ERS DUAL Inflatable Paddle Board Reviews and User Insights

Paddle Board Reviews and Insights of the ERS DUAL series From Customers and Owners of SUP-Related Businesses

The Ultimate in SUP Design

Customer feedback is an essential facet of our business. It’s what allows us to build paddle boards with the specific features and performance attributes that matter most to people and contribute most to their enjoyment of their time spent outdoors and on the water. Below we have assembled a selection of reviews and insights from a mix of first-time buyers, more experienced paddle boarders, and SUP industry business owners who paddle our boards.


ERS DUAL 9-6 | S3

The DUAL 9-6 S3 NEPTUNE is a board that pushes through each session full force and won't leave you wanting. Tough X9 DUAL construction and an incredibly responsive shape it will take on waves or low flow rapids then let you wind down the day paddling with friends.


ERS DUAL 9-6 | S3R

The DUAL 9-6 S3R All-Around RIVER board is the most complete package through all stretches of the river.
10-0 DUAL on a beach

ERS DUAL 10-0 | X3

The DUAL 9-6 S3 NEPTUNE is a board that pushes through each session full force and won't leave you wanting. Tough X9 DUAL construction and an incredibly responsive shape it will take on waves or low flow rapids then let you wind down the day paddling with friends.
10-7 Retro

ERS DUAL 10-7 | S3

The DUAL 10-7 S3 is the ultimate board for all lake, river, and coastal environments. Tough dual layer X9 construction, fully configurable LRC fin set-up, and an outline shape that provides the best glide, turning, and tracking of any all-around inflatable SUP on the market.

ERS DUAL 10-9 | S3

The DUAL 10-9 S3 is the perfect board to combine performance with stability. the 10-9 evolves from our 11-0 shape keeping the balance of a 34" wide center, but enhancing turning and portability. Tough dual layer X9 construction, fully configurable LRC fin set-up, and ample room for cargo or passengers.

ERS DUAL 12-6 | GT

The DUAL series are the best paddle boards designed for performance for all SUP uses and in all paddling environments.  Manufactured using our thermal laminate X9 or X11 (S3R) construction method the DUAL series represents the gold standard of inflatable SUP design and durability.

Tami Schofield


I have loved paddle boarding when on vacations, and finally chose to get my own board this year. I needed an inflatable so that I can haul it up to paddle with my son in Mystic, to the Jersey Shore to paddle with my niece, out to Chicago to paddle with my sister - and to get to my local paddle places like Marsh Creek State Park. I spent a long time looking through all the boards available, asking questions, trying to be sure I was getting a board that would serve me well and was rugged enough to last through being hauled around the country.

The ERS DUAL is perfect for me! The compact size and lighter weight mean I can get it where I want and fill it easily. It has great balance and stability, and I am always confident when I am paddling. I also liked that as a Philly resident, I was buying from a fairly local company. I now have the freedom to just wander out and enjoy paddling anytime I want! It is my favorite form of exercise - and now I can go whenever I want! I find an incredible amount of peace being out on the water. I am sending a picture of me relaxing at Marsh Creek State Park - the great blue herons were everywhere! It was incredibly beautiful to just paddle around enjoying nature.

W Suyehiro


I was looking for a surfable inflatable SUP for travel. After many hours of research, I decided on the DUAL 9-6 S3 to take to Hawaii for a few weeks. Paddled on Maui at Napili Bay, S-turns, Kaanapali, Breakwall and Guardrails. I love the portability and quality. So far it's held up to air travel well.

The configurable fins is a great feature. I have a 34" wide Coreban woody so it took a little to get used to the 31" wide DUAL - never thought 3" width would make such a difference. The DUAL is definitely more responsive and maneuverable and more easily caught the waves. Because it was so much lighter, my 12 year old son was able to carry the DUAL on his own. I was able to pump it up manually in about 3 minutes.

Gregory Miller


This is one of the most fun boards in the ERS DUAL range rivaling the 10-0 depending on the conditions and a board that I wouldn't be without in my quiver. It’s an evolution of one of the original designs aiming at something that felt a bit more like a surfboard for some low waves, but it also doubled down on being a great compact ride for a smaller rider. Plenty of the local riders have run these over the years through rapids but it’s equally at home surfing some ocean breaks or just on a serene lake or flatter river section.

I'll take this out on most breaks and swap it around with the 10-7 it just depends on the type of waves that are forming. This is great on junky little surf as you can kick it around a bit with cutbacks and tricks on the small stuff. This board is also perfect for smaller riders who want to take on some whitewater but don't want the bulk and heft of a bigger board to control. Great board for just chilling and relaxing too.



I have loved paddle boarding since I discovered it at camp around 10 years ago. Asking for my own SUP was like asking for a pony. After many years I finally earned my Earth River Sup, and I absolutely love it. Over the years I began to understand what kind of sup I wanted. I have used ERS, ULI, and NRS boards. I knew, based on my stature, I would need something smaller, light enough to carry, and durable enough for both personal and camp use, as well as and something that could handle both rapids and flat water. As an added bonus I can even fit my board in my car, my compact Honda HRV!! This is perfect because I don’t have to tie it to my car, buy a hitch, or even use a roof rack. All I do is put down the back seats down, and lean the front seat back, and I am good to go!

The ERS V3 9’6 has given me easy use on both flat and moving water. The V3 is nimble enough to run the low rapids at camp, navigating through tight spaces easily, while giving me the flexibility to turn my sup around and help my campers to navigate those same tight spaces. The board had enough sturdiness to go easily from knees to feet and even to a headstand.

This board has met every expectation I have created over the years. The interchangeable fins make my job at camp so much easier. I can worry about my campers not my fins. It allows me the option to go back to long fins when I’m away from camp. With the board itself being awesome it also looks awesome! Its sleek and cool, and the graphics are awesome. All my campers always request the blue board before I tell them it is actually mine not the camps. I am so excited to continue to use the board I have always dreamed of having! It was totally worth the wait.



This is the board I spend most of my time riding and I take it everywhere! It’s great on the beach when there is waves, and fun to play on even when it’s flat. I take it through the everglades and national parks and have even put it through the whitewater around the Potomac when I’ve been back in Maryland. This is the perfect SUP board for anyone looking for an all round SUP that you can adapt to ride anywhere and a board I don’t think I will ever stop riding.



The ERS 9-6 is my go-to board when I want to play. It is so maneuverable! I’ve enjoyed experimenting with the different sized/shaped fins. We live full-time on the road in our fifth-wheel trailer, so weight and space are important to us. This board is light and very compact in the duffel. It definitely fits our lifestyle. 



This is my favorite board if I’m heading out alone or hitting some lively whitewater. It inflates in a flash and is surprisingly light and easy to manage, especially accessing more challenging put-ins and takeouts. I love its responsiveness on whitewater and how nimbly it slips between the rocks.

Peter Giordano


I use it to shred the rivers in Idaho. I love it because it chills me out and is insanely fun. This board is very stable and rides great. I’m a beginner and felt very comfortable on it. It transports easily, is very durable and super duper fun to float around on. I love being on it while getting sun burned and wet. I chose this brand because if their great reputation and well constructed product. Can’t wait to rip it for many years to come.



The ERS V3 is the best for the local AZ rivers. The V3 has a awesome design and works great on the rivers. The ERS board stuck out in design over most of the competitors the size works great for people with a smaller frame and height. It is very durable. It has a good color to it. The paddle is great and works well.

David Wilfret


We bought the smaller 9-6 S3 Neptune Blue Paddle Board for my pre-teen daughter who is is and always be small to paddle with me. Great father - daughter adventures on the local lake exploring nature and swimming in the summer. The versatility of the of this board also allows us to occasionally use it in the ocean. My daughter loves the color of the Neptune Blue board. It is a very stable board. Very easy to transport in trunk and inflate with ERS electric pump

Andrew Brackett


We've really enjoyed our Earth River SUP paddle board - so much so, we bought 2! It's been a thrill learning how to river paddle board Class I rapids, and the ER 9'6" board and the 10'0 boards are maneuverable, forgiving, and just a blast! The adjustable low profile fins are a must for river paddling and have allowed us to access river stretches on a paddle board we didn't think possible. We're even paddling downstream 1/2 mile turning around a paddling back up (hopping off and walking the Class I shoals on the way back up). This has been so much fun, convenient, and a killer work-out! This type of experience is just not possible in a kayak!

