ERS SKYLAKE Green | Insights and User Feedback

Paddle Board Reviews and Insights of the ERS SKYLAKE Green Series from Customers and Owners of SUP-Related Businesses

Lightweight Performance | Permanent Unbreakable Fins

Customer feedback is an essential facet of our business. It’s what allows us to build paddle boards with the specific features and performance attributes that matter most to people and contribute most to their enjoyment of their time spent outdoors and on the water. Below we have assembled select reviews and insights from a mix of first-time buyers, more experienced paddle boarders, and SUP industry business owners who paddle our boards.

Yoga on an inflatable SUP board

ERS SKYLAKE GREEN - Reviews and Insights

The SKYLAKE Green series features permanent unbreakable fins and are manufactured using our fused laminate X9 construction method. These are the best SUP boards for instruction schools and paddlers who want to get on the water fast with minimal set-up.



I've had a blast riding the 9'6 S3 SKYLAKE Green in Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, and Belgium over the last year. It's my go-to board for exploring the rivers and lakes of Europe. It easily fits in my car, and I'm able to check the board in on a flight with plenty of room to stash my extra gear in the board bag.

It’s maneuverable and great for teaching paddlers that are developing their strokes, but also fun for recreational paddling, playing around, and doing tail drops. The board is super easy to portage with since it’s so lightweight, and even though the neoprene handle is removable, I find it doesn’t get in my way when adjusting my stance or walking the board.

Eric Friedlander


This my go-to fun board in all conditions. I can surf whitewater, run whitewater and then take it on flat water and have just as much fun. This board is so light I can take it anywhere inflated or deflated. It also has enough volume for me to put any load I need for teaching on the front. Teaching takes a toll on these boards, but all ERS boards can take a beating and keep riding like new.



This board is beautifully simple. Its very lightweight and quick to set up. Easier for smaller riders to handle in and out of the water. It’s also a good choice for traveling with if you need to pack light, but still want a versatile board.



I like a shorter board on flatwater as it challenges my core and balance for a workout. It is a light board and surprisingly fast which makes it perfect for catching small waves successfully in the ocean.

ALISON MacLaughlan


We’ve been loving the Earth River SUP Skylake boards for a while. Although a little higher priced, they are well made, easy to paddle and very responsive in different conditions. We’ve spent the most time on the smaller 9’6” model. This board is ideal for those who want to tackle some surf or even a little whitewater river action yet have a smaller responsive board that will glide well when cruising around on bays and lakes.

Jessica travis


I love my board (both of them). I use the shorter of the two (9'6) for going down the Snake River in Wyoming and Teton River in Idaho and I use larger for doing paddle yoga on Slide Lake. They have both been great purchases and my friends like to use them too.

Kellie Clelland


I love my SUP, especially the portability of it. I have taken it on road trips to meet friends to paddle the French Broad River in NC, and to WV to paddle the Tygart River and the Monongahela River. I am going on a few road trips this summer (central WV rivers and Knoxville, TN) and will have my SUP packed.

I like the lightness of the SUP and the ability to take it on small rapids without worrying about fins getting in the way. As I was recently packing up my SUP for an upcoming road trip, I noted how relieved I am to have an inflatable SUP made of quality material that I can rely on when I get to my destination.




We love our ERS boards so much we bought three. SUP gets the family on the water, keeps us in shape and active. The kids and dog thrive on them and often go paddling around Deltaville any given weekend. We love them because we pack them up and bring them anywhere and then when we are done roll them up again and move on to the next destination. We've ridden them all over the East Coast. It even inspired us to create a SUP app for the Apple Watch and iPhone.

Gregory Miller


The perfect SUP for someone who wants to experience the most fun on water. We have used these in our program at Paddlestroke SUP for the last few years and this shape really hits the sweet spot for a lot of paddlers. Great balance but narrow enough so that even the smallest paddlers can get a correct stroke down without excessive reach over. It’s fast across the water, and still has all the awesome features of an Earth River SUP board such as the kick tail and arch bar.

