Surfing wearing a SUP leash in rough water

Why Ride Earth River SUP?

Because We Make The Best SUP Gear

Earth River SUP manufactures the best inflatable stand up paddle boards, paddles, and accessories on the water. Our products are designed to perform great, be hard wearing, and keep you paddling longer and more frequently. We ride with you to your perfect spot and here are a few reasons why:


Lake - River - Coast is the core of the ERS design ethos. From the hot summer sun to fridgid lakes our boards will perform and do so with unmatched reliability.

Our riders run coast to coast USA as well as hitting spots in Brazil, Cuba, Thailand, Indonesia, UAE, Portugal, Belize, France, Belgium, UK, Germany and even as far as Australia! We design all our boards to be fun! and to be used in all water environments. Every board has the design features that allow it to be used everywhere even if it is designed for a more specialty application. If you find water above a foot in height,  rest assured with our stand up paddle boards you can paddle it.


ERS was established in 2012, just as inflatable SUP boards started become a realistic alternative to their hardboard counterparts. Before this the technology wasn't ready despite some companies pushing them to market.

We saw distinct advantages in using them for SUP teaching schools  and focused developing our products for that environment. In SUP teaching schools our boards get used every day - in temperate extremes - and are put through grueling amounts of use.  We design them to excel in performance and to keep you paddling no matter what.


Our design team is led by an MIT Engineering graduate, an ACA Level IV Instructor and a leading commercial / industrial designer who are all paddlers.

When we design boards, we seek out the best materials from our custom shapes to the highest grade deck pads. We are passionate about making the absolute finest SUP boards on the market and are specific about the exact component we use on every part of the board. ERS is constantly innovating and improving processes to make products than enhance the paddling experience.


We only make inflatble paddle boards which means we don't have to adapt a hard board design - and cut corners in doing so.

Our inflatables are not a secondary product line like many of the major SUP / surfing companies. We specialize in inflatable design at the core of our business and have been at the forefront of industry wide design for many years. ERS brings knowledge to our inflatable designs that you  cannot achieve unless you are laser focused on inflatable technology.


Stand up paddle boarding is still in its relatively infancy but associations like the American Canoe Association (ACA) have a qualification framework for teaching.

We have a strong network of paddling instructors and in fact we require our resellers and partners to have active certifications and be involved in the paddling community. Even if you have some experience as a paddler, we recommend taking a lesson being one of the first things you do each summer - you can always learn something.


SUP should be FUN so we offer several different shaped boards to find your perfect ride.

In 2020 we use two alternate core composition technologies. Our ERS Tech DUAL uses II-9 technology to create incredible stability and keep you on the water for longer. SKYLAKE boards use Fused Laminate to provide lightness, but not sacrifice performance. ERS designs have practical differences but each have earned a place in our lineup after rigorous experimentation and testing. If it's designed by us, it's used by us, and we are our harshest critic. We love what we do, and if you choose to ride with us we guarantee you will too!


We are fanatical about inflatable SUP so we are always comparing what we do to our competition. When we tell you that RIDE AT A DIFFERENT LEVEL - we mean it.

By comparing ourselves to others we can make sure we are always ahead of the curve when it comes to inflatable SUP design. Our designs are ahead of the pack, and we are constantly developing new features that actually work and are not just gimmicky add ons. Any board feature has to make it through our intense testing AND teaching schools for an entire season before we consider releasing it to a wider audience. We will also recommend you a specific competitors board we like, if we feel one of ours won't meet your specific needs.


All our boards come with a GREAT rolling backpack that makes getting to more challenging environments just that little bit easier.  If you've got a flat environment, roll the ERS backpack as close to waterline as you can get it. Picking it up is as easy as throwing it over your shoulder and for an extended trek, fix it to your back and use the strap across the front for added stability. We even include an oversize pocket for accessories, and it will fit your paddle + pump also.

We should also mention we developed the BEST electric pump in the business and our other accessories are first class designs, all #designedbyapaddler.