ERS SKYLAKE Color Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews and User Insights

Paddle Board Reviews and Insights of Earth River SUP SKYLAKE Color and GT Series from Customers and Owners of SUP-Related Businesses

Lightweight Performance | Configurable Fin System

Customer feedback is an essential facet of our business. It’s what allows us to build paddle boards with the specific features and performance attributes that matter most to people and contribute most to their enjoyment of their time spent outdoors and on the water. Below we have assembled reviews and insights from a mix of first-time buyers, more experienced paddle boarders, and SUP industry business owners who paddle our boards. The reviews are specific to board models and are grouped under each board name so that you can read insights specific to any ERS inflatable paddle board or series you want to learn about.

Skylake Series SUP

SKYLAKE S3 | GT - Reviews and Insights

The SKYLAKE Color series features a removable LRC fin setup that opens up a lot of possibilities for where and how you want to paddle. These are the best SUP all-around inflatable SUP boards for riders who want lightweight durability and outstanding glide.

Gregory Miller


Pure awesome in the shape of a SUP board. The SKYLAKE 9-6 S3 is a board I’ve been on all winter while surfing up and down the west coast. I’m on a several month road trip so wanted to keep my boards as small and light as possible and this board shreds and packs up to almost nothing.

The flex fins actually work really well in the coastal waves I didn’t feel the need to switch them out to the semi flex side bites. Swapping out the center to something shorter also lets me put someone else on the board without worrying about them bottoming out. It’s an incredible board that not only surfs well, but is a great compact all-around shape that is really smooth across flat water, chop and is great on the river.

Diane Stafford


We use my inflatable SUP primarily in the ocean. I purchased this ERS SUP to replace my older and longer boards. I enjoy paddling out past the surf zone to leisurely cruise the coastline and find it a fun challenge to get out and come back in without wiping out!

I also enjoy lots of other locations for the beautiful scenery. My husband has an inflatable kayak and we explore some local lakes after hiking. Most often we are renting a house on a beach somewhere in North Carolina, however, with the favorites being Hatteras Island, Wrightsville or Emerald Isle. My son is a surfer so he loves to "steal" my board and ride some waves. I really like how you can customize the fin box for ocean, lake or sound.

Having recently purchased this board, so far we have only tried it on the beaches and bays around Rehoboth Beach, DE. I love it so far! Looking forward to next month when we will bring it to Hatteras, N.C. The picture I am submitting is from yesterday at Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware. I wanted to paddle out and explore some bay beaches in search of sea glass. The hunt was fruitless save for one nice piece but the choppy channel currents were a fun challenge! You can see the Cape May/Lewes Ferry as it passed behind us.

Kip Kilpatrick


We ride our boards on the beautiful rivers and lakes in Oregon. It's a great way to get my kids out of the house, off their cell phones, and enjoying nature. We explored a new lake and incoming river today to beat the heat. My daughter loves her ERS board. I love the lightweight paddle. Her favorite thing to do is flex on everyone sitting or kneeling on their boards while she paddles past standing up.



Paddled close to 150 miles through the Grand Canyon on the Skylake S3. Near a month long rafting trip with coming and it was amazing to have a board that weighs so little but kept up with everything I wanted to do on it. It's a really fun board to ride on boat wake waves or surf with and it fits in the back of my car without having to deflate it!

David Finch


I bought a board for my wife and another for myself. We live in rural Arizona where the summers can be 105*F+ for 90 consecutive days. Where most people venture outside in the summers, here it will melt your flip flops to the pavement. We DO have a small river running through the desert though but it is often flowing too slowly and shallow for a kayak. We decided to try paddling the river instead as even the shortest approach requires a half mile hike thru cactus.

Our ERS boards allow us to have something active to do in the summer on our quaint river other than sitting inside. They came just in time for spring/summer and we took them for their maiden voyage on my birthday.

John Powers

North Carolina

I love getting out on the water for adventures with my girlfriend and kids. Our ERS SUPs are the perfect way for us to hit the water. We've mainly used them for paddling Lake Julia in DuPont State Forest or floating the French Broad River here in western NC.

I was able to fit 2 boards in one of the bags and strap it to the back of a cargo bike for getting to Lake Julia from the parking lot. We used cars to shuttle between take out and put in for floating the river due to time constraints but will use a bike to shuttle sometimes too. This summer we plan to get them out in the surf which is why I chose a shorter model SUP.

First on the agenda is taking them along for a trip to the Pacific NW. That spurred another purchase: wetsuits! I'll be taking them to the gulf coast as well when visiting family in Pensacola, FL and I'm sure we'll get them out to Folly Beach, SC at some point too. That's our favorite beach that's not quite as far away. Other plans include paddling Lake Jocassee in SC to see a few of the waterfalls that feed right into the lake. Last time we borrowed kayaks and my back didn't feel that great. Looking forward to standing up the next time we get out there!

Grant Walczak


By far my favorite place to ride my ERS SUP Board is in small surf all along the east coast. I purchased this board specifically for those conditions and have been more than happy with the performance. I like that I can have fun in the ocean on days when the waves are not big enough for traditional surf boards and would otherwise be looking for something to do.

An added benefit of this board is that it performs great in all other conditions as well. I have taken it on flat water and it is stable enough for me to have fun for hours. I have yet to take it on a river, but I think it would also perform great on slow moving rivers. I can't wait to use it for other activities like fishing and yoga. Very happy to have purchased such a versitile board that fits my needs perfectly and then some. Would definitely recommend ERS SUP Boards to anyone interested in purchasing an inflatable SUP. Thanks!