Tiffany Chen


As a relative SUP beginner with a very petite frame (5'0”, 100 lbs), but one who has been fortunate to rent boards in many conditions (the Gulf of Mexico, lakes, rivers), I searched long and hard for a board that didn't feel oversized, that could adapt to any condition I chose to ride it on, and that could still have room for both my gear and my kids to ride with me. I also debated whether or not an inflatable board would be a good choice, but opted to go the inflatable route for ease of traveling with it.

The ERS DUAL 9-6 S3, with its changeable fins, narrower width, and thinner height, was perfect for me! I love how easily it stows away, but also how easily I can bring it anywhere. My inaugural float also confirmed that I chose the right board, as I’ve never felt more comfortable on a board, and I've never had a board be so responsive to my paddle. My kids loved learning how to paddle on it as well, and I’ve got my long list of places I want to take it. I also know that because it’s built for more experienced riders, it has the construction to support my growth in the sport. I love this board!

Update - One year and one month later, and I still love this board. It feels "right" for my size, and both my kids want to ride and paddle it. We had only been on lakes and rivers in the last year, so I was ecstatic to take it out in the Gulf of Mexico last week. Compared to a rigid board in the Gulf, which I had been on in the past, it felt just as sturdy; using the right fin system, we moved easily and made turns, even with semi-windy conditions. I felt very in control and remember that the last time I was in the Gulf with the rigid board, turning was a chore and took a ton of effort. With the new board, switching from kneeling to sitting to standing, sometimes with a kiddo at the front and sometimes both kiddos, was thankfully not difficult due to the board's stability. Traveling, too, is always such a relief with the fold and pack method! The weight was also pleasant because I was easily able to remove it from shore to our spot on the sand and then back up to the boardwalk.

Gregory Miller


"A really fun take anywhere, and do anything board. I've done several whitewater outings on it and the extra buoyancy really gives a nice lateral sway, to feel your way through. It's feel does take a bit of getting used to, but once you find that balance point and get a sense for its unique shape and balance it's a blast to ride".

Kalie Read


I had the opportunity to take river SUP classes on the Arkansas River in Colorado this summer, where my favorite SUP memory is riding my board down Brown’s Canyon- Class 2-3 rapids! When the water is higher, they are considered class 4 rapids. Another favorite memory was paddle boarding on Sprague Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park when I was there with my husband and his parents before the fires hit the park. My father-in-law took some cool action shots of me on the windy water.

Gregory Miller


It’s perfect in whitewater and river surfing situations, can cut in some shaped ocean waves, and it’s also great on flat water. It turns quickly and I’ve even had plenty of first times students up and on it in seconds. Since ERS introduced it I rarely have taken a road trip without one. Feels great on smaller waves since you can build up speed faster paddling than you can prone on a surfboard and I’ve got no hesitation in taking it on longer paddles.

Tito Onyekweli


An excellent all-around board. I've surfed the Potomac River, run rapids with it in Jasper, Canada, and surfed Assateague Island waves with. Its excellent ride and stability make it an easy go-to in my quiver. I love taking friends unfamiliar with paddleboarding out on the 10-0 because of its forgiveness on the water. The rolling backpack has come in handy taking this board on flights.



This board does everything I need it to do, it is my go to board and perfectly captures our motto: Lake, River Coast. The 10'0" goes everywhere with me, I take it everywhere I go that has water, this is the board I use. From, Montana lakes to Pennsylvania Rivers to New York Oceans, packing it with me as far as St. Lucia, Guatemala and Spain. Through all this wear and tear, the performance and quality has never faltered.



My preferred board in Whitewater that gets me through rapids and is fun catching small waves with. Forgiving in unpredictable water, yet light for attaining, biggest plus is thickness when ferrying across or turning- it appeals to all skill levels.



The ERS 10-0 is another personal favorite, one that is super fun on the river. Since I don’t spend a ton of time in whitewater I like that it turns so quickly, but the 33 inch width helps me keep my balance in rapids. This is the board my SUP pal and fellow ERS ambassador Greg Miller even uses for his first time paddlers on the Potomac River.

Sarah Sackville


The fin package is as good as it gets. I don’t think I even knew I had a bit of a fin obsession before this, but it’s made me realize I do. You get 4 types of center fins and 2 types of side bites. Made for all types of conditions.It does really make a difference! And no one else is really thinking to include these high-quality options. So it makes a huge impression on me at least. Your fins are like your transmission. Are you automatic or manual? High or low gear…A big center fin for tracking and glide or some low profile sleek fins for shallow waters and loose turns? It’s like a choose your own adventure every time you inflate your board. They are awesome!



I enjoy riding my Earth River SUP on the Potomac river.  I also love to take it surfing at the beach.  It is a lot of fun at the lake too!  I bought because it is very versatile with all the fin choices.  I can go from whitewater, to surfing to the lake.  It is also very durable with better than the competition construction!  Thanks ERS!



The ERS 10'0 is the most versatile board that I have come across. Afer over a year of looking and refining what board could be at home almost anywhere, it became it increasingly clear that the ERS 10' was the best bet. It is so solid and stable it encourages you to push your limits. We use is primarily for the Neckar River here in Germany and it has been an absolute blast to ride. At some point, we'll take it to the beach but for now we are enjoying what the local waters have to offer. Also, the ERS carbon paddle 95 is rock solid. We are looking forward to the first summer with the ERS.



We have a 411-acre reservoir less than 2 miles from our home. I didn't want the inconvenience of a hardboard, so I began researching inflatable SUP's. The clear front runner from the professionals was Earth River SUP's. The quality is amazing! In less than 10 minutes I can go from my SUP rolled up in my backpack to fully inflated and in the water! I also purchased the ERS 12 Volt DC pump which is PHENOMENAL!

Mark Zuckerman


We are loving our 10’ Earth River SUP! To be honest, I was a bit reluctant to purchase an inflatable board. Now I’ve come to understand how much the materials and manufacturing process has improved in recent years. We live overseas — previously in Tanzania and now in Indonesia. We take our Earth River SUP everywhere. From Jakarta, we have thousands of islands to choose from, but they all typically require a flight. Now we are happy to roll it up and bring it along - from Sumatra to Sulawesi and Lombok. This has been our best sports equipment purchase in a long time.

Alexandra Isern


I love this board. I have a few longer boards that are great, but when I got to test ride the ERS 10.0 I knew I had to have one! I love the incredible maneuverability. You can turn on a dime. It is also so beautiful! Always proud to be seen on it!



I own a LOT of SUPs - about 20, from short surfing SUPs to race boards to cheap inflatables to quality inflatables. The ERS board definitely fits in that latter category - it is solid, stiff, and I love being able to switch out the fin in the standard fin box. This is my go-to board when I paddle with my 5-year-old twins - yes, my 5-year-old twins can paddle SUP or kayak. We live in Connecticut and paddle on the Long Island Sound. This board is stable and tracks well so I can follow them when they are both in their kayaks, and I keep a tow line on the board so I can tow them both home when they get tired. Last summer - when they were 4 - they insisted on paddling a solid mile downwind, and then mysteriously got lazy on the way back, so I ended up towing them, in a chain of ERS SUP to kids kayak to kids kayak, all the way back upwind. Nice way to get a good workout while paddling with kids!


"The 10-0 is a great board that is performs in whitewater, surf, and flatwater. It turns on a dime and was designed to be a board that offers a lot of fun. The 33" is a nice stable platform on a short board but still allows you to get a nice technical stroke down.

We use the several 10-0s in our fleet and even first time students take to it with ease. Uniquely designed, and built like a tank".

