How To Clean And Care For Your ERS Inflatable SUP

USE THESE methods TO REMOVE dirt and marks

Inflatable paddle boards are like any other high end performance equipment – they will last longer and look better if kept clean, and a consistent routine should be an inherent part of ownership. This guide will show you some of the easiest and most effective methods of keeping your SUP looking its best.


Most of the time cleaning of your SUP can be done with a simple garden hose - and - periodically cleaned with a solution of mild soapy water. To get rid of stubborn marks a variety of techniques can be employed and different marks will respond to different cleaning options. It is important to realize that stand up paddle boarding is an outdoor activity and dirt, mud, sand, and nature are all part of the experience. However, cleaning your board after each session with a quick spray down will enhance its life and keep and enhance its condition for the next time you are out.


Cleaning the underside of the board first is the best course of action as it is less likely to attract further dirt when cleaning the deck pad side. An inflated board is easier to clean but not completely necessary.


This will clean most of the board in quick fashion. Simply use the hose to spray water across the board and the rail sections.


Repeat the process on the deck pad side and use a soft scrubbing brush on any areas that have any residue from your paddling session.


Leaving the board in the sun for 10-20 minutes will usually dry it completely. In very hot weather do not leave it in direct sunlight rather leave it in the shade. Use a soft towel to wipe down the underside of the board to dry.


Mix a solution of dishwashing soap and warm water occasionally and give the board a scrub with a very soft-bristled brush. In some environments, the frequency of a full cleaning is more necessary than in others. Remember to rinse with clean water thoroughly.


Non-abrasive PVC cleaning products such as mold remover, magic erasers, and baking soda can be used to clean the PVC - DO NOT use these on the deck pad or areas with graphics. For the deck pad, use soap and water and the scrubbing brush (or a toothbrush) - and a towel can be used to clean stubborn marks.

UV Light Exposure

If marks don't completely come out they will fade over time with exposure to the sun and UV light. DO NOT cause abrasions on the surface of the PVC or deck pad. Tree sap can be particularly hard to completely remove if it has been left on the board for a long time.


Even though the board will appear dry it is a good idea to pack with moisture-absorbing dry packs if you're intending to put your board away for the colder months. These will ensure all the remaining water gets drawn out and your board is ready to go when the warmer weather returns.


DO NOT use abrasive cleaners in general as they can wear away at the deck pad and PVC

DO NOT scrub or clean over board graphics with any type of cleaner. There is potential for damage to your board finish / graphics / logos. On these areas use water only and never anything abrasive.

DO NOT stand a rolled or folded board up on its end when positioning to clean. The folded edges of an inflatable paddle board are vulnerable to damage if dragged. Form a habit of always placing the board in its flat orientation.