ERS COMPACT Dual Action SUP Pump | Better Performance - Compact Size

Inflate an ERS SUPs to 15PSI within 5-10 minutes. Inflatable SUPs need to be inflated - it's one of those inevitable facts. It shouldn't be something that stops you from heading out for a paddle. For some generalized tips on inflation see this article or follow this guide for full instructions on using the ERS Dual Action Pump.

The ERS Dual Action Compact Manual Pump makes the most of the kinetic energy of the inflation process by utilizing the upstroke. It equals the performance of large double chamber pumps but is much easier to carry and store. It’s included with all our board packages or can be purchased separately from authorized resellers.  Designed with connections that lock and stay put, it's a great way to get your board pumped when you don't have access to our 12V DC solution.


Dual Action pumping means inflation occurs both on the upstroke AND on the downstroke. Less effort = more board time and ensures you haven’t blown your arms out prior to your session.


An accurate inline gauge takes measurements up to 30PSI. As you pump, the needle will rise to indicate the board’s PSI. Use our custom pressure gauge for spot checks if you keep your boards inflated.


A custom countoured handle grip ensures slip free performance even when wet and a tactile feel makes pumping just that little bit more comfortable.


Our hose is just the right length and won’t kink, strip, or break, even in the harshest of weather conditions. It ensures the maximum amount of air is reaching your board with every pumping motion.


An Earth River SUP designed pump locking connection ensures the hose cannot be overtightened and lose pressure due to it being stripped and threaded.

Switch Action

Pump with the selector plus inserted for dual action inflations up to 10PSI, flip the switch and pump only on the down stroke for fast and easy inflation.


A single twist is all that is needed to get your pump hooked up. The hose end is a standard Halkey-Roberts fitting which connects tightly to the valve with a simple twist – an disconnects quickly with no air loss.


We include one of our Dual Action Pumps with every board purchase and offer a 12V DC Pump option (sold separately) for those who want to kick back and leave inflation to the machine.