Christine Robinson

New York

This was by far one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. I had been a jet skier for 25 years and had sold the skis last year. Wasn’t really sure if I would enjoy the paddle boarding as much; but we had the pandemic and I knew I needed to do something and I love being out doors. I rented initially and enjoyed the ride on the river. Then I decided to purchase my own board. I was addicted! I couldn’t wait for the weekends to get out on the board, and I love the ride of my ERS.

I have used it in the Great South Bay, Peconic Bay and in the Long Island Sound. Unfortunately I live in NY and now its getting too cold to go; and I can’t believe how much I miss it. My favorite trip was going to the bluffs and heading back just as the sun was coming down. It was beautiful and surreal. Being on the water especially during these times is so therapeutic and a full escape from life in general. I also was surprised at the great workout that you get while paddling; and unlike jet skiiing you really get an opportunity to take in the environment and all nature has to offer. Love this sport!



The 10'0 Code Red is my choice for all-round teaching or just relaxing on flatwater but it will also hold its own surfing the big river waves. It takes a little bit of adjustment to the feel but I had it in my first session and have been able to replicate it every time I get out on it. Brilliant shape and a serious enthusiast paddle board.



If you’re looking for one board to fit all your needs, this is it! It’s the Swiss army knife of inflatable paddle boards - a true “quiver killer.” The advanced shape makes it highly versatile at both navigating turbulent rapids and surfing bigger river waves. But rocker profile isn’t overblown, so I can still take it out for a leisurely paddle on flat water with friends and later hit class III rapids and catch a wave. 



A really fun take anywhere, and do anything board. I've done several whitewater paddles on it and the extra buoyancy really gives a nice lateral sway to feel your way through. It's unique but once you find that balance point and get a sense for its shape and balance it's fun to ride anywhere even when it's a little rough from boat wake or wind. 



Our ERS 10-0 is especially fantastic when we take our black lab Oliver paddling with us (which is most of the time). The little bit of extra width gives him room to move around, while also giving me more stability.  I love this board on both flat and moving water.



When we’re bringing friends to SUP for the first time we grab this roomy, steady board. Our new paddlers appreciate the width and stability as they develop their balance. We love that it has plenty of extra room for cargo but is still light for its size and easily stowed when we’re on the road.



Its a fun little board that handles pretty well in the Hawaiian water off O’ahu. I ride it on the south shore, off the coast of waikiki where it handles the swells and waves of the open ocean as well as the occasional strong winds. I love that I can practice my moves such as nose turns and tail spins thanks to the smaller size.

Joshua wonner


My dog Rosa and I love paddling on lake Whatcom together here in Bellingham, WA. We really enjoy the stability that the 10.0 V-ll code red gives us out on the lake, or even in the bay. The board is super light and so much easier to tote around than my fiberglass board. I truly enjoy the relaxing zen feeling I get paddling around my local lakes on it. Kudos for the solid board design!

Kristin Corcoran


I ride my board everywhere- whitewater and flat water. (I haven’t gotten a chance to surf it yet!) It’s perfect because I can pack it up and take it anywhere. It doesn’t take up space in my apartment. I can take it on the bus. It is the perfect urban adventure board.

Emerson Funes


3 weeks ago i had a beginner lesson with paddlestroke sup; and i had the chance to ride an Earth Siver SUP also. I was amazed how rigid and strong the board was for being inflatable. And the same weekend i decided to buy one for me. Of course since i am new SUPing i had to ask some advice to Greg Miller. Now i am practicing my paddling at Angler’s in whenever i have the chance. So happy with my purchase.

Charles and Sharon Babb


We love to paddle the rivers in Texas on our ERS SUPS. They are perfect for running the rapids. The ability to stow the paddle boards in route the river in our camper makes it so easy to get going and get off the river inflating and deflating. Also, this is a good secure way to transport them and locking them up in the camper. Plus the backpack is great, too.



On the whitewater for the challenge or paddling with the dog on the flats, there's not really a better way to spend a super hot summer day than chilling on the water. The ERS boards are flexible, durable and fun to ride. By the way, the dog agrees.



I had the opportunity to use the ERS V3 10-7 while leading numerous skills classes and instructor certification workshops throughout the spring and summer this year.  After approximately 6-months of using the board I’ve really enjoyed numerous aspects of the board, one of those being the variety of fin options that ERS provides with the board.  Being able to use the board in various environments is important to me as an instructor and paddler. I used a long center fin during most flat-water classes and transitioned to a “2 + 1” or “thruster” fin set-up while paddling on the river.

Additionally the relatively short length of the board coupled with the subtle nose rocker provided easy maneuvering in all environments.  The maneuverability of the board was complimented by a forgiving 5” thickness in the rail that provided enough volume to feel comfortable and stable through varied conditions and dynamic maneuvers.  While durability is always a consideration with inflatable boards, the ERS V3 10-7 has proved to be very resilient to the wear and tear of being dragged across dirt and gravel, pulled up onto docks and ledges, and bumping into rocks and tree limbs. Based on the boards performance thus far, I look forward to continuing to use the board in the diverse environments that my paddling and instruction take me.  

Alex Davis


I live in Miami and enjoy being out on the water - Biscayne Bay. I had been renting SUPs for a while and decided to make an investment into a SUP of my own. I did numerous web searches, and once I came across ERS I was convinced this was the brand for me. I love taking on new adventures, so while my experience has largely been just cruising through the bay and along intracoastal ways, I hope to take my Dual S3 10.7 into the beach and try paddle surfing soon. Great board…couldn’t be more pleased. Worth the crazy long wait period to get a board in one of the first shipments in 2021.

Katie Baker


I recently got my ERS board as a birthday gift and was so excited! I paddle boarded a few years ago and fell in love, so was thrilled to get a board of my own. My husband picked out the board after doing extensive research and found several recommendations for Pumped Up SUP, which also happens to be a local company for us, which is one of the reasons we chose to go with them. But it also just worked out that ERS boards were so highly rated that it was a win/win. So far I have ridden it on some of the inlets of the Chesapeake bay as well as the Potomac. In terms of favorite features, I'm still finding them but really like the detachable fins!

Gregory Miller


This truly is a do anything board and really comes into it’s own as the ultimate all rounder in the ERS range. I’ve surfed with it, I’ve taken it through rapids, and I’ve put first time students on this board as part of a Paddlestroke SUP lesson. The size is perfect formerly any paddler and for those smaller, taller, or a little heavier you just shift up or down to the 9-6 or 11-0 for a similar feel for your size and weight. An absolute classic that glides along water with plenty of speed, and is incredibly responsive to stroke input and touch.



This DUAL series can’t be beat for ‘feel’ in the water. I’ve surfed the yellow variant of this board and used this one on several casual paddles exploring all of nature around my little pockets of water in Florida. I generally ride the 9-6 DUAL but have jumped on both this and the 10-9 boards on many occasions and I don’t find either of them too big especially for casual flatwater paddling they are all perfectly shaped and move really well in the water.



This board is a beast. Its stable, tough, and handles anything you throw at it from rapids, wave riding, and even new students. The fact that it can take a beating makes it perfect for lessons, but also for testing your limits in harsher conditions with confidence. The deckpad is super grippy and the Lake River Coast Fin System give you the option to tweak your ride feel.

Melanie Webb


The ultragrip deck and heel pads are a big help as I work to get my ocean legs back and make turns into the waves. The rolling backpack is a life-saver for travel. My friend Sharlene transported her ERS 12-6 with it on an island hopper Hawaiian vacation and loved that it saved her from having to rent boards every day.

Raul Weston


We ride in Lake Powell, Colorado River, Maui Hawaii, and Kauai Hawaii. I love that I can get my board in a compact, and great Cary case. Space is at a premium when you travel. I can check my SUP on the airplane for $30 rather than pay over $100 to rent in Hawaii. I love that I can always depend on my ERS board, in multiple conditions. It has been worry free for me and my family. So many memories, but paddling up Cathedral canyon in Lake Powell, with just me my ERS board, and my thoughts. Not another soul around for who knows how many miles was an amazing experience, and therapeutic at the same time.