Lucy B

New York

I am 12 years old and my family knows that I love to be on or near the water. We have a lake house and for the past 4 years I have had a kid sized kayak. However, it filled with water fast and now isn’t big enough for me. When some friends brought over a paddle board, I knew that my kayak had fulfilled its service. A week or two later, my paddle board arrived. I’ll keep it simple. I love it. I have used it more times than I can count and my family loves it too!!! It is just the right size for me and it is very stable, as well as fast and I dare say stylish. It was very easy to inflate and the carbon fiber paddle is adjustable, which allows my 6.3” cousin to enjoy it too.

Silvia Stazio


I love my board! I have had a great summer exploring waterways nearby and brought it to the Eastern Shore and up to PA. I consider paddling a moving meditation, but have had some challenging paddles as well.

Mostly use it at Clipper Lake - so close to get to, easy parking/launching and serene. Love that the bag has all my gear! Super easy to set up and break down. Can’t say enough good things about it!

Abigail Milz


After a lot of research on other popular SUP brands, I eventually landed on purchasing a board from Earth River SUP based on the quality of their manufacturing, reasonable price for a higher quality board, and ease of ordering everything I needed in a package through Pumped Up SUP.

I have been using my board on Cape Cod and have been absolutely loving it. It is so easy to blow up with the electric pump however if needed the manual pump isn’t too bad either – a nice little warm-up before your paddle! I have a small sedan and the bag fits well in my trunk making it perfect to go exploring various bay areas around the Cape after work.

I wasn't convinced that I would necessarily be able to feel a difference with a higher-quality paddle but the first time I took it out on I noticed a difference in the ease of my strokes on the water than with previous paddles I have used. I love my new board and can’t wait to make more memories paddling especially since the bag is the perfect size to be able to check at an airport too!

Scott Keith


My wife and I (along with our dog) use these on our Tennessee lakes. We love that we can quickly deflate to store them in our dock locker, transfer to our boat and then re-inflate easily once we arrive at the area we want to paddle. We also have rigid fiberglass SUPs and find these ERS SUPs more comfortable to stand on and essentially the same speed as the rigid boards. The lightweight is nice as well. We also love that we can easily take the ERS SUPs with us to Florida for use in the ocean when we go there. So, portability, comfort, and ease of use are our favorite features.

Cindy Meyer


My husband and I bought the ERS SUPs to replace the hard SUPs we had. These inflatables are so much nicer and easier to use. They inflate easily and are easy to ballance on and use. We have found them to be very forgiving on rocks, piers, decks etc where the hard SUPs would get dings and dents.

We use them locally on ponds in Salisbury MD or the Pocomoke River, we have taken them to Ocean City MD Shenandoah River and Ocracoke NC, and even used them on Lake Cayuga near Ithaca NY. We are very happy with both boards and look forward to using them more when we retire later this year.

Michelle Vasale


I am so happy i purchased this board! Not only is it super cute but it's an all around great board. I've used it close to a dozen times in flat to super choppy water and it is very stable. I'm able to maneuver around in the choppy waters standing with out an issue. I really like the extra attention to the detail of the board bag with wheels, the carrier for your fins and paddle. I haven't seen any other boards that compare to this one. Very happy with my purchase.

Deborah Batson


I love this board, and hope to buy another soon. Quality is way above the other boats in see on my lake. I ride on a quiet lake in Northwest Colorado. i love the board’s stability in the wind-driven waves and whitecaps! today was a beautiful day… brilliant blue skies, slightly choppy water, and very few boats. bald eagles above, ducks on the water, and aspens turning yellow. i’m moving to DC for a couple of months and hope to paddle in the area until it gets too cold.

Jean Mason

New York

After looking at many boards through Instagram and on sites I found myself in, I went with a small company called Pumped Up SUP.  Mainly because their website answered many questions and offered advice and information freely, and they were helpful over the phone. They only carry inflatable stand-up paddleboards and seem to know more about them than the other companies I came across. They helped me choose an ERS Blue Sky board that they happened to have on sale because the company had used it in a photoshoot in Florida.

It has been a very comfortable board, lightweight, and sturdy. I store it in a rack at a yacht club I recently joined primarily to use the club's beachside storage shelves, making taking this board a lot easier to take out on the spur-of-the-moment paddles. I feel secure on the board, it's easy to lift and carry across the beach, and as a 65-year-old woman paddling in new territory, I appreciate this. It moves nicely through the water too!

Andrew Rubin

Washington DC

My wife and I had been looking to explore DC by water fro some time. We always enjoy kayaking but having two kayaks at our city home really was not a good option. We heard about paddle boarding from people at Great Falls and thought we would try it. We look a group lesson from Greg, of Paddlestoke Sup, and he took us on the water in Great Falls. We had seen the area many times from hiking and cycling the around the area. But being able to explore the area by water from a new prospective was such a fantastic experience. Great Falls is unbelievably beautiful from the water. The fact that is is only miles away from DC is such a unique experience for those of us living in DC. Greg is also an ambassador for ERS so his rentals were all 10-7 isups. After a two hour lesson with Greg on the Earth River SUP boards, my wife and I knew we wanted to do this A LOT MORE.

Greg got us in touch with Pumped Up Sup since they are located in Bethesda, MD about a mile from where my wife and I live. Pump Up Sup was very accommodating and walked my wife and I through the process of picking out the perfect board for each of us. We ended up getting two SKYLAKE 10-7 S3 in blue and light blue. My favorite memory has been getting to explore the DC monuments from the water. After seeing the monuments so many times over the years, I tend to take for advantage how fantastic they are. Being able to see them from the tranquil Potmac river was a truly unique experience that I wish I could share with everyone.

