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This section of our site contains resources, educational materials, and articles of interest for people who SUP and enjoy the outdoors. Here we cover topics about the paddle boarding experience and the environments in which we live and play.

Small dog on a paddle board

Paddle Boarding with Your Dog - A Step by Step Guide >

Good boys and girls love stand up paddle boarding. Follow our guide for turning your pup, into a SUP PUP.

Ocean paddler near shoreline and waves

The Healing Qualities of Ocean Air >

Explore the science that gives us those feel good coastal vibes. 


Why Every Kayaker Should Give SUP a Try >

Every thought about standing up?  Expand your opportunities on the water but adding SUP to your game.

Cold water paddling

Cold Water Paddle Boarding - The Critical Guide >

Cold water paddling is a great way to turn paddling into a year round sport, though several aspects are critical to safety.

7 Essential Hydration Tips for Stand Up Paddle Boarders >

Paddle boarding is routinely done in the hot sun so proper hydration habits are key to safety and enjoyment on the water.


3 Important Things Stand Up Paddle Boarders Can Do to Help Save the Environment >

We depend on the environment for the ultimate enjoyment of our sport. This article covers 3 things every paddler can do to play their part.


The Water Cycle Explained >

Two great videos explaining the eco system of water. 

Small child beginner paddle boarder

5 Tips to Get Your Kids Into SUP >

Information on preparing little children for adventure on the water 


The Story of Bottled Water >

Watch this video and think about what all that plastic is doing to our planet. 

ERS Cole on DUAL Yellow

How Stand Up Paddle Boarding Can Change Your Life >

From the bliss of alone time through to expaninding your social circle we look at 5 ways paddle boarding inspires change.
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