Sharon Cunningham


The view from my paddle board!!! Amazing! My 14 year old lab dog likes to ride with me sometimes cause there is plenty of room. I love my board for rivers cause its so bomber! Great for balance training going through small rapids. I love I can switch my skaggs to just one for flat water touring. Its also good for taking a comfortable nap on shore. Just love it so much........ ahhh



My husband and I recently got these SUPs - our first ones. I love that this is a quality product and how well thought out everything is on the assembly process. We just returned from on a road trip through the Western United States and up to Canada seeking out beautiful places to paddle. I am just at the beginning of learning how to use the SUP, so there is a lot of exploring to do, but so far, the experience of paddling on a serene lake has been wonderful.



PERFORMANCE BOARD OF THE YEAR 2019 and 2020. This is an area where the ERS V3 really shines. The shape, quality materials, and fin set up of the V3 makes for a high performance experience when it comes to tracking and glide. If you are looking for a high-quality, performance level SUP board, then the V3 by ERS is our top pick for 2020. With ERS’s industry leading materials and design you will be able to paddle anywhere and in almost any conditions.



I love my ERS board! This board has been in the ocean, rivers, and lakes and still looks new! It is a very stiff board, holding 15 psi and I have had it filled up all season and it did not lose any air. We have a paddlesports education company where we teach American Canoe Association Stand Up Paddleboarding and Kayaking courses and this board has been great to get people out on many different waterways. I could not be happier with the quality and durability of this board. If you are looking for an air SUP, Earth River SUP is the way to go.



I Ride in Western Montana lakes and rivers. I really like how quickly you can get on the water. The portability is great. I’ve owned boat and trailer. They are so much work, launching, loading, gas, winterize, batteries. The list goes on and on. A SUP is minimal space, a breeze to through in your truck, drive to your destinations get on the water! I feel the learning curve is quite quick too. The quality of the board makes it stable and rigid. Lastly, you can choose to get on the water and chill or get a little workout in; or both.

Richard Edgar


These inflatable boards are great for travel. I've been to Florida and Hawaii several times. Taking these into the airport is much easier than a large hard board. Getting the battery powered portable pump is a must. It makes it so easy to inflate right on the beach. Having your own board is so much better than overpaying to rent worn out boards and paddles. I wasted more money renting over the years than the cost of one of these. I regret not buying my own sooner. I was worried that the inflatable board would feel too soft and flexible, but that is not the case. When pumped up properly, the board is very solid and firm. You can’t even tell it’s inflated. We chose the 10'7" model for my wife and kids. The 10'7" is sportier and easier to turn than my larger 11' board. The two kids can ride the 10’7” together. They are 10 and 13 years old. My wife prefers the 10'7" for her and I prefer the 11' for me. The whole family is happy and we'll be using these on many great beaches for years to come. I should also note that these are great in fresh water also and we use them regularly in our neighborhood lakes.

Emily Wessels


My ERS SUP Board was a birthday gift to myself, with the uploaded photo from my birthday paddle 🙂 I used the board all summer and well into fall here in Minnesota, exploring city lakes around Minneapolis as well as many lakes "up North." I even invested in a pair of paddle wetshoes so I could keep riding in October (coldest ride was an air temp in the 30s!). One of my favorite activities is to put a bluetooth speaker in my dry bag and listen to audiobooks while I explore new shorelines. I also enjoyed many early morning paddles with the steam rising off the lake (you can't see the sunrise if you're not up before the sun!) I love that my ERS board is so maneuverable while being stable enough for yoga--both important features as I was looking to make my purchase. I also love how easy the inflatable board and the electric pump make it to travel to different lakes. It was a sad day when I had to pack up my board for the winter--but I'm hoping to take it with me on a "workation" to Hawaii this spring, and I can't wait until the ice is off the lakes and it's boarding time once again in Minnesota.

Tom Shen


I mainly use the ERS SUP board to take my kids out on the flat waters near Richmond, VA. I have been kayaking whitewater for years in the area. The SUP gives me a way to share my passion for paddling with my two kids and make great memories. I am looking forward to take the ERS explore waterways with them. My kids had a blast on the first couple trips with me on the James. I also like the fact that it's easier for them to "help" paddling if they want.

I was looking at different watercraft. Inflatable SUP was a better fit based on ease of storage and weight compared to canoe and kayak. I selected ERS because of strong recommendation from boater on Facebook and selected DUAL based on Pumped Up SUP's website. I wanted a board that allows me to sample different types of water and also take family out not on the flat water. Main draw for me on the DUAL was the removal fins. Since this is first SUP, I don't have any comparison on how it paddles. That said, I am very impressed with the kit as well as the instructions on the website. I got comfortable with using the board immediately.

Steven Taylor


I am very new to paddle boarding and this is the only board I have ever used, but I have used it a few times and have really enjoyed it so far. As I’m learning I have been staying on calm flat water lakes, but it glides extremely smoothly across the lake with each paddle stroke. I am already planning multiple trips this summer to take my board to some more challenging waters for me.

Craig Snyder

West Virginia

I have the 10.7 dual and my wife has the 11.0 Skylake for larger river (potomac and shenandoah) as well as flatwater bays and lakes. I personally like the 5 inch thickness on the dual and skylake boards for the increased stability they provide and the more shallow rail makes it a little bit easier to carve when surfing small waves. Both of these boards are excellent all around boards, relately fast and easy to control, suitable for riders of all skill levels. One can use them for hard play but also for liesure floats and relaxation. Finally, all of our boards are incredibly durable, no need to treat them with kid gloves.

Jason Peters


I love the low profile and rigidity! It’s a huge upgrade from my previous board. I handles really well on the water. The removable fins and fin package that came with it is a key feature as I ride lakes, rivers and white water and am hoping to surf a local river wave once we get more rain. I ride it mostly in Manitoba. Also the pump is excellent. Only take 5-7 min to fill!

Mindaugas J


Great quality paddle board. I really like the fin system as I can use appropriate fins depending on where I paddle. As I am a beginner, I primarily ride it in calm waters (Dana Point, CA), sometimes venturing out into a deeper ocean where I don’t need to worry about the waves crashing on me. I bought an electric pump along with the board and it is working great. To my surprise though, manual pump inflates the board super fast, so worked out great when I had to haul my board to one of the more remote beaches in the backpack.

I choose to ride ERS, because I want a piece of mind that I have the best technology under my feet when I am out in the ocean. Oh and my kids - they love it!



I live on the East side of the Cascade Mountains, two hours east of Seattle WA. I have not had a great deal of time to ride because I was close to harvest when I purchased the board. Still, I live near Lake Wenatchee, a beautiful high mountain lake. I've paddle a few times out in the lake. It was fun to be able to put my pup on the board and take off. Sage was right at home on the board and I found the board to be very stable. I even threw a stick for Sage, while in the middle of the lake. She went and got it and I pulled her back on board. I also let her run the shore while I paddled.

This year, if our disease problem calms, I will head over to the Seattle area and paddle in the Sound. I will also paddle the Wenatchee River from the lake down to my cabin; approximately 7 miles of mild rapids. I was considering buying the longer version of what I have for a second when friends visit. I have always loved being on the water and this is another great way to go. I had my good camera and Swarovski Bino's in the dry bag. I often see bear along the shores here.

Honestly, friends told me many techniques for stability, as a beginning rider, but I found the board to be very stable and had no issues staying upright. I will need to master the paddling techniques for greater efficiency and play more with the rudder selection, but that is just fun. I bought the electric pump to go with the board, as I am 65 and do not want to waste time. I cannot wait to hit the ocean and river.