Ellen Blair


I researched inflatable SUPs and landed on ERS as a respected, verified board. The product information on-line is very comprehensive and will answer any question you have about what board you should get dependent on your user requirements. I use my SUP in a lake environment and it tracks very well. The board maintains its sturdiness and is comfortable on bare feet.

I appreciate that it can be deflated, packed back up and used as a airline carry on so I can use them whether I am in Florida or Maine. The only negative was there have been small stains that have appeared on the underside of the board which won’t come off even when you clean the board in accordance with manufacturers directions. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase.

Konstantin Galburt


I love how the board handles and goes in a straight line. It is also fast to accelerate. Also compared to my other 6" SUP this one has a better feel on the water. Another feature that i like are the flexible and removable fins. They are easy to put on and allow for a very compact package. Paddle is light and powerful. I was able to paddle into the wind with issues. My favorite places to ride so far were Convict Lake and Lake Mary in Eastern Sierra as well as Half Moon Bay harbor. I also took a dog with in Half moon bay and all went well.

Dave Chesno


Taking my boards out with my kids is a great bonding experience. We enjoy adventuring new and exciting places. It gives us the opportunity to be outside and be together. In the fast paced dc area it is often difficult to find the time to slow down and just enjoy being but on a paddle board you have to just be and take everything in stride especially with young riders.

Picking a board can be difficult, but with ERS it was easy. The product and staff were top notch. It was great getting to know everyone involved in the company. Right now I have only rides locally on thr Potomac but in several areas and have found it very stable on both flat and moving water. The paddles have been great also!

gary rotolo


I love my ERS SUP. I use it almost every day. I use primarily as a low impact exercise platform on tbe Banana River. It is a great workout, I get to see dolphins and turtlex while working on balance, muscle tone, and cardio. I also do some light wave surfing and use it as a flyfishing platform chasing snook, redfish, and anything ejse that might take a fly. I can get into very shallow areas and it is very eco friendly! I also used it to watch the Air Show off Cocoa Beach, FL. I am sorry I left it in Florida, as there are a number of lakes here in Colorado that woukd be fun to paddle.

Jenny Smith


I chose ERS as my first iSUP because I wanted the thinner 5” profile. I was willing to spend a bit more to get something I wouldn’t grow out of quickly and would let me build my skills on beautiful Lake Monroe. It can get windy and/or choppy, so I appreciate the flexible fin configurations that let me adapt to conditions. Love my board and I’m out every evening after work (weather permitting)!

Ayako Garduque


Having decided to buy a SUP at the beginning of the pandemic to prepare for a socially-distanced summer, ERS was the most informative for someone who could not try out boards or see them in person. I also appreciated that all the necessary gear came with it, so there were significantly fewer decisions to make during an already stressful time.

The instruction guide was very helpful with pictures and video links for those like me who don't do well with just written instructions. I also purchased an anchor so in addition to exploring with my Chihuahua mix, sometimes I do yoga or read and take a nap with him in the middle of the lake. It's also been extremely spacious and useful storing belongings while floating the river with friends. The board is very stable and 3 of my friends have now obtained SUPs after seeing how much I enjoy mine.

Michael Jiroutek

North Carolina

So far, we have just been riding them on our local lake and it has been fantastic. The portability and ease of inflation/set-up is the biggest asset. Sometimes when a fun activity requires a lot of set-up prep work, you are less likely to participate simply because you don't feel like going through the hassle of getting the gear ready to go and transported. This board solves all that. Easy to inflate (6 minutes with manual pump), easy to attach fins (inside a minute or two) and easy to adjust paddle to correct length (10 seconds). Ready to go! Best of all is how lightweight the board is. Very easy to carry.

If you don't want to bother deflating it, you can strap to it to a roof rack in about two minutes. Even if the board was of poor quality or didn't work well, all the above would make it great, but from my limited experience it is very solidly constructed and a great performer (at least for the general lake use in which we have participated so far). The board carry bag and all the extras that come with the board make this a complete, one stop shopping package. On top of all that Mike at pumpedupsup is all one can ask from a customer service person. Loving the board and the new adventures it is making possible!

Rebeca Gale


Since I bought my board, post pandemic, I've been riding it on the Patuxent, socially distancing with friends. I also took it on an over nighter this summer for my first time SUP camping. I bought it to replace my whitewater board, since I wasn't on whitewater anymore. It was one of the few activities that I could do with friends in the pandemic and game me great memories before my West coast move. I love my board and am excited to paddle it in the PNW!

Sarah M


Since COVID-19 hit, with the travel limitations, I could not pursue whitewater rivers that are my main interest this season, so I figured, I explore the lakes and rivers of Indiana. My kayak would have been slow and boring, so I decided to challenge myself with the SUP. I had only paddleboarded in the ocean in Canada a couple of times, so figured it would be a great way to navigate slow rivers and lakes, learn a new sport and have the ability to jump in the water at any time. The last two have been my favorites. I have discovered so many great lakes in the state and made this a less depressing season. This was a great day on Lake James, IN.



PERFORMANCE BOARD OF THE YEAR 2018 AND 2019 - I found the rocker in the nose to be more than substantial when I hit a few rapids and the rigid walls kept me feeling strong and stable as I moved this way and that. Earth River SUP did a fantastic job at designing this SUP as I found no flex whatsoever at 15 PSI. I would even go as far as saying I enjoyed less thickness because it was nice to be closer to the water but not worrying about sinking as the board still felt very rigid!

This is one of those boards that is an extremely viable option for beginners as far as use goes and also value. But you also won’t outgrow your board as your skills advance. It’s the kind of SUP that keeps giving.



