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Brand and Product Info

In this section of the site we discuss information specific to Earth River SUP products and our brand. We detail information about ERS - materials, features, and construction of our SUP boards - and look into the SKYLAKE and DUAL series boards in more detail.


About Us >

An article about the ERS Design Team - our history - and our brand ethos. Since 2012 we have been involved in commercial inflatable SUP manufacturing and have been at the forefront ever since.
Walking along a beach with a DECK board

Why Ride Earth River SUP? >

The reasons why you should be riding ERS. If you are serious about finding the best SUP board, take a look at a few reasons to align with the best in the industry.


Board Sizing and Uses >

An overview of ERS board series and shapes. A quick look at the different series available from Earth River SUP.

ERS Core Construction

ERS Material Construction>

The ins and out of SKYLAKE and DUAL Earth River SUP board material construction. We break down our core technologies in easy to understand language.

Paddling on a Lake with the ERS 12-6 DUAL SUP board

ERS Board Details and Design >

The advanced features that keep ERS riding at a different level. From kick pads to removable neoprene wraps here is a look at what makes an Earth River SUP unique.

ERS Fin setup

Fin Configuration Options >

A basic overview on 'Thruster' and '2+1' fin setups.The ERS Lake River Coast™ ethos lets you ride how you choose but knowledge of the basics is great to attain.


ERS SKYLAKE Board Features and Information >

The Earth River SUP SKYLAKE boards, explained in more detail. Ultragrip deck pads, enhanced dynamic rail, kick pads, and a choice of fins systems - The SKYLAKE series boards provide an option for everyone.  Find your ride.
ERS Dual SUP side rail

ERS DUAL Board Features and Information >

Earth River SUP DUAL boards, explained in more detail. The ERS enthusiast/pro series SUP boards are a market leader in innovation and performance. No-compromise construction and details make the DUAL series the ultimate in inflatable design.