How To Roll or Fold Your Inflatable SUP Board

One of the great advantages of ERS paddle boards is how they fold up compactly for transport in the convenient and rugged ERS Rolling Backpack. In this guide, we describe and demonstrate several techniques for rolling/folding your board and packing it in the ERS Rolling Backpack. The technique you choose will depend on the board, its fin system, and your specific travel or storage scenario.

For 2021/22/23 ERS boards we have an updated recommended folding technique that deflates the board without requiring the deflate function on the pump.

For 2021/22/23 ERS owners please see the updated instruction manual included with your boards.


Rolling | Folding from the tail is generally the best method of securing your SUP board for storage and transportation since fin boxes and fins will be inside the board. It is critical that all the air is removed since the valve can not be accessed once the roll is started. For short distances or as a matter of personal preference you can roll | fold from the nose but particular attention needs to be paid to not bending or putting pressure on the fin boxes by rolling too tightly or at bad angles. For permanent fixed fin models this is less of an issue it just makes the board a little less practical to fit in your SUP bag and transport.

The most important thing is to never allow a rolled | folded board to stand end to end on a hard surface such as concrete. The PVC fabric folds into sharp corners that can be damaged by friction so it is critical to avoid. The reverse roll is a GREAT technique to remove all the air if you do not have access to your ERS Dual Action or 12VDC Pump. Simply you roll the board from the nose toward the tail pushing the remaining air out as you go with your body weight. Once you reach the tail you unroll the board flat and proceed with the roll | fold as detailed in these instructions.

Securing your paddleboard for storage and transport will be highly dependent on your intended destination. If you are just heading for a quick paddle or changing locations you can quickly roll the board and transport without the ERS Rolling Backpack, or make use of the ERS Car Tie Down Straps and rack it. If storing for a long time it is very important to clean and dry the board prior to prevent water spots or mold forming in certain climates.


This is the key to storing and transporting your inflatable SUP. Use of your Pump deflate mechanism works best but the reverse roll will also work. Removing all the air will result in a much easier procedure.


Place any gear around the colored number band graphic. It may require a little shifting as you begin depending on the board/fin set up but this is a good starting point.


Placing the strap beforehand makes securing it later much easier and avoids standing the board on its side. Lift the nose a ensure the tail end is placed underneath the board so it will be easy to grab.


Roll/Fold usually between the fin boxes, but this can be varied a little depending on the board. There is no need to proceed with excessive tightness and you should never put pressure or strain on the fin box.


If your board has fixed fins then secure the cushions as you roll. This will prevent them from gathering dirt that could end up on the deck pad.


When the board is rolled gather both ends of the retention strap and secure and then tighten. If done correctly you should be able to fit it in the rolling backpack without force.


Lay flat into the ERS rolling backpack and then stand the backpack up to finish.


Secure all straps tightly and secure any excess strapping. Depending on how far or the means by which you intend to transport the board the

Important Information

  • DO NOT stand a rolled or folded board up on its end unless it is stored in it's backpack. The folded edges and corners are extremely vulnerable to abrasion from rough surfaces.
  • DO NOT put pressure or bend fin boxes when rolling | folding your board.
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