I love my 10-7 Skylake Blue. I tell everyone who doesn't paddleboard that they should start and to check out ERS SUP boards. My board is light enough I can haul it anywhere, its stable enough that I can do yoga, take both my crazy dogs out, and paddle moving or flat water. Paddleboarding is hands down my favorite summertime hobby.

ERS SUP has impressed me with their quality, attention to detail, and customer service. I was looking for a company whose designer's and engineer's use their own products and constantly make improvements. Here is a picture of me taking my dog Kawi out on Lake Nighthorse in Durango, CO for the first time. We were both getting our sea legs but I love the pure joy in the photo. It took her a while to realize that my paddleboard wasn't a diving board but she's a pro now!

Richard M. Tettelbaum


A dramatic improvement in performance over my 6 inch thick ISUP. It is exceptionally stiff for an ISUP and very responsive to subtle shifting of weight to assist in steering. I think this known as carving I really love this thing and am glad that I got it a few weeks ago. Picture is of me, an old fat guy paddle boarding off beach in Oxford, MD. Company great to work with -- sent me a new side fin after I lost my first one, due to my sheer negligence, on maiden voyage. ERS has probably the best SUP web site that I have ever seen. It's instructional videos are first rate.

Jennifer Wildman

New Jersey

I bought the SUP for my husband as a Father’s Day gift. Best gift ever!! He’s already ridden it on Nakote Creek, Patcong Creek, Bargaintown Lake and Great Bay! He’s had the kids on it, and our dog! It’s a true family gift. Our 15 year old son has used it multiple times as well. Next up...ocean! We live the easily adjustable fins as they allow easy transition for conditions.

dennis estrella


My wife and I have a small condo near our grandchildren.. We love doing things with them and bribing them out into nature is one of those things. Having the ability to have a SUP that we can store in our laundry closet, put in the back of our mini cooper. Once at our destination we have them pumped up and ready to go withing 20 mins. The only thing i notice with the inflatable SUP vs the fiberglass ones we've rented is that I'm a little higher in the water. They are awesome!

Michele Gonzales


I love my earth river stand up paddleboard! I get to take it to the dam six minutes from my house and ride in the mornings before I go to work. My golden doodle loves joining me. Even my 78-year-old mother got up on the board and paddled around for a while. My best memory is mastering triangle pose on my board.

Holly Stewart


The ERS Board brings my family and friends together. We enjoy exploring the outdoors and our time together. It has provided me with an opportunity to improve my physical fitness and balance while being outside and investigating nature’s beauty. I choose the ERS SUP board due to its durability and ease of use with the (electric 12VDC) pump. It also provides me with multiple fin options as I learn and try new locations with SUP. The board is big enough to fit my daughter, the dog and a friend but still fits into a bag that I can manage putting in and out of my vehicle. The price to value ratio on ERS board is high and would recommend it to family and friends.

Jeremiah Seng


Love paddling my ERS on the San Joaquin River, local reservoirs, or high mountain lakes on these hot summer days! Great way to cool off with the kids, friends, and spouse.

The semi flexible fins are great when some of us have a hard time avoiding rocks! It’s great to be able to fit the family gear and paddle boards inside the car when we head out on an adventure.

Clinton Beachy


This is the first paddle board I have used so I don't have others to compare it to. However, after doing a lot of looking online and checking out reviews I was confident this was a quality product. The board is as good (if not better) than what I was expecting. One of my buddies couldn't believe that an inflatable board would be capable of holding someone up like that but I was happy to show he was wrong. The board is great for everything I do with it.

The first time we put it in the water was when we rented a house boat on Lake Cumberland. That was the perfect time to have a great board like the Earth River SUP. Everyone had a great time using it as a paddle board or just as something to float on around the back of the boat when we were just relaxing. I have also had it out in a couple different reservoirs and rivers here in OH and it does great. I love being able to pack it up into my little Toyota Corolla but still have a great board to use when I get there.



When I decided to buy a SUP, I knew I wanted a high quality board that was inflatable for easy transport...that's why I chose an ERS SUP board. The Skylake Blue is a great looking board and I like the soft, non-slip surface...great on the feet! I love paddling in the lakes of Idaho!

Allan Cortesi

ST Thomas USVI

My wife Pia and I use our Earth River 10'7 Sup on the beautiful calm blue Caribbean waters of Nazareth Bay St. Thomas USVI. We spend the day circling the sailboats, spotting fish in the clear waters and even venturing out into the rougher seas! The board is very responsive and stability is great. It looks far superior to other Sup's we encounter. Our only complaint is we only own one and have to share.

Anna Keeling

New Zealand / USA

I got the ERS Blue 10.7 for my 50th birthday. I'm fit and athletic and have paddled kayaks on and off for many years but am fairly new to SUP and surfing. I enjoy the challenge of balance sports and I wanted a board that I could use for flat water, river boarding and surfing (both rivers and small ocean). My board also had to travel internationally so an ISUP was all-important. My dual nationality family commutes between the US and New Zealand every 6 months and I wanted to take the board with us.

I've paddled the board on lakes and most excitingly, down rivers like the A section of the Green river in Utah, the Gates of Ladore on the Green/Yampa and the wild and scenic 45 mile section of the Rogue river in Oregon. I've also surfed on the South and East Coasts of the South Island, New Zealand. The board is easy to travel with (I've moved it to a smaller bag). It takes me less than 10 minutes to set up with the hand pump. Less to pack up.

Despite being relatively new to the sport, the learning curve has been fast and I'm now able to surf small ocean and river waves with ease and remain standing on most grade 2 river rapids without fear (as long as the water is deep and I'm wearing a helmet). The versatile fin set up gives me options. I mostly use the smaller main fin with the side fins but if I'm planning a straight mission on flat water, I'll use the long main fin.