The permanent fins are ideal for a lot of paddlers and are going to see you through any water with zero chance of fin loss or breakage. We put these through a very harsh program all summer long so we know it paddles great and it’s going to last!


Coordinator – Experiential Education

The ERS 10-7 Skylake Inflatable has been an amazing addition to our college outdoor program at Johns Hopkins University. We primarily use the boards to introduce new paddlers to SUP which is where the 10-7 excels. The many features make this board versatile for a variety of new and experienced paddlers. Even more importantly for our program, the boards are incredibly durable and easy to set up.

The full kit with bag, pump, repair kit is important for any user. We also love supporting a local small business! We are excited to continue growing our SUP program while adding SUP fitness and yoga experiences for the Hopkins community.

Steve Gurney


We have these boards and the 11-0 in our fleet and both are amazing boards from both a paddler and instructor point of view, but also from a business owners perspective. We can have over a hundred students through our classes each weekend and the Earth River SUP boards are the perfect platform to introduce a new paddler to SUP.

We've had many students who come back to this board and end up purchasing it or the DUAL series because they never find a board with the same feel and glide that they find on the 10-7 or the 10-9. It’s durable and and great for learning basic skills but it’s also quite fast and we have no problem having students navigate to every corner of the lake or students balancing for the yoga classes.

We have never had a single issue with an Earth River SUP board and we are very proud to have seen them grow and now use these boards exclusively in our program.



The ERS “go-to” all-around board, the 10-7 Skylake hits the mark. When we introduce new paddlers to SUP, this board provides a perfect blend of stability, speed, and ease of use. We use our boards for our collegiate recreation trips and rental programs. Our participants are almost always brand new to SUP and rarely gentle with our boards. The ERS construction is outstanding and when they say the fins are unbreakable, they mean it.

We’ve had boards come back with fins pointing every way possible and after letting them sit out for a bit, they are back to normal again. Even if you’re not running a rental or instructional program, the knowledge that you can count on your board holding up to a bit of abuse is invaluable. I also appreciate that even though the boards are designed for instructing first time users, they have features found in only advanced boards from other companies.



The 10’7 Green boards used by Bretton Woods camp are awesome. The kids at camp, even the 6-8-year old’s can use them pretty easily. The standard size allows our campers from ages 6-15 great use of the boards. As a staff I can go into our day of supping with confidence in the gear. The boards are durable and can withstand miss use in case a camper hits a rock or drops a board on the fin. Yet the boards are light enough that our campers can handle carrying them to put ins and to take outs. Usually this is a struggle for kids and water activities due to the heaviness but with ERS boards I have had no problems.

Almost every week I ask campers what their favorite day was and its usually the supping day. Campers are excited about the awesome colors and designs. Most times on Sup day kids are ecstatic when I tell them they can eat lunch in the water on their boards due to its stability.

From the staff view I love being able to have confidence in the gear I use. I can worry about my campers rather than weather the gear they are using is safe or not. The boards themselves are super easy to load onto a trailer and are extremely manageable for both staff and campers.

Campers of all skill levels are capable of maneuvering the boards in the rapids as well as in maneuvering games on flat water. By the end of the day most campers are comfortable standing on their boards and are excited to come back to camp and sup again!



The 10-7 SKYLAKE is a good choice for beginner and intermediate paddlers, as well as those individuals who have been paddling for many years. This is a very nice all-around iSUP that was well-thought out, and it has the nicest traction pad we’ve ever paddled on. The Earth River SUP 10-7 SKYLAKE does cost slightly more than many other boards on the market, but we feel that the fusion technology, additional features, and high build quality definitely justify any premium.



At Crosswater SUP we use the Skylake Green 10-7 and 11-0 boards for all of our SUP lessons because of their all around performance and durability. A majority of our customer are first-timers, so putting them on a quality board with thicker deck padding and fixed fins allow me, both as an instructor and business owner, to focus on teaching rather worrying about potential injuries or fins breaking off. The inherent versatility of these boards gives me the ability to conduct lessons on all types of water, whether on a lake, a river, or the coast.