Gregory Miller


The classic ERS 10-7 shape with a killer color combination, and it’s awesome! This board comes with the performance to match it’s looks though and can run with any DUAL boards comparative strengths while keeping the versatility to take on the next challenge in it’s stride. I spent a few weeks in Florida at the start of 2018 and I've kept going back to this board time and time again in both the coast but also in the Potomac. Beautiful glide, and just an exceptionally balanced board shape. A personal favorite of mine with the throwback colors. 

Brian Kelting

I purchased the V3 10-7 orange and white colored model for myself and my wife enjoyed using it so much that within a week I ordered the 11-0 board for her. We take them on local ponds to fish off of and take them on the Delaware River as well. We both like how convenient they are to travel with and enjoy the options of the multiple fin bag. Thanks for a great product!



I was moved to New Jersey from the West coast for work and was disappointed by lack of hiking compared to what I was used to on the West coast. While on hikes though I noticed so many creeks, streams and little lakes everywhere and figured it would be fun to way to explore the state. And turns out it was the thing to do!

Since I picked up my board this summer, I haven’t had to make any effort to get off the couch and go exploring. I’ve often been on random drives and just seen a cool lake and hopped in. My board has expanded and improved how I see the place I live by giving me exponentially more options to explore.

I’m glad I decided to go with a quality brand because the options in fins I have lets me easily navigate the tighter shallower creeks whilst my friends will be catching their fins on every object hidden beneath the water and on the few scary moments something has impacted my board, I haven’t been able to find a scratch. Actually, just today I was trying to find my way up a creek to a lake and a brave painted turtle hopped right onto the nose of my board and sunned himself there for about 10 mins. All-in-all I am so glad I picked up my board. My only regret is that I can’t quite do it year-round where I live.



This a a great board for anything for me and although I’ve surfed it a few times, I really love the way it handles on flat water and keeps stable if it is a bit windy or choppy. The width is perfect and the board has great cut through the water with really good speed I’ve paddled it to and from Peanut Island several times and it's actually quite fast once it gets some momentum. Great feel like all ERS boards and a perfect SUP for all conditions.

Dave Hudson


This is my first ERS board and it is amazing. I love how responsive and stable it is. I appreciate how I can adjust the fins based on what I am doing. I am still playing with the fins to see what configuration I like best based. It is the perfect board for me because I want the a board is able to a little bit of everything. I normally ride on the lakes and rivers locally in MD, so having a board that tracks well for long paddles on the lake and also can handle a few rapids or light surf is ideal for me.



The 10-7 Classic has really become my go-to board of choice, whether cruising under a Chateau or crushing some Whitewater Earth River SUP have come up with an all-round board which actually goes everywhere. Its enhanced Dynamic Rail is strong and predictable, allowing you the confidence to push the board to another level. With integrated kickpad giving you maximum control it also opens the possibilities to have plenty of fun on the flat spinning for days. But lets be serious for a moment it has so many great features but the only one that really matters is the colour and WOW this board just looks great!

Darren WHITE


This was my first sup and I love it. I rented a few times and did some research. I wanted a quality board that will last for years and perform. No complaints on my end. I generally ride on lakes in MN and the Mississippi River, and have taken board to Lake Michigan.

Kevin Thompson


Love the convenience of an inflatable. Love the color very unique. The attached pic is me paddling on Maui. I was was asked numerous times as to who the manufacturer was. I picked the ERS after A LOT of research. My research kept coming back to your product.



I wanted an Inflatable SUP for travel purposes as my wife and I spend 2-3 months a year on the road in our RV. My criteria included durability, weight, value and versatility as it will be used in a variety of conditions including surfing, river running and mostly flatwater exploring adventures. Earth River SUP was the obvious choice and the 10'7 was the best all around size for us. So far it has been a lifestyle enhancement! It pack's up real small and deliver's a big dose of fun as we arrive at each new location. I went with the E95 3 piece all carbon paddle for the same reason's (ease of transport and durability). The bright colors really enhance photo op's! Love It!

Christopher K


Purchased the V3 for coastal touring around Tampa Bay and Gulf of Mexico early during the pandemic when rental facilities closed down. Quickly became my go to social-distancing activity and work out when gym in my apartment building closed down.
Live on Harbour Island in downtown Tampa and enjoy early morning paddling with the manatees, dolphins, rays, and even an occasional small shark! Went with this model because of versatility and portability to someday, when travelling is back to normal, explore waterways I visited as a child in upstate New York.

Trent G


I love taking out my new board on the intercostal waterways here in NW Florida. It relieves me of work stress or when I've had a full week, gets me outdoors, into the sun, and gives me awesome exercise. It's my new zen and self-therapy! I love how well it's been constructed and how it feels like a solid SUP. One of these days I'll try to get the dog on there haha!

Erin Ekin


I chose to invest in an ERS board as a beginner SUPer because I have been wanting to own my own board for years. I love the company's commitment to build quality. I definitely feel it every time I climb on my board.

I LOVE getting out on the water, experiencing the quiet of nature (as quiet as it can be with an 8 and 2 year old along.) I love that my husband tried my board once, came home and ordered his ERS board the same night, so we can all be on the water at the same time.

We discovered Upper Lake Clementine, which is an amazing combination of perfectly clear water and the ideal swimming temp to be in and out of the water in Nor Cal's hot summer sun. I'm so glad I finally have my board and I can't wait to take it with me so many places in the coming years.

Mark Eakin


Loving my ERS DUAL 10-7. It's an excellent and versatile board. The interchangeable fins means I can toss on short fins for the river or shoals, or a long fin for open water or surfing. The picture I sent was from a seven mile downwind paddle from Marco Island to Goodland, FL along the intercoastal waterway.

It was funny to have power boats slow down and ask if I was lost! The board felt very secure and reasonably fast. Nothing like paddling up to a bar for the takeout before being picked up! A couple of days before I had done a similar length offshore downwind around the outside of Marco Island. The board was great on rolling cross-waves while paddling offshore. I went out into the bays around Marco almost every day for two weeks. A couple of weeks later I was paddling it on the Potomac in a drysuit!

I've taken it on the ocean, bays, lakes, and rivers. My next desire is to improve my whitewater skills and will be using this board to learn these new techniques. That means working on attaining, surfing, and running rapids. I'm confident the DUAL 10-7 will be a great board for building these skills. A couple of weeks ago I took our 40 pound dog out for paddles on Cheat Lake. The 10-7 is long enough and stable enough that she has room on the bow and we have both gotten comfortable with paddling together.

The included kit has been great, including the really sturdy travel bag and handy fin folio. I got lazy and bought an electric pump with it and am really glad I did. While the two-stage manual pump is the best I've used, that two-stage electric pump is da bomb! It's great to have a board that really performs well under a wide range of environments. We'll be taking it with us in our travel trailer when we go across the country next year. It'll be great to be able to just pop it out, pump it up and paddle wherever we are.

Eric Arnette


We bought our boards to travel around the Western US and use on lakes and rivers such as the Animas and the Colorado ( this week). We really like the packability, and the quality is outstanding! Easy to inflate and deflate with the electric pump, and the boards are well designed with options without being "overloaded" with add-ons that are not practical. We are intermediate level users, and these boards offer us the flexibility to use in many different scenarios whether it is flat water on a local lake or pond, or on light rapids on rivers such as the Colorado in Moab.



The stability of the board is amazing. I get a lot of compliments on the color scheme and anyone that borrows the carbon paddle always wants to use it over the hybrid I bought to replace a cheap one that accidentally went for a deep sea dive and was un retrievable. I've used a Bote and an Isle. This one is hands down way better with both craftsmanship and quality. It feels and looks very durable. I have been rocked into a rocky beach during conditions that I probably shouldn't have been out. The board handled very well in those conditions and came out unscathed.

Michele Walter


I love riding my board on the lakes and reservoirs in Colorado. It’s a smooth, stable ride and I feel completely confident on it. It’s a breeze to inflate with the car pack. The paddle has a fantastic grip and is so easy to adjust to the correct height. The board packs up easily in the rolling backpack. The various removable fins and different options for fin configuration make this a dream for novice to pros. I can’t wait to take this out on a river someday.

