Stand Up Paddle Boarding Guides

This section of the site contains information and guides related to specialist paddling disciplines, techniques and situational advisories such as cold water paddling and reading water features on the river.
Cold Weather Paddling

Cold Water Paddle Boarding | The Critical Guide >

Cold water paddling is a great way to turn paddling into a year round sport, though several aspects are important for safety.
Teaching a Dog to paddle board

Paddle Boarding with Your Dog - A Step by Step Guide >

Good boys and girls love stand up paddle boarding. Follow our guide for turning your pup, into a SUP PUP.

Planning Your Next Paddle Boarding Adventure >

An intro guide and tips to planning that next SUP trip or expedition.

Paddle Boarding Alone: What You Need to Know >

Paddling alone can often elicit mixed opinions. It's the ultimate in me time but various precautions should be taken for those heading out on their own.
ERS Rider Amanda Gurney

SUP Safety | 5 Critical Tips >

Safety is an important part of paddling. This guide covers 5 key areas that should form the basis of each session
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