Dana Springer


I love my Earth River SUP! It's sturdy yet light and it looks great! I ride mostly on the Potomac but I also used it on Casco Bay in Maine. I am still new to SUPing and learning but having so much fun. I especially love playing hooky with my friend and fellow SUPer and finding new places to ride. Now if only I had more days off from work...

Brian Koons


I bought my wife a paddleboard last year. She has always wanted one after seeing so many people using them while we are kayaking. She uses it on the Delaware river in which we live on and at the Giving Pond which is a former quarry and now a popular fishing and paddling spot.

We have been attempting to get our dog Maci to enjoy paddleboarding with my wife, but that may take some time! She loves the freedom of being able to stand, kneel, or sit while paddling compared to a kayak. She gets bummed that she won't be able to use it for awhile as we will be having a baby any day now! So far it has been a great purchase and we love the convenience of easy transport and storage with it being inflatable. -Brian, Brittany, and Maci

Todd E Webb-Bowen


We have two ISUP’s, one being the ERS. It’s always a race with my family to get to the ERS board first. It’s built so much better than the other and is just more fun to be on in the water. We do most of our paddling on the beautiful Cascade Mountain lakes.

Vonnie O'Connor


I'm so pleased to have an inflatable board at a reasonable price with a pump that inflates in a short time - so I can take it on my own to the local lakes and river and be riding in no time! My favorite memory is a 6-mile journey on a beautiful calm morning last summer along Lake Michigan at Sleeping Bear Dunes - hoping for a repeat this summer! Even so, I kept up pretty well yesterday when the rest of the family was in kayaks.

Carmen Cicalese


The board is stable on lake, river and ocean. The graphics are clean and nice. I have my 10/7 in Miami...(mostly on Virginia Key and Cramden Park), as well as in Utah (Jordanelle Reservoir and Provo River) and Grand Teton National Park (Jackson Lake). It has stood up to all conditions in Salt water and fresh. I have found that this board transports very nicely, and inflating it with the quality pump is a snap that takes only 10 mins., and is a bit of a warm up to the adventure of the actual ride.



My ERS board is so easy to use that I can pump it up and be out on the water in 15 minutes. I love to go out early in the morning in Coconut Grove, FL to see the sunrise and enjoy the sea by myself. As I paddle on the ocean and canals of south Florida, I see manatees, sharks, dolphins, crocodiles, rays, turtles, and all kinds of fish and birds. I also bring my 4Ocean trash bag and collect trash when I am on the water, trying to leave the ocean cleaner than when I found it. This board allows me to enjoy the outdoors from a unique perspective!

Cathy McMahon


My first introduction to an ERS board was while attending a yoga sup class. Introducing yoga to my place of peace - the water - gave me it all. We had a paddle around after the yoga an it was amazing. I was in a place of great unrest in my life. That experience bought me some peace and joy for that day. My decision to purchase an ERS board was made THAT very day. I wanted to have the equipment to get out on the water like that at home and close. As for the board itself, The stability and maneuverability is great. I purchased the electric pump and it is almost too easy to get pumped up, out and going. Super easy deflate as well. I sup on the Potomac River and various man made lakes in my area.

I am so happy that I decided to buy two, I now have that extra sup for various family members, friends, etc., and I love introducing people to the water on a sup and how much fun (and peaceful times) can be had. Cant wait for a bit more warm weather so I can shake off some of these quarantine blues!!!



Love this board. It’s my first but I did a LOT of research before purchasing. Was initially tempted by the cheap boards online but heard some horror stories about ruptures, leaky valves, etc. This one has been perfect.