Brekk Macpherson


I have enjoyed it several times on the James River just out of Richmond and am looking forward to trialing it out on the ocean one of these days soon. Love the stability that I am getting better with. I can fall off and get back on all on my own. Standing is much better after being out a few times and I love that I can throw it in the back of my car and take it where ever I go.

Service from ERS was great and very helpful. I highly recommend using ERS if you are planning on getting a stand up paddle board for any reason. I have been on mostly smooth water but have had some small waves and had to power through some wind. I was amazed at the lower profile of my board when compared to the rental board I had used in the past. It did not catch the wind nearly as much and tracked much easier. Maneuvering was a dream and I look forward to using the different fin configurations in different settings.

Getting my Dual 10-7 S3 has encouraged me to spend more time on the water and has increased my skill and enjoyment of paddle boarding. 

William Roberson

North Carolina

I'm a parent of two (3 year old and 6 year old), and a small business owner, so I usually take one afternoon off every other week to decompress by paddling solo at Jordan Lake, NC. The entire process is cathartic - from the drive, pumping up the board, paddling around, and sometimes doing a little sup yoga or simply lying down and watching the clouds go by. My wife and I also go out together on Jordan Lake occasionally, and she's more than a little envious of my board. I started with a costco inflatable sup, but wanted something thinner, faster, and more durable. ERS had great reviews, and I've been very pleased with my Dual 10-7.

A Petros


I use the board for travel. I take it with me on vacation or work trips. It’s such an awesome way to get out and see nature. I’ve taken it to Florida where I paddled around Miami at sunset. Then to the Everglades through the swamps and gators. And all the way to Prudhoe bay. Which is north of the Arctic circle where I took it on my first river run 17 miles down the Sagavanirktok river. I chose ERS for the quality and thinner design which gives it a better feel closer to a hard board. The different size fins makes very versatile as well.

Shelley Thompson


I purchased my two SUP’s for me and my daughter as a birthday surprise for her, to take on our vacation to Miami, Florida back in June of 2022! As a newbie, w found having quality equipment has grown my confidence so greatly because the boards really perform and do not detract from the experience at all. I loved the ease of traveling with our boards via airplane. We used them for the first time at the Oleta River State Park in Miami; it was so amazing, after paddling down the River we came upon a beach and ended up taking a lunch break on the beach. I chose this brand after doing some extensive research and am impressed with the quality and enjoyment that I get every time I’m on the water.

Since vacationing in June, I have used the boards with numerous friends at various lakes and creeks in Maryland. It makes being on the water very accessible. I’ve also participated in a local race league once a week since having my boards. I’ve enjoyed getting to know all the available launch spots in my area; as a Maryland native, I’ve actually have found more parks this summer since having my boards than I’ve visited in my 49 years of living in Maryland. I’ve also met so many wonderful people as a result of venturing out to different launch spots.

What a joy it’s been for my family and friends whom never imagined themselves on a SUP. I’m very pleased and grateful to the folks at Pumped Up SUP in Bethesda, Maryland for the expert assistance when I called in the first time I was inflating my boards and realized that I had a few questions about how to proceed; they walked me through the process with patience and I was able to confidently launch into an amazing experience with my daughter. It allowed me to see a very familiar vacation spot from a whole new vantage point. 😊 I have since traveled a few times with my inflatable and I love it!!

Cody Mccann


The shop I work out of is 7 minutes from a beautiful mountain lake, so at least 3 days a week I take my ers board to the lake for a quick paddle after work. It has quickly become one of my favorite activities this summer and I eagerly anticipate taking it to the sea.

I've been enjoying taking my nephews out on the lake as our paddle boards work as excellent platforms for them to practice their swimming from/around.

My ERS board has proven to be vastly superior in terms of stability, tracking, and speed to the thicker boards my family has.

Brian Austin


I LOVE my ERS board! I purchased last fall after borrowing my friends same model but in the 10-7. I had never paddle boarded before, but knew instantly that this was something I could really get in to. My wife had bought an inexpensive board package but I knew I wanted something better quality. I come from a long time of working in the cycling industry and riding and racing top shelf equipment.

I appreciated the fact that ERS was focused only on the inflatable market and wasn't saturating the market in discount type outlets. I've ridden my board all summer long on the local lakes and rivers and even tried my hand at riding smaller rapids. The board could do it all, especially with the fin system and the ability to go anywhere from a large 9" center fin all the way down to 2" fin set up for shallow rivers. I've been using the ERS Carbon 95 paddle lately. I started with the the ERS Carbon 85, but as my stroke has gotten better I'm finding the 95 to fit my technique better. There are a lot of paddles out there, but it seems like the next level is almost twice as expensive as these paddles.

With in the last few weeks my wife ditched her budget board package and is now on the ERS Skylake 10-7 S3 in Magenta along with a Carbon ERS 85 paddle. She's been loving the upgrade and we are out 2-3 times a week getting in the last of summer. As our paddling group grows, we just had another friend get a Skylake board in 10-9 and another friend is looking at an ERS as well. I guess we'll be a mini Portland, OR ERS club. I can also say I had an issue with my paddle and I called on a Monday, and by Friday the replacement was here. Awesome products. Awesome customer service!

Hannah Milsaps

South Carolina

ERS SUP has been such a fun addition to our family lake outings! We love taking the kids out on the board. The versatility of our duel is perfect for our family and makes traveling from body of water to body of water so easy. It packs up perfectly for our travels and changing the fins out is such an awesome feature. We plan on this board being apart of the fam for a long long time!

Jeff Brown


I bought the Dual S3 (10-9 Aqua Grey) after speaking with Greg Miller at PaddleStroke SUP and the guys at PumpedUpSUP. Absolutely, no regrets about my decision- love the board. I had a few composite boards already but never owned an inflatable SUP. The Dual S3 was originally going to serve as a fitness paddler primarily for attaining up the Potomac River and some occasional whitewater. However. I have had so much fun on the board that it has become my 'go to' for many, many more situations.

My absolute favorite is the way the board rides in rough conditions- super stable and absolutely crushes chop. I routinely take the Dual S3 out when its windy with shin high or above conditions. Simply put, the board stands out - not only because it enables you to cruise along at a rapid clip but because the stability in constantly changing conditions allows you to keep paddling upright - when everyone else is dropping down to their knees. I am always approached in the parking lot after rough sessions- "that board is really fast." , "where did you get it" are common questions. And every time I never hesitate to recommend the Dual S3.

Tom Batteiger


I ride primarily on Lake Sammamish. My previous board was a 12' 32" wide fiberglass Riviera. I like the storage convenience and the comfort of the rubber deck of an inflatable board. The main feature and why I bought this board was for it's stability. I've been very impressed with with this board, and enjoyed the high level of customer service I experienced.

BEN Morton


Like the ERS V3 10-7, I had the opportunity to use the ERS V3 10-9 throughout the spring and summer to lead various SUP classes, instructor workshops, and for my own paddling ventures.  I found the 10-9 to be a supremely stable platform to paddle in various conditions. While not quite as maneuverable as the 10-7, the 10-9 performed really well in the river environment, specifically making front ferries, eddy turns, and peel-outs.  

The 10-9 became my go-to instructional board in calm or easy moving water due to its stability and relative speed.  With the 5” thick rails and the heel-pad, I found the board very easy to move around on and step back to submerge the tail for pivot turns.  Additionally, the size of the board allowed for easy storage for all the necessary equipment one may need on a full day on the water.  

Gregory Miller


A beautifully balanced board that combines incredible stability and glide, without sacrificing any the fun. This is one of the first Earth River SUP shapes and we’ve just refined it a touch since since it’s inception. The Lake River Coast fin pack adds a new dimension for changing up the feel a little and it can run in any type of water you want it to. It’s versatile and whilst being stable isn’t slow or sluggish.

It has a classic glide feel that keeps you close to the water and it’s a board that you are not going to outgrow even as your skills develop. 



