responds. I also enjoy how it tracks cleanly yet turns easily. So far I've used it on lake and river. On my first trip, I took it to the lake/river. Despite being narrower and thinner than the yoga board, it felt just as stable. It was a different feeling being 'in' the water, but it made the chop I encountered fall under the board more smoothly than bouncing along on top of it. I traveled down the lake and over to the river and rode that for a bit--just as stable on the small river, and very easy to turn around and especially easy going against the current. It was easy to inflate and assemble and easy to take apart and roll back up. I appreciated that everything was high quality and worked well without having to exchange things. I can't wait to ride it next year traveling from lake to river and back to lake--in Wisconsin we have a lot of lakes that are in a chain connected by a river. I look forward to not having to struggle to keep up with my friends!