My favorite thing about this board is taking my kids along for a ride. Both my 5-year old and 3-year old love riding on the front while I paddle... and yes, I have had them both on there at the same time. The board is surprisingly stable with one large and two small bodies on it! Have used it in a bunch of lakes, the CT River, and the Long Island Sound. This coming summer I expect to use it weekly.

frederick jefferson


What I love most about my ERS 10'7" is its manueverability and exceptional craftsmanship! I loved it so much that I a bought an 11 footer for my wife! It provides her great stability as we explore the grand Potomac river from a new vantage point. Maryland, Center and Virginia Chutes are our newest playground! Getting out into to nature, respecting the river, and saying hello to old and new friends alike cannot be beat from the vantage point of an Earth River SUP!

Daren Becker


I love this board!!!! We have had so much fun on it and am looking forward to more. We usually paddle in Northern VA on the Potmac River. We are near the Algonkian Regional park and put in there. What I really love is that I can paddle as much as I want as my husband fishes from his kayak. So I am getting some exercise, enjoying the sun and water at the same time he is catching the big one!!! We also take it when we go to any lakes that we might visit. Very easy to blow up but we leave it inflated most of the time.



Love how everything fits in its own bag perfect for our traveling. Board inflates and deflates super fast. Extremely steady in the water and tracks with ease. Even my 11yo daughter can maneuver the board with ease. My 6yo daughter loves to sit on the nose while we enjoy a paddle. My ERS board was the perfect blend of fair price point with a reliable high quality product.

Tim Healy


Took our new boards on a trip to Cozumel Mex. Paddled each morning along the coast snorkeling along the way. Ended each day watching the sunset with a happy hour out on the ocean. Love our SUPs. They are stable yet lightweight and super easy to travel with.

Kate Bradley


I’m a first time user and I take my ERS out on lakes in the DC area. I also paddled on a lake in Vermont this summer which I loved because I could quietly paddle close to the loons. I love that the ERS board is rigid, solid, thick (5”) and stable and folds easily for packing on trips—not much bigger than a large suitcase! I’m a woman in my fifties, and switched from kayaking because while paddle boarding my back never hurts. Now back at a desk, I can still hear the gentle slaps of the water against the ERS board and feel the sun on my face. I can’t wait to get back on the water and maybe try yoga or small rapids with it one day. Thanks ERS 🙂

Jesus Maximoff


I ride this board almost every day in sea water and in the bay, some times in the surf which makes it quite fun. The longest trip I’ve done was for over four and a half hours! Love the stability this board provides with the low profile and closeness to the water. It's great in the moving bay water around Byscaine bay. It’s also very light and easy to transport compared with other thicker boards. My kid and my wife also love to ride it together!

Tracy Kunkler

North Carolina

I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina with 10 beautiful clear lakes within 1.5 hours drive, the closest – Bear Creek Lake - only 20 min away. That’s where I am in the picture. I love how easy this ERS board is to transport. I’ll leave it inflated and strap it to my Prius, so I can get on the lake after work. It’s so light! The ERS paddle is great.

I variously stand, kneel, and sit on the board and paddle, because of the paddle’s adjustability. When I’m sitting, it can feel like I’m paddling a canoe. I also have begun trying out yoga postures on the board. OMG — I get why that’s a thing! The ERS board feels very balanced in the water. It’s exhilarating to feel so close to the water. I love the freedom to explore; to find a rhythm of power and smooth glide; to swim and climb back on with ease. Some days afterward I am completely relaxed and every cell in my body is filled with contentment.

Chris Roberts


In 2019 and 2020 I took classes with Paddlestroke SUP riding ERS on the Potomac river and was hooked. I tried out a few different ERS boards during lessons and got myself on the waitlist for a 2021 Skylake Green. I purchased the ERS Green 10-9, the 90 3-segment carbon paddle, the 12V automatic pump and the 30 liter drybag. This setup has worked great, allowing me to get in and out of the water quickly and without hassle.