I specifically purchased the 11-0 for teaching and as a family board. It has enough space to do yoga, or to put a junior paddler on the front of the board during an excursion. It has great stability, while still being maneuverable, and I love the flexibility offered by the fin pack. My partner feels comfortable learning on it, and even rocked the waves on the coast of Valencia, the first time paddle boarding in the ocean!



This is my go to board for when I’m doing flat water paddling with my dogs.  The board is very stable and can hold two 70lbs dogs and myself, but usually I just paddle with one dog. This board is also great for attaining and whitewater. 



I ride this board nearly every teaching lesson. I love the relaxability of this board. I put brand new paddlers on it and it practically stabilizes itself. I don't worry with new students at all. I love it for taking out a few passengers also. It's so solid that I've taken up to 2 dogs on this with no issue. Parents can easily take a kid or two for a casual paddle on this. I've also taken this on whitewater and it makes it too easy. Overall the most stable board that I've ridden. 

Scott Waller


Myself and several dads take our kids to a lake every summer. Think 30 dads and over 100 kids of all ages. A few years ago several friends started acquiring inflatable SUPs. I had tried a few brands and ended up liking the features and reviews of the ERS boards. I am 6' 5" and 200lbs so I needed a stable board that would track well. I was new at the sport but knew I wanted to make the investment and have one that lasted as I grew confident in my skills. I could not be more happy as are my kids. We love taking it out throughout the summer and taking it on long journeys. Now others are following my choice of ERS boards and we hope to be paddling with many more this summer. Thanks for a great product.



STABILITY! And convenience. Just got back from trip on the NC coast and had awesome time in ICW and ocean.



My wife and I love our SUPs. We just got them and took them on a road trip through the Western United States and up to Canada seeking out beautiful places to paddle. The lakes in Glacier National Park in Montana and Jasper National Park in Alberta were made for some fantastic paddling. I love the quality craftmanship of the board and the flexibility of easily being able to change out the fins.



I love the stability of my ERS 11-0 V-II! As a taller rider, many boards are either unstable, turn poorly, or just slow. I found the 11-0 to be just right. It's super stable even in choppy conditions, but doesn't sacrifice on speed, and turns really well. Add in top notch build quality an I couldn't be happier. I ended up buying bought a 10-7 V-II for my girlfriend too.

Richard Edgar


I bought these so I could travel. We go to Florida and Hawaii every year. I was sick and tired of paying too much for renting crappy beat up boards and paddles. The inflatable boards make travel easy. We've been to Maui, Oahu, Pensacola Florida and our neighborhood lakes with these. I constantly get questions from people about the boards when inflating/deflating especially on Waikiki Beach. I had at least two dozen people ask me questions about how the inflatable boards work, where I got them and how the battery powered pump worked. I think most people love to SUP but don't want the challenge of traveling with big boards. We chose the 11' model for two people - me and my 10 year old. It works great for two people with a total weight of us being around 250 lbs.

Jonathan Foust


Since I’ve got it in August I paddle pretty much every morning at sunrise at Riverbend Park and before that, a month on Cape Cod. The package you put together is just amazing and the contrast to my old 4” Waterman is amazing.  A completely different boat. I upgraded to the 11-0 earlier this year, use it almost daily, and I am still amazed and at how well it performs.  I do a lot of photography and video on the Potomac River and bring a tripod and three very expensive cameras onboard.  It may seem risky to carry so much sensitive and high-quality equipment on a board, but considering the stability and maneuverability and downright fun, I vastly prefer the 11-0 to kayaks or open boats.

Julie Grove


I use my SUP on the St Croix River in Hudson Wi. I love that it is stable. I use it to get from my boat to either an island or shore line. I did a lot of research and wanted a SUP that I wouldn’t fall off. I love the color scheme too. I love that there are so many fin combinations to choose from. I do worry that I will lose the small metal piece to attach fin to fin box. The metal key used to grab it is quite helpful.

Hanson Hsu

New York

Wife (and kids, photo attached) were excited to try a new watersport and wanted a stand up paddleboard for a Christmas present. Of course, this led me to an exhaustive research project on selecting the right paddleboard (rigid vs inflatable, beginners vs proficient, ocean vs. freshwater, price ranges, etc.) right up until the holiday delivery deadline.

Fast forward to receiving a beautifully engineered inflatable standup paddle board, learning how easy it is to inflate, deflate, and store, then taking it out on its maiden voyage just a few short weeks ago. I think they are going to ask for another one this year...



I wanted a board I could cruise on in lakes but also feel secure on in whitewater. This board is perfect! My pooch loves it too. I’ve taken it on Price Lake off the Blue Ridge Pkwy, including fir a full moon float, and several times on the New River in Todd NC. Most recently I floated sections of the Buffalo River in AK while on a several day float trip. I love that it is stable but still super responsive

Eric Mauriello


I purchased these 2 boards (DUAL 10-9 and SKYLAKE 10-7) for Marco Island use in the Gulf of Mexico. Easy to carry and fun the ride. The sunsets In Marco are special, my kids and I like to ride them at sunset as the light bounces off the water. The surf is not very challenging on the gulf so we where looking for some boards that would be easy to carry out while still entertaining to ride. The quality of the board are very high compared to my other non inflatable boards I have in New Jersey.

Jay McPhaul


STABILITY! And convenience. Just got back from trip on the NC coast and had awesome time in ICW and ocean.

Gregory Miller


An incredible touring shape that doesn’t follow the typical ‘touring’ board class design parameters. Fast, but also stable which helps in chop and a beautifully graded rocker that I’ve even run through a few pocket waves with. It will handle a ton of weight and performs almost like an all rounder. For distance it’s an amazing ride that tracks like it’s on a wire but keeps the features in the tail area for easy leverage into shifts and full degree turns. Great for up river attainment training workouts and because it’s super stable for a 12.6, it can actually handle fast moving water and class II rapids with short fins or no fins which no other board in this class can go close to doing.

Jason Ekin


Got to ride multiple lakes in the Sierras this year, in the lakes basin recreation area. I love how big and how stable the 12-6 is. We're a family of four and so Dad's board becomes the Sherpa board carrying all the gear and that 350 lb carrying capacity makes it super easy, especially when I pick up a random kid. I also love the whole package that came with my purchase, the bag is great, the pump, the fin package which makes it super versatile depending on the kind of lake we're at.

My father and I even repurposed the paddle board packs and stuffed his inflatable kayaks in them and hiked up to a lake and they worked out great. Very happy with my purchase, the fit the finish of everything is top notch and you definitely feel like you got your money's worth in a high quality board. Keep up the good work, we recommend your brand to all of our friends.



I use the 12-6 GT as my instructor board because it’s fast and can hold an extra passenger or two without a problem. The versatility of the fin system allows me to switch up sizes according to the type of water I’m operating on. Even with the added materials for rigidity, this board remains light and maneuverable when out of the water allowing for easier portage over difficulty terrain. This came in handy when we ran out of time to paddle around a cove for 8pm fireworks display at the DC Wharf. Without hesitation, we climbed a 10 foot wall along the Potomac River, threw our boards over it, and were able to hike to the other side and put back in with time to spare. Would’ve never tried that with a hard board!

Melanie Webb


Now that I’m land-locked again my favorite board is the ERS 12-6, which makes for easy transitions between mountain lakes and swiftly flowing rivers. The width makes the board extra stable when the afternoon wind and boat chop picks up on the water, and on those glassy early morning paddles it glides as smooth as any hard board I’ve paddled. The length of the board and the built in cordage on the front end is a really important feature for me, since I’m planning some overnight expeditions this summer. Tip: Carrying capacity can be extended easily if needed by running bungee cord through the front D-Ring!

Sebastien Harding


Love this giant for exploring the river and doing long distance runs. Despite its size it's fairly light weight, and it stability makes it super fun in the rapids, and playing around with your footwork. For flatter days it tracks effortlessly, and makes for a super chill ride.

