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About Us


Earth River SUP is the product of a core of enthusiastic and dedicated paddlers on the Potomac River DC / Maryland, and Mid Atlantic coast, coming together as a collective to develop the kind of stand up paddleboarding equipment they would want to use themselves. We are proud to be part of a community that values the environment, and dedicates ourselves to enjoying the beautiful waterways and coastlines on our amazing planet.


Our Design Team

The ERS Design Team includes:

An ACA Level 4 SUP Instructor who founded one of the first SUP instruction programs in DC / Maryland
– An MIT trained engineer with background in hydrodynamics and manufacturing technology.
– A commercial designer who has worked with several industry organizations in product design and manufacturing.
– Associated outfitters and paddling schools who advise and serve as a test bed for new products, and are an integral part of our design process.
Our dedicated ERS Riders who provided insight and feedback on prototype and concept designs.

Our History

Since 2012, Earth River SUP has been introducing new paddle board shapes and influencing industry trends. ERS was the first to develop an 11’x34” inflatable SUP,  a shape concept that has been adopted since by almost every brand of inflatable SUP and is often regarded as the ‘perfect’ shape for on water stability. Likewise, our innovations in inflatable board construction, deck pad enhancements, fin setups, and convenience features have helped lead the way to making inflatable paddle boards a leading category with widely recognized advantages over non-deflatable boards.

We started our business in the Mid Atlantic area, because no company was making the product we wanted to use, with the reliability and performance we required. Word spread, and we had paddle boarding schools form around the nation contact us for better solution to their needs. In 2015 we felt it was time to offer a few boards to the public and the response was incredible. Riders immediately saw the advantages in our product and realized – we really do make better paddle boards!

Our Ethos

Everything we do revolves around three core concepts – quality, value, and integrity.

We love stand up paddle boarding and we want every ERS rider to have the same life-changing experience we get when stepping onto the water with great equipment: with the excitement, tranquility, and fitness opportunities that stand up paddling has to offer. We build everything with the best materials and components available, use only ethical and reliable manufacturing partners – and have policies that stand behind our products.

The ERS Difference

By breaking from the traditional retail business model, we are able to put more features and quality into our boards. We don’t have to cut out costs and thus critical production methods to make room for the distributor markups that are built into the prices of other stand up paddle board manufacturers.

Our boards represent the most technologically advanced inflatables on the market. When other manufacturers are cutting corners and inflating their prices for retail markups or greasing the wheels for placed publication reviews and paid for advertorials, we are on the water plying our trade and in the workshop creating cutting edge shapes and designs. No compromises or tradeoffs, we just do what it takes to make a better product and employ a process of continual improvement to stay ahead of the other brands.

Our Community

Earth River SUP products cannot be found in big box stores or general merchandise retailers, as we continue to stick with our community based business model and partner with local outfitters and instructors to get the ultimate quality SUP equipment – into the hands of enthusiasts and out on the water. In fact, we have even on occasion sold out of a product before we have even been able to release it, such is the strength and glue of our paddling network.

We consider everyone involved with ERS as ‘part of the company’ and our internal structure has done away with corporate titles and structure – we simply ask ourselves one question at every turn “how do we make this a better experience for our riders?”

To learn more about our growing community of SUP enthusiasts visit us on Facebook and get involved!


Earth River SUP
Earth River SUP4 days ago
There is a lot of panic right now and many are facing personal challenges, including those close to us. Keep talking to the people around you. If you feel you are doing OK then make a point of listening more than you usually might. Make a point of letting people know they matter. Isolation from friends and family can be very tough in times of uncertainty and a text, email, or phone call might really make someones day. We will keep doing what we do. ERS has been built for the long term, and we are proceeding with our 2020 plan and are positive about the opportunities ahead. When you are ready to paddle we would love to hear from you. #lakerivercoast
Earth River SUP
Earth River SUP1 week ago
We are working on as usual and planning for the warmer weather and season ahead. The current situation is a very difficult challenge, but challenges can be overcome. Being positive and looking forward to getting on the water soon.
Earth River SUP
Earth River SUP is at Loxahatchee River.2 weeks ago
Local Juno Beach surfer Gary Lamb can paddle a sup like a Lion! #ersFloridaRoadTrip
Earth River SUP
Earth River SUP is at Coral Cove Park - South End - Jupiter Island.3 weeks ago
Photos from Earth River SUP's post
Coral Cove Park - South End - Jupiter Island
Florida! No words needed!
Earth River SUP
Earth River SUP3 weeks ago
Delayed post since we were out today paddling with one of the amazing women of our team but and big thank you on International Women's Day to our Riders Cole Reintsma, Natasha Niklas Romano, Melanie Webb, Gabrielle Rovegno, Michelle Holly, Kelli E, Martina Oertling, Alisa Schaefer, Kristy D'Aguir, Christy Tosatto because you all are beyond awesome.
Earth River SUP
Earth River SUP4 weeks ago
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