I store my board in its backpack in a closet. It’s easy to throw in the back of my car and head out. When I arrive, I roll out the board and hook up the pump. It’s fully inflated and ready to go before I’ve finished putting on my lifejacket, sunscreen and packing my dry bag. Coming out of the water, I’ve used the 12V pump to quickly deflate the board so it’s easy to roll up and throw back in the car. When I get home I hose off the board and paddle, let them dry and then pack them back up. In my closet I leave the top of the backpack and paddle bag open and put a dehumidifying ball intended for gym shoes nearby just in case everything wasn’t completely dry.

Since I got my board I’ve been exploring the Potomac, some local lakes and I took it on a beach trip to Delaware. I love how peaceful it is out on the water. I can get in a paddle workout, some strength and balance exercises, and then lie down and drift with my toes in the water. I thought the 34 inch width of the 10-9 would be stable enough to allow me to take my young kids out with me and that has proven to be the case. So far I’ve had my kids sit near the front center of the board and I’ve paddled on my knees behind them. With the adjustable paddle on it’s lowest height it works well. There’s plenty of space between us to switch paddle sides and we’ve been very stable at all times.

Last week I was out with my son at Little Seneca Lake. We saw a bald eagle soaring overhead. Then, the eagle suddenly dove down to the surface of the water and splashed its talons in for a fish! We also saw several blue heron, alligator snapping turtles and other natural wonders. I’m looking forward to many more adventures with my ERS board, and I expect to grow our family fleet as my kids get older. Thanks for making such great stuff!

Marlyse Duguid


I love how portable it is and how stable it is. I paddled mostly on lakes and large rivers this summer. My favorite place to go paddling this summer was on black pond in Woodstock CT. I work up at a research field station near there and I snuck out to paddle right at sunrise a couple mornings before my work day started. When I was a kid I went to a YMCA camp on that same pond. It was so quiet and peaceful in the morning I would paddle out and do a little bit of yoga and meditation and just chill out and hear the wake up bell at the summer camp as I was ending my morning paddle. It was a mixture of super nostalgic and a peaceful start to my day so I think that was my favorite place to go. The other place it got some use was on Lake Zoar in Sandy Hook, CT. The stability was super useful there as there are power boats and jetskis, mostly I tried to avoid peak boater times, but it was nice how wide it was because I could handle the wakes more than some friends with smaller boards.

Laura De Angelis


When my sister and brother in law first raved to me about their ERS SUP board I was excited to try but being that I have been a fan of kayaking for many years didn’t think I would like it enough to purchase my own. Then I actually tried it and couldn’t believe how much more versatile it is than a kayak.

I love all the different ways I can play, standing, kneeling, doing yoga, and laying down to sun bath. It’s fun to jump off of to go swimming and easy to get back on from in the water, plus with the amazing stability made it easy to balance from my very first time. Being able to deflate it for travel and storage is such a huge plus and the carrying case that came with it makes it so easy to pack and move.

All summer I had been borrowing my brother in laws to go paddle boarding with my sister, but made the plunge to purchase my own for the family sailing vacation we went on this fall in the Chesapeake Bay. It was a fantastic trip and inflating all the SUP’s while on the sail boat was easy. My favorite none conventional activity that I love my SUP for it to find a beautiful place to anchor and apply a French clay body mud mask! So relaxing to lay in the sun will it drys and then just jump in for a little swim to rinse it off. Super happy customer!

Danni Verona


I got the Paddle Board Passion fever this Oregon summer of 2022. I’ve been going out two or three times a week all summer long, and then for my birthday I got an awesome upgrade from my sweetie, to the Skylake S3 My maiden voyage on her was an early morning birthday paddle with friends (who also have ERS boards) on Estacada Lake in Oregon. Gorgeous weather, fabulous friends , and my new board gliding along ! Love the stability, the portability and the overall feel.

Gregory Miller


This is the evolution of the board shape that Paddlestroke SUP and ERS developed back several years ago because there wasn’t an inflatable board specifically designed with both stability and close to the water glide in mind. It's a SUP that will have you up in seconds your first time, but won’t get old or boring because of the slimline five inch depth. The permanent fins bounce off anything and it is a perfect board for a paddler who just wants to get on the water with as little fuss as possible, but still wants a board of amazing quality and performance.

