Inflatable SUP Technical Info

In this section of the site, we discuss information related to inflatable SUP boards and equipment in general. We look at the factors to consider when choosing an inflatable SUP board and gear, explain board stability as a function of dimensional factors (Board Stability Ratio), and compare Inflatable and Hard SUPs from a technical perspective.

Greg doing a tail drop on an ERS 10-7 Skylake

How to Choose The Best Inflatable Paddle Board In 2024 - A Step by Step Guide >

This article discusses in detail the process of choosing the best inflatable SUP for YOU.  We put you on the right path to selecting the right board. STEP 1. Ignore every top 10 list you read.

Girl Holding SUP Paddle Above Head

How to Choose a Paddle Board Paddle >

Finding the SUP right paddle is completely worth it and will dynamically change your paddling sessions for the better. We look at what makes a great SUP paddle and what to watch out for!
Cole riding the 9-6 Deck in the Ocean

What is Rocker and Why it Matters >

Rocker is the slight curve toward the nose of the board. It's often misunderstood for its function and effect but we set the record straight and guide you through the technical details.

ERS DUAL 10-7 S3 Thickness profile

What is the Best Thickness of a Paddle Board? >

Many SUP board companies perpetuate a myth of thickness equating to stability. This is wrong and disingenuous. Read the truth regarding board stability and the facts about inflatable board rigidity.

ERS Paddlers at sunset

Inflatable vs Hard SUP Boards - A Technical Perspective

So how far has high end SUP technology come? We dispel the myths of an outdated argument and look at the current state of of inflatable SUP design. COMING SOON!

5" Thick DECK SUP board on a sandy beach

Inflatable Paddle Board Constructions Explained >

The guide on what all the jargon means. Compare apples to apples across SUP technologies and get a better understanding of SUP construction and material concepts in the inflatable SUP industry sans the marketing hype.

SUP paddling under a bridge

What To Wear and Bring On Board While Stand Up Paddle Boarding >

The guide on getting the right gear for the right conditions. 


How to Choose the Right SUP Leash >

An overview of the different types of SUP leash and their applications. Know the differences and which one you really need.


How to Choose a Life Jacket or PFD for SUP >

Choosing the right safety equipment for YOUR water environment and uses is of the utmost importance to any paddler. We discuss the options that apply specifically to stand up paddle boarding and the pros and cons of each.

Racked SUP boards on a high top

Transporting Your Inflatable SUP >

Tips and best practice for getting around town with your inflatable paddleboard.

ERS Dual Action SUP Pump

SUP Inflation Tips >

A quick primer on manual technique for SUP inflation. We detail several tips to follow to get the most out of each paddling session.

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