ERS Inflatable SUP Pressure Gauge

Inflatable SUPs depend on accurate pressure to perform at their best - so we have a quick and easy solution to check any board's PSI in just seconds. The Earth River SUP pressure gauge requires just a push and a twist on any board with a standard Halkey-Roberts inflation valve and you can take a pressure reading, instantly.

It's fast and simple - but it also provides valuable PSI information, and it does it without any air loss. No pump or hose are required to get a measurement - it attaches directly to the SUP valve with a downward push and one ninety degree turn. It's an essential piece of kit for any inflatable SUP owner, that will fit in a bag pocket, and provide you with instant PSI readings.


Our Pressure Gauge will accuratley read up to 10-30 PSI and will let you know instantly the pressure inside of your inflatable. Very handy to reference your pump valve or check pressure if you keep your board inflated.


A water environment demands traction - so our gauge features an easy to hold rubber grip all the way around. It will also cushion against drops and can be thrown in your bag without worry.


It's tiny, and can be operated with one hand. Simply push the valve down, turn it to the right, and you will have an instant pressure reading - with no air loss!


Our valve can be used on all our boards as well as boards from other manufacturers. Any inflatable with a Halkey-Roberts valve can be checked with our pressure gauge. It will NOT work on inflatable boats.


We stamped it with our name because we are proud to call it an Earth River SUP product. We engineered the internals to our exact specification and ensured it meets our standards.


We designed the Earth River SUP pressure gauge to be quick and easy. It saves you the hassle of hooking up a pump to check pressure and a spot check of PSI can be done in seconds.