The build quality and features of this board are distinctly ahead of its competitors and its longevity is proven you never have to worry about an issue with an ERS board. At Paddlestroke we put our boards through a brutal schedule each summer and the SKYLAKE Green boards form the core of that fleet and they perform every time.

Natasha Romano


All levels of yoga practitioners have found the 10-9 board to be ideal for yoga. Beginners find the larger board stable while more experienced practitioners find the larger board offers them an opportunity to practice more challenging postures. For example, practicing Acro Yoga requires a larger board! This is definitely a board to "grow" with. Whether you are seated, standing, or balancing on your head, the deck pad has a grip similar to a yoga mat for a secure feeling. This board is an all around GREAT board!

Steve Gurney


We used to use both Red Paddle and ERS for several years and also tried several other brands in 2018 as a concept but the ERS boards have always been the far and away best in class and preferred by both my instructors and students.

In 2019 we replaced every board / brand we have and went exclusively with Earth River SUP Green models. We have used the 10-9 in its various iterations over the years as our main teaching and instruction board since 2012 and it has consistently been our preferred board. For first timers it provides and incredibly stable platform that we have not seen another board go even close to matching, including hard boards or composites.

Paddlers are up on their feet within minutes and excited to paddle which is the best reflection on our business as a teaching and instruction school. We also run a Yoga class that we used to use a variety of boards but we would have return student all requesting the ERS so we decided it was time to make the switch to running them exclusively.


Coordinator – Experiential Education

The ERS 11-0 Skylake Inflatable has been an amazing addition to our college outdoor program at Johns Hopkins University. We primarily use the boards to introduce new paddlers to SUP which is where the 11-0 excels. The many features create stability for any paddler; this is the perfect board to get people started while entertaining the experienced paddler.

Even more importantly for our program, the boards are incredibly durable and easy to set up. The full kit with bag and pump is important for any user. We also love supporting a local small business! We are excited to continue growing our SUP program while adding SUP fitness and yoga experiences for the Hopkins community.



When we have a student who is unsure about how their day will go, we put them on the 11-0 Skylake to set them up for success out on the water. The stability provided by the extra width translates into increased confidence for new paddlers. Even with the added width and length, even our smallest participants have no trouble getting it down to the water and back.

When I’m off the clock, the 11-0 is my go to for a trip out with the SUP pup (Annie is taking sponsorship offers). We use our boards for our collegiate recreation trips and rental programs. Our participants are almost always brand new to SUP and rarely gentle with our boards. I also appreciate that even though the boards are designed for instructing first time users, they have features found in only advanced boards from other companies.

The ultragrip diamond pattern on the tail provides exceptional grip and the kick pad makes pivot turns and other maneuvers feel easier. The only thing more fun for a new paddler than holding their first pivot turn is the try just before when they go for a swim.



If you are new to inflatable SUPs, the ERS Skylake Green 11' board is the one to get. Take it from the owner of a sailboat, kayak, and SUP board rental outfit that operates from a seasonal portable storage container at a public lakefront park. The 34" width provides stability for beginners, yet the 11' length, shape, and 3-fin configuration provides the glide and drive that satisfies the enthusiasts.

The fin box is built for durability to withstand the rigors of rental usage. And given our storage constraints, it's thin profile stacks well when inflated, while being lightweight makes constant relocation to/from the beach easy for our staff and customers. Plus, ERS is a USA-based company so you know you can get in touch with the folks in charge. Thanks again for designing such a great board!



At Crosswater SUP we use the Skylake Green 10-7 and 11-0 boards for all of our SUP lessons because of their all around performance and durability. A majority of our customer are first-timers, so putting them on a quality board with thicker deck padding and fixed fins allow me, both as an instructor and business owner, to focus on teaching rather worrying about potential injuries or fins breaking off. The inherent versatility of these boards gives me the ability to conduct lessons on all types of water, whether on a lake, a river, or the coast.

