ERS Board Features

Better Quality - Better Design

Every Earth River SUP paddle board has several core features that make our SUPs distinct and separate us from the competition. Below are some of the enhancements that let our boards take you from beginner to expert - and have an amazing experience along the way.


An edge-raised footpad assists with surfing and whitewater maneuvers by adding leverage and providing tactile feedback of foot position.

Why stick to the middle of the board when there is so much fun to be had exploring its capabilities? Pivot turns and tail drops are part of our everyday vocabulary, and once you've tried them on our boards they will be part of your skillset. #designedbyasurfer


Our DUAL and SKYLAKE boards feature a diamond 'Ultra Grip' deck pad that ensures stable footing even in the most rugged conditions - up to class IV rapids - and provides stability and confidence for paddlers.  

The deck pad density is what separates ERS pads from the competition. Stronger and more resilient EVA that will last and never wear through.


So what IS rocker and what does it do? Rocker is the upward curve at the nose of the board. It is a surfing innovation that is designed to prevent the nose of the board from digging into the water as it drops into a wave.

On a SUP board, more rocker allows the board to be used in rougher conditions than boards with a flatter profile. In conditions such as rapids or chop, the rocker helps channel the water, allowing the rider a smoother more balanced ride. Even on flat water, enhanced rocker can assist with pulling the nose out of the water – basically, it adds to the fun which is why a carefully designed rocker line is in all our designs.


We offer custom fin set ups on our DUAL / SKYLAKE BLUE boards to allow rider to tune their ride perfectly.  We’ve put a US standard fin box in the center and click fins on the side, toed in for optimal performance. Riders can fit fins to their preference and get the board performing to their liking.

Our SKYLAKE GREEN boards continue with our unbreakable fixed fin setups to provide consistent performance. When we say unbreakable we mean it! We have yet to see one of our fixed fins bite the dust and we’ve used these boards everywhere all over the world. Our fins are set in the optimal configurations to enhance your riding experience.


We build our boards to last and that includes the graphics.

In the final stage of production, we apply a very expensive UV coating layer over the PVC to ensure the colorfastness for a much longer time. We want riders to be able to keep their SUP looking as good as the day they got it throughout its lifetime so we feel this extra step in our process is important.
Don’t be surprised if others out on the water don’t believe it’s an inflatable at first sight – it happens to us all the time.


It's the little things - and attention to detail is something we are passionate about.  We put d-rings at the front and back of the boards to aid with towing, leash connection, GoPro security and other common needs. We use the finest hardware available with an unmatched pull strength

Our bungees are set up to be useful, unobtrusive, and long-lasting. We even designed our neoprene handle grip to be easily removed in case you want a flatter handle for yoga, surfing, or other pursuits.


Some other companies skimp on their valve construction to save a few bucks, but not Earth River SUP.  We use the best quality Halkey-Roberts design and each valve is double tested before it makes its way onto an ERS board. Our valves and pumps lock seamlessly together for easy inflation and get you on the water quicker and faster.

Our boards feature our custom valve cover design with a key message – “PADDLE SAFELY – ALWAYS WEAR A LIFE JACKET” – We think it’s important that safety should be something you’re always reminded of before every paddling session.


Designing a lightweight board that stays rigid IS a challenge, but the payoff is amazing.  Sure, we have seen the competition selling boards weighing 30+ lbs with added stringers and rail stiffeners. We use these boards ourselves and realize that carrying an extremely heavy board is not worth the small benefit you might get under certain conditions from excessively heavy stiffening add-ons.

Having a board that performs amazingly but makes you WANT to take it out and paddle – that’s the game we are in, and we think we have the perfect balance that keeps paddle boarding fun.