ERS 8LB SUP Anchor

Mushroom anchors attach securely to your boards D-Rings to provide a solid, stable SUP platforms for pursuits such as Yoga and SUP Fishing. The non slip PVC surface rests comfortably on your board as you paddle to your perfect spot - catch that huge fish or discover new poses that you have been working on. Perhaps you want to do both at the same time - then this is the anchor that will keep you in perfect position.

Zen Weighing In At 8lbs

Our team used anchors ranging from 6-12lbs over the course of an entire season and came to the conclusion that the 8LB weight was the perfect balance between carrying weight, and keeping still on the water. ERS use the highest quality components in our mushroom anchor construction to ensure durability and long life.  Our quality SUP anchor can be used for any SUP pursuit that requires your paddle board to be still and stable.

Earth River SUP Yoga Anchor


Mushroom anchors are perfect you SUP yoga - SUP fishing - or just keeping your SUP in one spot while you read a book. Designed for heavy duty uses, engineered for reliable performance.


PVC coating works well on sandy bottoms, rivers, and lakes and protects the anchor from scratching up. Its also nice to handle and won't damage your board / paint from contact.


Allows a greater variety of location depths with 15 feet of accessible rope. Quality waterproof nylon rope is used in our anchor construction ensuring long life and trouble free use.


An 8LB anchor is the ideal weight as it easy to carry on your board to your spot without affecting balance. New spot? Uncertain depth? No problem, 8lbs cannot sink your board if you have underestimated depth.


Yellow to match our SUP pumps, but also very easy to see contrasted against any type / color of water. The float point is adjustable so you will always be able to anchor securely and safely.


Designed specifically for SUP boards, we added a stainless steel carabiner that makes it as easy as clipping it to your board's d-ring. It is just as easy to disconnect and provides a secure contact point.