Sarah Sackville


You can’t go past the 11′ ERS Skylake if you are looking for a larger all-around inflatable SUP. The cost of extra stability is normally performance but not with the 11′ Skylake. ERS has worked really hard to find the perfect harmony between the two.

If you think you probably don’t need the full capacity then step it down and have a look at the 10’7″, though not much shorter its shape is different and more responsive. If you are finding yourself leaning more towards something with more speed and glide, then check out the new V3 range.



As a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), a Board Certified Massage Therapist (BCTMB), and a participate of high adrenaline sports to include skydiving and ATV riding, I look for unique ways to meld different mind/body practices. I love my 11' board by Earth River SUP!

The wide base offers a stable, but challenging platform while practicing different postures. The ridged PVC offers a smooth and sturdy ride and yet this board it still amazingly comfortable when spending time out in the elements.

If mixing sun salutations in a water environment is your next endeavor, I highly recommend this portable, durable board. In addition to loving the product, I also love the customer service of Pumped Up SUP. This team has been responsive, supportive, and timely with all of my needs. Thank you for helping me get closer to my inner peace!



The perfect board for long hours on flatwater, teaching or long distance paddling. It is easy to maneuver yet super stable which makes it a great beginner board. I love it for trying out fun moves like ‘walking the board’ or headstands. It's also GREAT for yoga as you can remove the handle wrap so the surface is flat, but still have it there if you need to get back on the board.

Kathie D. Meredith


I take my Earth River SUP out on the waters of Florida. I really enjoy this board as a 5' 4" tall woman and I am able to carry and launch it in remote areas by myself. I like standing up and looking at nature and my surroundings and when I get hot I can take a dip in the water and get back on the board easily.

The quality of the board is super, it is strong, it looks and feels like a foam board but it is so much easier when going to remote places. (Inflating it after a hike to the water.) I have a kayak and honestly the SUP is better because I am able to go to more places and do more things with it. The board is very stable as I have ridden the board in calm and choppy waters and the quality is equal in both conditions. It is durable and stable I love my SUP.

R Petroboni


My husband bought me my Earth River SUP just before summer, i love the stability and the fact it's so easy to unpack, inflate and get out onto the water really quickly.
It's light and easy to pick up and put into the water, paddling is easy and it's maneuverable too.
We take our SUP boards out on Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin, it's great to be on a well designed and easy to paddle board. People regularly comment on the good looking board, with the straps on the front i can tie down a water proof bag and so take my phone and spare clothes with me.

Kelly Loving

North Carolina

We love our Earth River SUP board. After doing lots of research, we decided on it because of the build quality. We have another inflatable SUP and the difference is noticeable. We love to be able to throw it in the back of the car and take it with us to the lake and then blow it up and be on our way.

It is very stable and easy to use. Our whole family uses it and we have taught so many others how to paddle on it as well. The kids like to use it to jump off of in the middle of the lake on a hot summer day and I like to take it out on quiet mornings at a nearby lake.



My yoga instructor, Natasha Romano of Warrior One Yoga, introduced me to paddle boarding. Grateful! My first experience was SUP yoga! Since then I've taken to paddle boarding on the Potomac River almost daily. I'll run down to the river after work to paddle, watch the blue herons and enjoy tangerine sunsets, even if there's only an hour of sunlight left. Paddle boarding brings me close to nature, anchors me in the present and affords time to feel gratitude for this beautiful world.

My favorite paddle board experience goes like this: I pack up lunch, my waterproof speaker, an anchor, a kayak paddle, my SUP paddle and a Crazy Creek folding seat. I SUP, I sit and paddle kayak style, I sit (back supported with my seat) and watch sunsets, I SUP yoga, stop and lunch, listen to music, breathe. Hours of riverly Heaven.