I feel massively stable on this board (at 5.6' and 130lbs) and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile and portable board for lots of different uses. I can't remember if I went for the paddle upgrade or not but my paddle has been easy to use with no flex issues. I've paddled a fair few hard SUP's of around the same length and width and the performance of my ERS ISUP is not inferior to those boards.

sandra vaughan


I am a SUP novice and chose ERS because of great reviews, personal from friends and online. I chose this board because I want to do yoga. I have actually not had this board in the water yet, but I am registered for a class soon. Looking forward to recreational paddling and some yoga as well. I have used rental and borrowed boards but wanted an inflatable because I travel in a travel trailer and have kayaks on the roof so needed a packable board.

Ragini Shah


I have wanted my own paddle board for some time and my beautiful husband bought one for me for my 50th birthday. The first day I took it out, I was overjoyed. I’ve rented boards a number of times but the freedom of being able to take it to any launch point and just go was incredible. Since then, I’ve been taking it out on waterways near a s far from home and it always makes me feel more connected to a place.

Krista Lindgren


I chose ERS because it is a high quality board that is good for multiple activities. I love to take it out for paddleboarding around the lakes, doing sup yoga, as a homebase when I like to jump in the water and swim around for awhile, and also for laying down on my board and enjoying the gentle waves.

I also liked that there were different size lengths so that I could get a board that fit my weight and body size best. A lot of other boards have unnecessary accessories on them that take up lots of space. This board has lots of space on deck.

Kate Lewis


I love how light but solid my skylake board is. I feel super solid riding it, but still agile enough to keep up with the pack. It’s so easy to inflate and get ready to ride. I ride on all kinds of flatwater, from rivers to lakes to harbors and ocean coves. I can go just about anywhere with my inflatable board - a spontaneous afternoon of riding is the best!

One of my favorite memories is a couple weeks after I got my ERS SUP. I live in Boston and went out on the Charles River, taking off from a close-in suburb. I’ve lived in Boston for 15 years and I had NO idea the Charles was so beautiful and had so many peaceful, green, gorgeous areas that are just a stone’s throw from the city. I spent a morning with my friend Melissa paddling around islands, among lily pads, spotting turtles sunning themselves on logs, and discovering a whole installation of statues of wild animals that some amazing person has installed all along the shore on their property! It made me so happy that my ERS SUP is opening up the world right around me and helping me find new things to appreciate and enjoy in my immediate neighborhood.

Nate LaHue


We just got our ERS boards a few months ago and while we've only gotten out a few times we love them. So far we have ridden on our local reservoir in the Sierras, in the bay near Trinidad, CA and surfed it a bit on the CA central coast. Best thing so far is to get a great work out on the water when is super hot out near our house. Also love how well you can see down in the water versus sitting in kayak, lots of great sea life on the coast is much more visible! The portability and quick inflation makes them easy to throw in the car if you think you might use it on a trip or makes it doable to get in a quick paddle after work.

Kathryn Frank


I love my paddleboard. It’s such a great way to explore beautiful waters and scenery. My friends and I, all of which are moms with school age kids, find paddling as a great escape that provides a lovely time to be friends. We’ve explored multiple waterways near us from lakes to rivers and I’ve never experienced any waterways my ERS SUP can’t handle.

Brian Fletcher


Living in Arlington, Virginia I don't have a whole lot of space for storage so my only option to actually own a board is an inflatable board. I also wanted a board that I could use surfing, and on calm waters (river/lake, etc.). This board is awesome and perfect for me because it can be used in all situations. I was originally suspect of inflatable boards, but I would say that I know prefer them over regular boards.

Michael Strong


I spent a lot of time researching my SUP purchase. In the end I went with Earth River SUP because of the quality of construction along with the all around capability of the board. I'm so happy that I went with ERS. I chose the Skylake Blue 10-7 because I like that the board was not over thick and buoyant like other inflatable SUPs, reducing maneuverability and the ability to surf. We kayak all around Florida, mostly springs, rivers, and intercostal areas, but sometimes out on the ocean.

I bought the board to share with my daughter, Alex, who is 12 years old, thinking we would alternate between the kayak and SUP but she loves it so much, which means I'm usually paddling the kayak! We love the board and all the accessories. The carry bag is great. Inflation is super easy.

Cleaning and storing are also a breeze. All of this helps because we're usually camping when we head out to paddle, so space and weight are limited. This year we've been able to get out a lot to ride and Alex keeps getting better and better. In fact, we're headed out to Sanibel Island this weekend to celebrate the end of the school year. At this rate it looks like I may be in the market for a second board if I ever want to ride it myself!.

Kara M


It’s incredibly stable—enough for me to take my 7-year-old-but-acts-7-months-old border collie on the front (with me sitting or kneeling). Even with my pup walking around on the front of the board, we don’t capsize, and we don’t sink. Durable enough that his nails don’t leave a mark (but we put down a carpet square to be safe). It’s incredibly fast—fast enough to paddle leisurely and keep up with single kayakers (yay for not being left-behind). You can ride it so many ways—sitting cross-legged, kneeling, lying down and paddling with your arms, or the traditional standing way, of course. So many options means I can paddle for hours and never feel creaky in the joints or get sore from one repetitive movement or body position. We can stop paddling and just sit with our legs dangling over the edge to cool off.

I thought inflatable would feel very different than the hard boards (which is actually all I had been on before buying my own inflatable!), but it’s SO similar (to a newbie like me at least). It folds up so nicely, the bags are perfect size so that you can easily fit the board, paddle, fins, pump, even a life jacket. When we load up the car, it’s basically “grab the bag, sunscreen, water, and a towel.” After just 3 trips to ride on a nearby lake, we have a set-up protocol of who does what, etc. to maximize our efficiency and get in the water!