Sarah Sackville


The ERS 12’6″ V3 felt super solid from the moment it was inflated. It was the first thing I noticed, it felt particularly stiff. So it wasn’t a wonder that when I got on board I felt as solid as a cement block. I put this down to some great materials and manufacturing. The shape of the board makes for a great touring board as the slender body with a narrower nose and tail helps with the glide. Additionally, the rocker in the nose has been carefully engineered to give the best assistance in challenging conditions but not hindering you covering distances on flatwater.



At the end of the day, if you’re in the market for a fun inflatable touring SUP that performs extremely well and is backed by a solid warranty, the Earth River SUP 12-6 V-II is a fantastic choice. This is a board that’s designed for serious use by a company that’s super passionate about both the sport and the gear they make, and there’s a reason why these boards are currently in use at several ultra-demanding SUP instructional schools.



Could not be happier with my ERS 12-6 Sup I've owned it for a few years now. I paddle near the keys and will mostly take it out most early mornings as I just enjoy the relaxed feeling of paddling endless scenery. The best recreation purchase I’ve made in a long time and it was well worth investing a professional level board.



I really enjoy my ERS inflatable SUP. I had 2 surgeries on my stomach and was looking for something lighter that was more manageable for 1 person to carry. After a fair amount of research on the internet and You-Tube, Earth River SUP seemed to prevail in quality and the company backing up their product. I have a heavy duty board and feel very confident with it as it is very durable. That is important to me because I take the SUP in the Gulf of Mexico, Naples/Collier County, Florida. I also take it into the inlets, mangroves and feel confident with the board that it is safe for me and my family. My wife and I ride the board together and find it to be very enjoyable and great all around exercise for the core and cardio. What a great sport and what a great board for family use. Thank you for a great product and great customer support.



Great combination of board stiffness, durability and performance on the water. I ride it on my local lakes and rivers. The quality is top notch and better than any other inflatable SUP I’ve ever used. One experience was paddling on Lake Michigan where the extra width provided the necessary stability to keep from falling of the board when the wind picked up and the chop got really rough. At the same time the extra width does not slow the board down. It still maintains excellent glide per stroke. Also, I’ve noticed the tracking is very good allowing me to paddle up to as many as 10 strokes per side without switching to the other side. Another experience was paddling on a local river with some mild class two rapids.

I was able to paddle through waves without falling of the board. And the occasional bump on a rock did no harm to the board. This proves the exceptional durability of the V3 construction. Another great feature is the interchangeable fin package that comes standard with the V3 boards. This allows for a wide variety of fin setups depending on the environment and paddling conditions. I use the three fin setup for rough water where extra stability is required. I use the single long center fin for long distance paddling in calm flat water. I use the short fins for shallow water where impact with rocks is a possibility.

Eric Friedlander


This ride is perfect for riders looking for a little speed on their next paddle. Compared to race boards the durability is unmatched. Because this board is inflatable the stability is also supreme compared to hard boards. I'd take this board touring with any load of weight on the front. It's the perfect adventure board with the combination of it's portability in the air or a vehicle and speed and stability on the water.

Tyler Singleton


I have owned two other boards, one a hard and the other a inflatable of another reputable brand, and the ERS board has been by far my favorite. The quality of materials and overall feel off all their products have been far superior and most importantly, the company stands by their product. I had an issue with the bag and paddle, they were easy to get ahold of and they sent me replacements right away. The owner was also very helpful before I made my purchase by answering any questions I had. I use my 12'6" for play with the kids and for exercise. I was worried it would be too big but it handles great and I have found it to be a great all arounder. I have actually been looking at getting another SUP and definitely getting another ERS!

Russell Wright


We like to take the ERS Board to various small reservoirs. The first time I tried it was at a near by reservoir called East Canyon. My girlfriend took to it right away. I did not. I struggled at first. Another place that is great for paddling is a Smith Morehouse Reservoir as well as Causey Reservoir. This summer we are going to see how our dog Duke likes to board.

Sharlene Christensen


I LOVE my ERS!!! I’ve been able to take it to many lakes in Utah. I enjoy it on my own but I am also able to navigate easily with another person on it with me. My nieces and nephews also love it! I’ve traveled with it to Hawaii. It was super easy and convenient to take as a checked bag and to transport to rivers and beaches in Hawaii. I definitely recommend it! This is a purchase that you will never regret!

Yana Tengalas


I chose the Skylake 12-6 because I wanted a board stable enough for two paddlers, camping gear, kids, a hyperactive 70-pound dog, or (perhaps most importantly!) SUP acro yoga... but without giving up pleasant paddling when I’m just out on my own doing regular SUP things. Its stability and carrying capacity are just perfect, for every weird thing I try to do with it! And when I don’t need all that, when I’m out just paddling by myself, it’s still lovely – easy for a medium-sized paddler to manage even in current or windy conditions, and with a really nice glide. I don’t feel like I had to trade speed or ease of handling for stability, with this board – would buy again, would recommend to others... if you like SUP yoga or SUP acro yoga, would DEFINITELY recommend: it’s perfect for these pursuits!



Pumped Up SUP suggested an Earth River SUP 12'6" inflatable for my needs, and their recommendation was perfect!. At first, the shorter boards were on my list, but a phone call answered all of my questions about the right board for my primary use. I live one block from the Big and Little Deschutes River in Bend, Oregon, and regularly paddle upstream from my put-in and then back downstream. The 12' 6" board has been a pleasure to paddle upstream, and I frequently pass people because of the fantastic glide! The fin package that came with the board has been great for swapping to shorter fins when the river is low, and the three-piece carbon paddle has been rigid and light with an excellent bag for storage and transport. The neoprene handle makes carrying the board more comfortable in your hand when portaging with your gear.

Seeing my neighborhood from the river has been great, and taking pictures from my SUP has become a fun hobby. The quality of the board, paddle, and the selection of fins included are an incredible value compared to other packages I was considering. Everything I needed arrived on time, and I was paddling the same day that the board came. The 12'6" board is super stable and makes carrying gear easy. This summer, I am planning an overnight camping trip with my SUP and know my board is perfect for the adventure!

Amber Cardwell


I love my ERS SUP Board because it is so easy to bring everywhere! I have taken it across country on a plane and it was so simple to just have everything with me. I also drove it across county and it was just as simple to pack. My board has travelled with me everywhere! From the beaches of Rhode Island to the man-made lake in Arizona, it has been a great way to spend the beautiful weather in such a difficult year. I also love that the board is so well balanced and forgiving. Even when my dog falls off the board, I can still manage to stay balanced with the sudden shifting of weight. Such a great board and I am so happy to have finally invested in my own board. ERS are designed in the USA which is a plus, and it is a quality board that is so portable and lightweight. I am continuously loving my board with no regrets.

Sarah Malloy


I was searching for a way to get exercise while spending time with my children, 5 and 3. They are too big for pulling in a bike trailer or running stroller happily, but too small to hike very far or fast. Enter the paddleboard! I looked for a brand with a reputation for durability and performance, and kept coming back to ERS. The 12'6" is perfect for holding me or my husband plus two kids, while still being fun to paddle solo. We've been exploring mountain lakes and streams for the summer, and are looking forward to checking out the lower elevation lakes and rivers in the winter.

I'm reconnecting with my paddling background, and teaching my kids about water safety and exploration at the same time. I was an open water lifeguard for ten years, and used to train and race paddleboards and surf skis. I've done expedition sea kayaking and recreational river kayaking, but had never paddled standing up and have only tried surfing once. I'm also a lifelong swimmer, but have found it hard to swim much since having kids. Now I'm falling for a new kind of paddling, and when I can recruit a friend or my husband to come to the lake, I can have my very own crew for a long swim!

As you can see from the picture, my daughter has even fallen asleep while I paddle a few times. Must be a smooth and safe ride if that can happen! Our favorite local paddle is on a mountain lake for about a mile, then upstream from the inlet another mile snaking through willows and pines. The downstream ride back is super fun, and being able to switch to the shallow fins is perfect for this adventure. Thanks ERS for the perfect family board for us!

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