How To Use the ERS Tie Down Straps

ERS Tie Down Straps are designed for conveniently strapping your SUP, surfboard, kayak, or canoe to the roof of your car while preventing damage to your gear from the metal buckle. This guide will show you an easy method for using a pair of ERS tie-down straps to secure SUP boards to a car equipped with luggage rails or crossbars.


Fitting the ERS tie-down straps is an easy process once you have the basics down. The main procedure involves looping around the crossbars and ensuring the spring lever is depressed and catches correctly.


Place the buckle with the cushion side down near the edge of the board at the top of the stack. Hold it in place and throw the end of the strap over to the other side of the vehicle. In strong winds simply walk the strap around to the other side.


Ensure that the strap lays flat. Loop the end of the strap under the crossbar and throw it back over to the side where you started.


Loop the strap under the crossbar and feed the end through the bottom of the buckle while depressing the lever. Pull downward lightly with the lever pressed to remove any slack. Then release the lever and pull downward harder to create a strong hold.


Tie off the remaining webbing to keep it tidy and secure. Repeat the process for the other strap

Important Information

  • ENSURE the straps are completely secure and loose ends tied before taking off.
  • CHECK straps and your cargo periodically to ensure no shifting due to strong headwinds or contact with trees or overhead obstacles.
  • DO NOT use the strap if the buckle mechanism shows wear or disfigurement. ERS offers a lifetime replacement guarantee on our tie down straps simply contact us for a replacement. If the tail end becomes frayed or difficult to fit through the loop simply cut it and singe the end with a lighter to harden it - or a small amount of glue will also work.
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