Sharon Heckert


My new paddle board was a 70th birthday gift from my husband--at my special request. I had done a lot of research and really wanted an ERS inflatable board. It was the perfect size and shape for me--a board that I could learn on but would still be fun as my skills advanced. The new magenta color clinched the deal.

On vacation in Bend, Oregon , I gained confidence on some of the wonderful lakes in preparation for ocean SUPing in the Monterey Bay where we live near Santa Cruz, CA . I love being able to use my whole body to paddle as well as the visibility of being upright. An old shoulder injury that gets aggravated kayaking feels great paddle boarding. I am looking forward to exercising,exploring and deepening my relationship with rivers, lakes and oceans. Thank you ERS for creating such a wonderful board!

Maura Wyrick


I am a beginner that just started this season! My only experience before this was paddle boarding on vacation in Florida 5 years ago. Ever since, I have said I would treat myself to a board and this year I FINALLY did it! I did a lot of research online and I am so happy that I decided to go with Earth River SUP. So far, I have taken my board out to Jamestown Beach (Williamsburg, VA) to paddle around and get comfortable with riding. I love the rolling pack that it comes in - it is SO convenient to transport my board to and from the beach and it makes storage in my garage very easy. I also appreciate how light it is!

I took a lesson earlier this year and it is so nice being able to pull this up on the beach to deflate it instead of having to carry a heavy board and load it onto a trailer. The board is not only a hit with me, but my kids have loved trying something new and it’s been a fun conversation starter with people at the beach. We've had some beautiful days and I can't wait to get out more throughout the summer! So happy with my purchase, thank you!

Betsy Curtis


LOVE cruising around on this board with my miniature poodle! The board is very stable and has plenty of room for my dog and all of my gear. I love the magenta color.! I like having fin options with the various removable fins. The carrying bag is fabulous with room for all my gear and I especially like the side pocket and velcro straps that hold my 3 piece paddle. I am just 5'2 inches and 110 pounds but the variety of handles including the back pack straps make it easy for me to carry my paddleboard and my gear, even when I have to bring it up the three flights of stairs to my condominium.

The deflate function on the ERS 12VDC electric pump is AWESOME! The 3 piece adjustable carbon paddle is lightweight and I especially like the markings to set the length of the paddle based on your height.

I really wanted my miniature poodle to be comfortable on the paddleboard. I started by training her to get on my board in my living room! Using treats and a clicker she quickly became comfortable on the board. Next I moved it to the yard and put her on it Next I set it up by a lake and put her on it there! Slowly I put it closer and closer to the water. Now she is completely comfortable on the paddleboard even though she is a little tentative about water and swimming. I bought her a life jacket and have signed her up for swimming lessons. I absolutely love being on my Earth River SUP paddleboard with my dog.

I frequently post on Facebook.and when friends ask advice I tell them I highly recommend Earth River SUP inflatable paddleboards and Pumped Up SUP. I was concerned about much of the board being white but it stays clean just by wiping it down after each use it with a clean towel. Everything I need for a day on the water easily fits in my 2 door Mini Cooper.

Alice Austin


This board is a major upgrade from my entry-level "party barge". The 5" thickness (vs. 6") makes a big difference in terms of feeling in contact with the water. The effects of waves and chop are significantly reduced and I felt grounded when the wind suddenly kicked up some serious chop on a recent paddle. Speed was the biggest concern for me as my previous board had me firmly in last place at each casual outing, even with an outstanding ERS full carbon paddle. Add any wind and forget it. The Skylake 10-7 S3 allows me to paddle efficiently and at a much-improved speed. The board is also very responsive when turning and the removable fins are a game-changer, especially for transporting multiple boards without having to deflate them. You can’t go wrong with this board!

Leanne Ulmer


I LOVE my Skylake SUP. I did days of research before choosing an ERS board. The technical aspects/detail on the board construction was one of the reasons I chose the brand. Also the “how.-to” videos were a great resource. One of the main reasons I ended up purchasing my ERS board was Pumped Up SUP, where I bought it. The customer service was outstanding, and I really liked that Pumped Up SUP exclusively sells paddle boards and isn’t jumping on a trend. Also, my board shipped in a day!

I have been chewing over purchasing a board for a few years, and the main reason I finally did was due to concerns over how rentals would work with Covid. Then the more I thought about it, investing in a board using my stimulus check would be better in the long run than continuing to spend money renting, and for only an hour at a time. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase-I’ve taken my board out from May through the end of October to Colyer Lake outside of State College PA.

It’s been really neat to watch the seasons change from the water over the last few months...also it was a dose of sanity in that no matter how crazy the world may get, nature will continue to cycle and it brought me a lot of peace. I loved not having a time limit with the board-being able to paddle and sunbathe and even sprawl out on it with a book. My ERS board is hands down the best purchase I’ve made this year and I CANNOT WAIT until it’s spring in Pennsylvania again so I can get back on the water!

Mark Rochat


I'm new to this sport but I love my paddleboard! The board is of excellent quality. It's very easy to set up and sturdy. It's also super easy to inflate and deflates for easy storage or travel purposes. Checking the pressure is also very easy and intuitive and the instructions, in general, are very straightforward and helpful.

The storage bag and accessories are of a very high quality and well designed. I lost a fin (it's a long story) and customer service was extremely helpful in replacing it quickly as well as answering other questions when I first bought the board. We use it on the nearby river and lakes and I've found it very easy to carry and stable on the water. This has been a great investment and a lot of fun! A perfect way to spend the day.

