How To Assemble a SUP Paddle

ERS SUP paddles are designed for easy adjustability for a range of user heights and are also available in 3 piece models that break down for air travel. Setting up a SUP paddle is easy, but you’ll need to know some basic instructions for the first time you use it. We created this quick startup guide to show you how the parts fit together, how to adjust the components for optimal performance, and how to set the paddle length for your height.


Earth River SUP paddles are designed to compliment the performance of our boards and come in a range of configurations. When you are paddling, the blade face with the brightly colored graphic should face FORWARD for the paddle to be in the correct orientation. Avoid contact with rocks or other hard surfaces, as this could damage the paddle, especially in situations where a paddler's body weight is leveraged.


Lock the middle piece (3-piece variants only) into place and secure with the latch. Secure the handle shaft (2-piece and 3-piece variants) in a similar manner by aligning with the track and then securing the latch.


On first use, tighten the screws on the latch assemblies just enough so that when the latch is closed there is no movement at the joint (for 3-piece paddles) and at the telescoping shaft (for 2-piece and 3-piece paddles). Use the minimum amount of screw tightness to prevent movement, but do not overtighten.


ERS paddles have an adjusting scale on the shaft which is keyed to user height. The markings on the shaft correspond to the suggested initial setting for the user's height, ranging from 5' to 6'6". From there, you can adjust the length to suit your arm reach or paddling style.


Remember to rinse and dry the parts of your paddle after a paddling session and remove any water than may have gotten into the shaft. Following this routine will keep your paddle at peak performance for many years.

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