3 Important Things Stand Up Paddleboarders Can Do To Help Save The Environment

Stand Up Paddleboarders are out lakes, rivers, and oceans each and every day where we get to see firsthand the beauty and wonder of our planet.  Unfortunately, we also see the environmental destruction that humans are causing, from floating rubbish to animals endangered due to our negligence. In our current economic state, the world really needs a hero to help clean things up. Unfortunately, the Avengers have been busy, but we have come to learn that not all heroes wear capes.

A small change by each and every one of us can really help our planet in the long run. We are not suggesting that you all go out and become eco-warriors, but just that you make a few small changes to your routine that will help make things a little better and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Read on for a few ways you can be a better steward for the planet while enjoying nature on your SUP board.

Fill A Vacuum Flask Instead of Buying Bottled Water

Stand up paddle boarding is an activity where hydration is extremely important because you are out in the sun all day and you need to drink plenty of water to replenish lost fluids. It’s so easy to just grab a bottle of water from the store and tuck it under the cargo bungees on your SUP board as you head out for a paddle.

Just in the US alone, 1,500 plastic bottles are consumed every second, most of which are discarded or left in the trash for the landfill.  Others make their way to the ocean where they join billions of others in a huge swirling garbage vortex.

Do yourself and the planet a favor and make a small investment in a reusable water bottle. Any bottle that is reusable and durable will be better than using disposable bottles, but why not treat yourself to a stainless vacuum insulated flask that you can clip to your board with a carabiner and will keep your water chilled all day?  This small change can actually save you hundreds of dollars per year on the cost of bottled water.  Enjoy chilled water, help protect the environment, and save lots of money.  What’s not to like?

Read more on staying hydrated in our article 7 Essential Hydration Tips For Paddle Boarders and get yourself a great reusable water bottle.


Pick Up At Least One Piece of Litter Every Time You Paddle

Litter is both an eyesore and a danger to children and animals with many risks to health. If everyone were to simply pick up and dispose of a few items every time they go out, this would add up to have a huge impact. With the freedom of movement you have on a paddle board, you are uniquely outfitted for the task – just paddle close to the litter, get down on your knees, and pluck it from the water. This is much harder to do from a kayak or canoe, so as a paddle boarder you have no excuse for pretending not to see that floating wrapper.

Keeping an extra reusable dry bag on your board is a convenient way to get any litter you pick up back to shore for disposal without having it blown back into the water. Be a litter collection ambassador and let the world know that the SUP community cares about the environment. The example you set will have a snowball effect and lead to more people making litter pick-up part of their routine.


Buy a Quality SUP Board That Will Not End Up in a Landfill

The market is flooded with cheap paddles boards that are designed to sell in mass quantities to buyers wanting to get into SUP with minimal expenditure. Unfortunately, the false economy of buying too cheap becomes apparent when the board fails prematurely, only to be replaced with another cheap disposable board. Now you’ve paid for two boards, lost some of your precious outdoor time dealing with failing equipment, and you can be sure that the second low-quality board will soon join the first one in the landfill.

Buying a board made from higher quality materials will cost you less in the long run, while at the same time reducing your environmental footprint.  A higher-quality board will also perform better, have better features, and be more reliable, so investing in a quality SUP board, to begin with is a win for both you and the environment. The onus isn't just on the buyer it is on the manufacturer also. We hold ourselves to a ridiculously high standard in making sure we manufacture a board with an extremely long useful life. ERS takes our role as a steward in the paddling community very seriously and this is an important facet of that. Read our guide How To Choose The Best Inflatable SUP and make an informed choice when buying your next stand up paddle board.

This is our planet and we want to preserve its beauty for future generations. Make protecting the environment a meaningful part of your SUP experience so you can feel great about spending more time having fun on the water!

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