Paul Stewart


We've only had our 2 new ERS SUP's a few months now and have only gotten out a few times (darn weather finally got warm), so there's still a lot of memories to make. So far though, I've loved having our own SUP to make our own schedule. The fact that it's an inflatable makes it super easy to throw the gear in the car and go.

The electric pump we also got is super as it's so easy to just turn it on when we get there and let it do all the work while we sunscreen up. So far we've stuck to a local lake, but have thoroughly enjoyed it. We've also introduced our dog Frisco to it, and he's taken to it like a champ. My favorite feature of the board, and why we chose ERS boards over other brands, is the 5" thickness. The fact that it sits nice and low on the water helps you feel as if it were a hard board and puts you right at the water, where you really want to be on a 90 degree, sunny day. It's also super stable and even on a choppy lake, both our dog and I have been able to handle ourselves and not fall in, even with him walking all around the board.

Like I said, we've still got many memories to make, but sitting on a lake at dusk after a 90+ degree day has already made having the new boards worth it. I'd definitely recommend these boards to anyone looking.

Chris Zindash


It's great to be out in nature, and the peacefulness being out on the river, lake, or canal is awesome! We met Greg Suggz Miller and the rest is history!  We ride on the weekends at a nearby lake, and have even taken them on vacation to the Eastern Shore and rode in the Atlantic Ocean and the bay/canals. We even have met new friends with our new sport!

Sloop and Deety



Was a birthday present from hubby and have been going on multiple times a week! Summer will never be the same! Exploring all new beaches, marinas, rivers, and lakes. Not to mention the exercise is a FANTASTIC workout, and nothing beats taking a break in the waves to enjoy a beer while out paddling!

The detachable fins and exceptional quality make these boards stand out. Some friends have the body glove Costco special, and comment on our boards every time they try them. We went for the full carbon paddles which are a GAME CHANGER compared to a standard paddle. This is one upgrade everyone should get! Too bad the Battery powered pumps were out of stock at when we ordered, but Amazon fixed that right for us.

Looking forward to many years of use for our EARTH RIVER SUPS!!!

TJ Meyer


My wife and I bought two ERS SUPs ins January 2022. We liked paddleboarding but didnt like the hardboards that we previously owned. We tested your boards at a marina in Baltimore and really liked them. We liked that they could be stored easily, transported easilly, didnt take up space were easy to load and inflate.

Since we had the boards we have used them in Ocean City MD , Ocracoke , on the Potomac near Great Falls, VA, on the Shenandoah River near Harrisonburg PA and even took them on a week long trip to the Finger Lakes and used them on Lake Cayuga, near Ithaca NY. The ERS SUPs are great! Love em.


New York

I love my new Earth River SUP. It is a great all around board.You can't beat the convience of having a board you can take anywhere, it fits in any car trunk. The stability is just as good as my hardboard I also own. Buying from and dealing with Pumped Up SUP for the purchase was a great experience.

Holly Olszewski


I am excited to ride my board more, I just received it last week - we took it out but were missing the fins, but were able to paddle around at our local reservoir close to shore. Luckily Pumped Up SUP (Retailer) responded within a day (thank you customer service!) and we now have the fins for this next weekend’s adventure.

We have a good friend who chose a ERS board and I had ridden hers previously which was much easier to maneuver and more stable than other boards I have tried. So that is what led me to purchase a ERS for myself to use (with potential small passengers) in the reservoirs/ lakes/ rivers of CO!

Lesley Martin

New York

I've only had my ERS for one season, but I was able to take it out onto Lake Erie where I live (picture attached) for a sunset paddle, which was awesome! Additionally, I took it to Cape Cod and the Adirondaks to try it out in the ocean and the lakes (no pictures of those excursions...left the phone at home). I really enjoy how sturdy it is, yet easy to maneuver. Also, my cat seems to love it ... maybe I'll get him out for a paddle one day too! Excited to be able to get out again as soon as the weather warms up enough!

ROBERT Fairbairn


I have just had the board a couple of weeks after more than a year of consideration. Greg Miller from ERS has been incredible in helping me narrow down options and consider what was right, and I am thrilled with everything about the board so far, aside from the current state of restrictions making it hard to paddle as often as I'd like. I live right smack in downtown Washington, DC and am riding on the nearby Potomac River every chance I get, but will be taking the board farther afield over the next few months and a friend and I are considering paddling from DC to the bay on the Potomac once we have a little more practice, hopefully before the end of the summer.

Rebecca Reese


I returned to Atlanta and during a pandemic needed our own boards. We paddle Lake Jocassee, Flint River and along and in between the SC GA coastline. There’s no better gear for a mother and two young boys to keep the adventures endless. We make new friends paddling to sailboats and persuade non paddlers to stand up!

Justin Dugger


I really like the 5 in. thickness giving the board a low profile. The width is just right too - not too wide, not too narrow. My wife and I paddle lakes and mellow rivers in Texas and Arkansas. I love how the SUP engages my core. The custom Lake River Coast fin setup is excellent! The ERS board handles great in the boogie water and small rapids and is great for the flatwater. We have two dogs that love to swim. The SUP gives us a means to cruise the open water along side the pups and ferry them to shore if needed. The rolling bag is excellent. It'd be nice to have a bit more length to the deck pad on the ERS and maybe additional grab handles on the nose and tail.

Susan O’Strander


I wanted the convenience of an inflatable board, I also wanted a stable and reliable board. After reading many reviews on the different boards available, the ERS Skylake seemed to be a good fit. We have a second home in Arizona so, when we’re there, we spend most of the time at Lake Mohave exploring the shore and looking for quiet coves away from all the jet skis and boats. We’ve enjoyed introducing our friends and family to our new love of SUPs as well.

