How-To Guides and Video

This section of our site contains guides, instructional articles, and videos to help you get started with, and get the most out of the best inflatable paddle board and SUP accessories on the market. Here you’ll find information on how to use our various inflation solutions, how to prepare your board for travel, methods of cleaning your inflatable SUP, and usage instructions for ERS accessories.


How To Use the ERS 12VDC Pump and ERS GO >

A detailed guide  from inflation to deflation of the best inflatable SUP pump solution on the market. Portable inflation that allows you to inflate anywhere


How To Use the ERS Dual Action SUP Pump >

The ERS Dual Action Pump inflates fast - here is the correct way to use it.


How To Roll | Fold Your SUP Board >

The correct methods to prepare your SUP board for storage and travel. Follow the correct techniques with the complete guide and video.


How To Fit the ERS Lake River Coast Fin Pack >

Paddle anywhere! We show you how to fit fins on your ERS SKYLAKE BLUE or V3 SUP with this detailed guide and video


How To Assemble a SUP Paddle>

A quick guide on how to assemble and adjust your ERS performance paddle.


How To Fit a SUP Leash >

The guide on connecting your leash correctly. We run through the different types of leash and show exactly how to secure it to your board and yourself.


How To Use the ERS Tie Down Straps >

A full guide with video on using the Earth River SUP tie down straps. Switch paddling spots without deflating your board and keep ups to 2-3 SUP boards, surfboards, kayaks and canoes secure with our market leading straps.


How To Use the ERS Dry Bag >

Keep it dry - follow this guide to packing and using your ERS Dry Bag. An invaluable tool on the water we show you why the ERS dry bag design is the best and most practical solution.


How To Clean and Care for Your Inflatable SUP >

The correct way to clean and care for your inflatable SUP boards. Keeping your board in great shape for your paddling sessions is easy with a little attention and care.

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