Earth River SUP - DUAL


The Earth River SUP DUAL (formerly V3) series represents a no-compromise approach to building a board for optimal performance in demanding conditions. Board features are designed toward the needs of more advanced paddlers in challenging environments while maintaining the characteristics of an all-around board that everyone will enjoy for leisure paddling. DUAL boards are constructed with additional material layering to achieve a level of ruggedness and stiffness that enhances activities such as surfing, river running, and expedition touring while keeping the overall board weight at a level that makes the board easy to carry while still having enough heft to maintain momentum in moving water situations.


DUAL boards start with an internal core of PVC-coated high thread count drop stitch material that is bonded to an additional sheet of PVC-coated fabric. The resulting overall layup consists of two distinct layers of coated fabric which are bonded with adhesive at high pressure and temperature to function as a single multi-layer outer shell.  Like our SKYLAKE boards, the edges of the DUAL board are joined with two rail bands made of PVC coated fabric, with a stiffening strip made of a high tensile strength proprietary weave sandwiched between the layers to enhance board stiffness.  Edge integrity is further increased by folding over the edges of the drop stitch top and bottom fabric to minimize the space that is bridged by the rail bands.


Enhanced Dynamic Rail (EDR™)

The next generation in advanced rail technology. The Enhanced Dynamic Rail (EDR™) is built right into every Earth River SUP DUAL board! There are no unwieldily rail rods to fit and carry each session, no extra weight from ineffective PVC layering or ineffective ‘carbon’ layered rail tape. The EDR is designed to enhance the ERS experience in active or moving water environments such as surf, rapids, or rougher water to give you a better paddling experience.  Riders will apply force at a multiplier of their body weight when leveraging turns or making adjustments in rough water and the Enhanced Dynamic Rail provides resistance when you need it - without affecting the glide of the board on flat water or carrying weight when you are off it.


Shape & Thickness

ERS DUAL boards are shaped to combine specific performance needs with all-around versatility. There are no single-purpose boards in the line, as each board is designed to bridge multiple uses, ranging from whitewater to surfing to flatwater, yoga, and fishing.  Thickness is carefully calibrated to the overall board shape and purpose, utilizing 6” thickness on specific boards which benefit from added volume and leverage but employing 5” thickness when it works with the outline of the board to enhance stability and balance.


Deck Pad & Handle

The ERS DUAL deck pad has a diamond groove pattern which provides optimal grip while channeling water off the top of the board. It uses the highest density EVA foam, which improves comfort and cushioning while making the pad more durable than typical deck pads. The tail section has a raised foot bar which provides tactile feedback of foot positions and a raised back to keep the foot from sliding back when doing maneuvers that involve applying pressure to the tail of the board.   The handle is designed to conveniently lay flat when not in use and has a removable neoprene grip wrap for carrying comfort. Removing the grip provides a flat surface in the center of the board for lying down for yoga or stretching and keeps the surface free of obstacles for surfing.


Fin System

Earth River SUP DUAL boards are equipped with the ERS Lake-River-Coast fin system that consists of three fin boxes that accept a variety of removable fins made to US and FCS surfboard fin connection standards. This setup allows the user to configure the board for different uses and environments. A long center fin may be used for deep ocean or lake paddling when no obstacles are expected or can be swapped out for a shorter fin for shallow water or rocky venues. The board can also be used with or without side fins, depending on the desired performance characteristics for the particular use. In all, the ERS DUAL boards come with 8 fins - center fins in 4 sizes and 2 pairs of side fins - allowing you to tune your board’s performance for specific conditions and uses and find the fin setups that feel best to you.



ERS DUAL boards include a host of hardware component upgrades, including stainless steel D-ring for leash and cargo bungee attachment and a genuine Halkey-Roberts inflation valve for reliable inflation and air seal.  This is an area where other brands try to shave costs by using lower quality components. Earth River SUP has a simple approach to component selection - We always use the best available component for every purpose, regardless of its impact on manufacturing cost.


ERS Compact Pump

ERS DUAL boards come with a dual-action manual pump, which is designed and tested to provide the most efficient inflation performance in the most compact form factor. The internal valve configuration allows the single cylinder to deliver air on both the downstroke and upstroke, resulting in almost doubling the speed of inflation. The dual action is selectable and can be disabled when the board reaches pressures that make it easier to finish inflation in single-action mode. Other boards solve the same problem with a huge double-barreled pump, but we have found that the extra weight and bulk of a two-barrel solution does not significantly speed inflation when compared with the more elegant and compact single barrel dual action pump provided with ERS boards.



All Earth River SUP boards come with the ERS Rolling Backpack, which is made of ultra-durable 1600 denier canvas and is sized to fit the board, pump, paddle, and accessories while leaving room for personal belongings. The bag is equipped with a convertible backpack strap system, two internal straps, 4 external cinch straps, three inside mesh pockets, generously padded handles, and smooth-rolling wheels.



ERS DUAL boards combine rugged multi-layer construction, versatile design, upgraded materials and components, a highly configurable fin system, and the best available pump and travel bag to provide elite level performance boards for specific uses combined with all-around recreational paddling. Designed for the serious paddling enthusiast and professional SUP paddlers the DUAL is the most enhanced combination of features and performance available in an inflatable SUP on the market.