Earth River SUP has a long history manufacturing SUP products for instruction schools and rental organizations and have recently expanded our partnerships into retail operations. We work with all sizes and types of businesses – from one person startups to established storefronts and are always looking for more dealers that fit our business model.

You deal directly with Earth River SUP. There are no marketing and distribution companies – no slick talking sales reps that have no interest in your business – and no unreasonable conditions imposed on you to sell our product. We control our distribution channels tightly so that we can work closely with our dealers, and work at enhancing both your business and the ERS brand. We have minimal stock requirements and strictly enforce a retail pricing policy with discounting restrictions across all sales channels to ensure equal opportunities for our partners.

Please fill in the below application to get started and help us understand your business better. You can read more about ERS here - or feel free to call us on 301-807-8670 to discuss further.


    How many staff / team including yourself are actively involved with the business?

    Does your business currently rent, or intend to rent paddle boards or kayaks?

    Does your business currently sell, or intend to sell SUP boards online?

    Does your business currently sell, or intend to sell any of the following?