I looked at a lot of paddle boards - so many inexpensive boards. so many with accessories like lots of bungies. My yoga instructor convinced me to invest in a good board. I chose long wide board for stability and versatility and bought two so I can invite a friend. Now I have a German shepherd puppy and am so excited to get on the board. My ERS SUP board is a life changing, peace bringing , outdoor portal.

Andrew Sowden


I bought my great ERS board after looking through a load of reviews, it's consistently rated highly. I was not disappointed when it arrived, It's awesome to be able to inflate quickly and still being a solid board. It makes storage easy and we're able to get down to the lake in no time and out on the SUP. With the carbon paddle it makes a great combination, really stable even when things get a little rough. The straps on the front mean I can take drinks on the board with me so even on those long rides it's enjoyable.



My husband and I first used ERS boards with Surf Reston. Once we got out on these paddleboards, we couldn't wait to get back on the water. We loved them so much, we ordered 2 of our own. The ERS SUP are incredibly stable for us beginners. Even more stable to climb back on once you fall in - this is key! If you fall on the board, which I have, it's very forgiving. Because they are so stable on the water, we both have tried yoga, fishing, and just floating around the Lake Anne in Reston!

Joseph Quinn


We love getting out on the Potomac River and feeling the adventure of nature so close to home. We usually head out from Angler's. The whole family has been out and we love getting in the small rapids as well as cruising on the calm water. The ERS boards exceed our expectations in every way! They offer great control and cruising performance as well. They are also very durable for transporting from the house to the water.

We got out at least twice a week and they look the same as when we got them. We have not even had to re-inflate. I recommend them to everyone!

Nick Sorensen


My wife and I love taking our ERS on the mountain lakes near our home. Our ERS is sturdy enough for us both to ride without any stability issues, unlike many of the other boards we’ve ridden in the past, but it doesn’t feel too unwieldy or large. We almost love the travel bag as much as the board itself! It is incredibly simple but very functional and it holds everything we need.

Our typical location for using the board requires us to take it a fair distance from our car, and the roller wheels are very smooth and helpful. One of the things we’ve noticed about our ERS board when compared with others is that from our perspective, the board is much more solidly constructed than anything else we’ve ridden previously. For the same effort inflating, the ability to ride is unmatched. The only disappointment we’ve had with the board is that we couldn’t purchase a second board because they were out of stock!

Jay Forbes


We really love our ERS 11-0 Skylake green Stand UP Paddleboard. The entire extended family is very impressed with the quality, durability, stability and general fun factor of the SUP. The fact that we can throw it the trunk of the car, or the back of the pickup for a spontaneous trip to the lake makes it even better! The high quality backpack makes it easy to transport and the electric air pump makes it a breeze to inflate and deflate.

It's transformed us into a lake family! Getting in better shape turns out to be a side effect of paddle boarding, too! I didn't realize what a great core workout the sport can provide. It's really nice to be able to choose to float around and be lazy or get up and get some serious core work in! We also just got a new puppy, so I can't wait for the opportunity to get him involved as well.

The purchasing process was really satisfying, too. Great customer service, great communication and quick shipping was greatly appreciated. I ordered on a Monday, knowing that we had a trip to the lake planned that weekend. The gentleman I spoke to understood completely and assured me it would be here in time. His word was good and we had a great first experience paddleboarding that entire weekend. The timing of the purchase was good as well. In 2020, outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, kayaking and paddleboarding were among the few activities we could do as a family during the pandemic. Thanks for helping maintain our sanity!

Deborah Grayeski


The attached picture is of my son on our board. We love it! We live near Lake Michigan and use it there along the shore and then on smaller inland lakes as well. I use it for fitness, as does my husband. All 3 of my kids love riding on it with us and riding on it alone. They both stand and sit. An adult and 2 small kids can even go on it at once. We love using it in the lake, they'll jump off and swim to it and my husband or I will use it while our kids are playing on floaties. It made our summer and I can't wait to use it again next year!