Why Ride Earth River SUP?

ERS | Better Design - Better Materials - Better Construction. Earth River SUP manufactures the best inflatable stand up paddle boards, paddles, and accessories on the water.  Our products are designed to perform in every environment, be hard-wearing and keep you paddling longer and more frequently.

Paddle Anywhere

Lake - River - Coast is the core of the ERS design ethos and we adopt a 365-on water approach to our core product design. 

Every session is an opportunity to experience and learn and riders run coast to coast in the USA as well as hitting spots in Brazil, Cuba, Thailand, Indonesia, UAE, Portugal, Belize, France, Belgium, UK, Germany, and even as far as Australia.

Every board has core design features that allow it to be used everywhere, even if geared for a more specialty application.

Our Track Record

ERS was established in 2012, just as inflatable SUP boards started become a realistic alternative to their hardboard counterparts. Before this, the technology wasn't ready despite some companies pushing them to market.

We pushed distinct advantages in using them for SUP teaching schools and focused on developing our products for B2B applications.  In SUP teaching schools our boards get used every day and are put through grueling amounts of use, requiring different standards of performance and longevity which we incorporate into all out products.

Design + Materials

Our design team is led by an MIT Engineering graduate, an ACA Level IV Instructor, and a leading commercial / industrial designer who are all paddlers.

When we design boards, we seek out the best materials from our custom shapes to the highest grade deck pads. We are dedicated to making the absolute finest SUP boards on the market and are specific about the exact component we use on every part of the board. ERS is constantly innovating and improving processes to make products that enhance the paddling experience.

Inflatable Specialists

We only make inflatable paddle boards which means we don't have to adapt a hardboard design - and cut corners in doing so.

Our inflatables are not a secondary product line like many SUP and surfing companies. We specialize in inflatable design at the core of our business and have been at the forefront of SUP design for many years. ERS brings knowledge to our inflatable designs that you can only achieve by being laser-focused on inflatable technology.

The Instructors Choice

Stand up paddle boarding is still in its relative infancy but associations like the American Canoe Association (ACA) have a qualification framework for teaching.

We have a strong network of paddling instructors and we require our resellers and partners to have active certifications and be involved in the paddling community.

Wide Range and Uses

SUP should be FUN so we offer several different shape boards to find your perfect ride.

Our ERS TECH uses proprietary X7, X9 and X11 constructions to tune performance, carrying weight and keep you on the water for longer.  ERS designs have practical differences but each has earned a place in our lineup after rigorous experimentation and testing.

Greg Paddling SUP out on a windy day

We Use Competitors Boards

We are fanatical about inflatable SUP so we are always comparing what we do to our competition. When we tell you that RIDE AT A DIFFERENT LEVEL - we mean it.

By comparing ourselves to others in the industry we can make sure we are always ahead of the curve when it comes to SUP manufacturing.  ERS designs are the gold standard in inflatable technology and we are consistently developing new features and techniques to push ERS as the performance SUP brand for beginners, enthusiasts and professionals.

Better SUP Gear

All our boards come with a quality rolling backpack that makes getting to more challenging environments easier.  We include the most efficient Dual Action COMPACT SUP Pump and offer a choice of elite full carbon or hybrid paddles to compliment your SUP.

We developed the best and most reliable electric pump / modular system in the industry and our other accessories such as dry gear, straps, gauges and anchors are first-class designs. #designedbyapaddler.

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