Scott Whitehead


My wife and I decided to purchase our ERS SUPs after taking a class with Paddlestroke SUP on the Potomac River. We had so much fun that we went out and purchase 2 boards to use all summer long. I have paddled on Little Seneca Lake, Lake Needwood and on the Potomac River. We have not been disappointed with our purchases. As a beginner I like the fact that the board is very stable. and easily transportable.

We had done a lot of research and looked at a number of paddle board before we purchased the ERS boards. The top factor in our decision to purchase our ERS boards was the quality. I felt that the construction was better then the other boards we looked at and the quality just couldn't be beat. Another feature that was a major decision maker was the fin system on the boards. We wanted to have the ability to change fins for the variety of water types we were planning to use the boards on. Being able to change fins is a huge benefit for paddling in different water types. I can tell that I will have this board for a long time and look forward to using it as much as I can.

Karl Glaeser


The best time I've had riding my ERS board is playing on the Potomac in the baby white water on hot summer days, We're fortunate we don't have to pump up our boards every time - so we show up at the boat landing with three ERS SUP in the back of the truck and everybody takes a look!

Paddling upstream is a good workout and going downstream is so much fun, The best part about a paddleboard vs a kayak or a canoe is the wide openness and the simplicity of being in the water with just you and the board and paddle. Nothing to rig - its just simple pleasure. Of course, the other adventure was piling all the boards on a 43' catamaran and sailing from destination to destination on the Chesapeake to paddle! ERS is most recommended!

B Schmitz

North Carolina

I love everything about this board, from the stability to the setup, the accessories and the ride. I Learned paddleboarding this year and this board I was able to successfully step back turn in less then 3 tries. I have only gotten it out to the nearby lakes so far about 20 times since purchase and it always gets compliments and I feel prepared for anything that comes.

MacKenzie Price


I have used my board twice now on flat water lakes and have loved it both times. The board I have used in previous years is a poor quality board and paddle and the difference between the old board and the ERS was immediately noticeable in both the paddle and the board. I use the skylake 10-9 aqua board and 3 piece 25 oz carbon paddle and one stroke with this gets me at least twice as far as with the old board!

Dana Martin


I love the easy setup, portability, and stability. I've mostly used my SUP on flat water and had a great time exploring various waterways and lakes in Maryland. We even used our SUPs to paddle in to a camp site near Harper's Ferry, carrying all our gear on our SUPs including firewood for the fire. Our final paddle in Maryland was in Jug Bay on the Patuxent river, during a grey drizzly day with beautiful fall colors. We've since moved to Seattle within a 5 minute walk of Lake Union and are looking forward to using our paddle boards on the many lakes in this area.



I love the mobility that this board provides. Its touring inspired shape and reduced weight allow it to track faster than other boards this length, making it perfect for riders looking to explore cramped waterways while maintaining speed. Also great for paddlers who’ve mastered the fundamentals and want to glide a little bit faster.


These are expert users of the Earth River SUP 10-0 that have been asked for their opinion on the board. These users have extensive use of these boards and choose to use them in there SUP instruction programs on a daily basis.

Dave Sausville


Initially purchased because of the dimension of the board (long enough for touring, not too wide, and thinner height than other inflatables) and the configurable multiple tail fins. The size is perfect for paddling around San Francisco Bay. We love going out before sunrise to be on the water with sea lions and harbor seals. Paddle boarding with my ERS SUP made quarantine so much more bearable. I am continually recommending ERS to anyone who will listen.

Jim Lingberg


Of the 3 boards we own, the Skylake GT is the best tracking, fastest gliding of them all. The speed keeps my outpaddling my wife and adult children. (Just don't tell them it's the board and not Dad). We used the ERS Skylake GT at least once a week in the summer locally here in Germantown. Either on the Potomac River, Seneca Creek State Park or Black Hills Regional Park.

Krista Rakovan


After Covid hit, I was looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors but still social distance. I decided to try SUP and took a lesson. I loved it immediately and started researching what board to buy. I'm a bit of an over-researcher, wanting to make sure I get the very best for my money. I decided on an Earth River SUP because of the quality and sleek design. I absolutely love my board and take it on the O'Shaughnessy Reservoir every chance I get. I love that it's so easy to pack in my car and then inflate in a matter of minutes. I love the way I feel on it, letting all the stress of my week go. My son also likes to go out with me to swim! I can't wait to explore more locations next year!



This board has the best of both worlds: a touring shape with a wider width allowing you to track faster while remaining stable. Well suited for riders that are progressing their skills but want something a little quicker than an all-around board. The larger surface area makes it a good first for people with pets or kids who like to come along for the glide. This is one tactile board for everyone in the family to enjoy but keeps a little bit of edge for the solo paddler and keeps the fun with ERS features such as the raised kick pad.

Mary Ellen B


I bought this when I found I could not keep up with my friends using my yoga board. I love how you can feel and read more of the water and how easily it responds. I also enjoy how it tracks cleanly yet turns easily. So far I've used it on lake and river. On my first trip, I took it to the lake/river. Despite being narrower and thinner than the yoga board, it felt just as stable.

It was a different feeling being 'in' the water, but it made the chop I encountered fall under the board more smoothly than bouncing along on top of it. I traveled down the lake and over to the river and rode that for a bit--just as stable on the small river, and very easy to turn around and especially easy going against the current. It was easy to inflate and assemble and easy to take apart and roll back up.

I appreciated that everything was high quality and worked well without having to exchange things. I can't wait to ride it next year traveling from lake to river and back to lake--in Wisconsin we have a lot of lakes that are in a chain connected by a river. I look forward to not having to struggle to keep up with my friends!