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ERS doesn't just produce the best inflatable stand up paddle boards on the market - we also manufacture class-leading SUP paddles and accessories. We have a comprehensive paddle range that has options to suit everyone and is manufactured with our LAKE RIVER COAST™ design philosophy. The paddle line includes one, two, and three-piece options featuring enhanced blade shapes coupled with renowned Earth River SUP performance. From the weekend warrior to the enthusiast or professional, we have a SUP paddle that will elevate your ride.
ERS SUP gear and accessories are not an afterthought.  We put the same intensity and focus into designing SUP gear as we do with our boards. Our ERS 12VDC Pump + ERS GO™ was the first truly portable modular SUP inflation system to hit the market, and our straps, dry bags, and leashes have been favorites of paddlers ever since their inception. The LAKE RIVER COAST™  permanent unbreakable - or fully configurable fin systems round out our ERS performance board shapes, giving you a board that is equipped to perform in any water.

ERS 12VDC Electric Pump >

The SUP inflation system that runs from any vehicle 12VDC socket and takes the effort out of inflation. The new BLUE was redesigned in 2018 to work with the ERS GO™ and mini-GO™. Together, they are the perfect inflatable SUP companion.

ERS Go Power

ERS GO Portable Power >

The ERS GO™ is the multi board inflation power option for the ERS 12VDC Electric Pump.  Roll right up to the water and inflate multiple boards within meters of your launching spot. The biggest change to your paddling routine you will ever make.

ERS mini-GO Portable Power >

The ERS mini-GO™ is the ultimate single board solution to pair with our 12VDC Pump. It's ideal for the paddler the ultimate inflation paddling companion and part of our stress-free inflation eco-system.

Carbon 85 ERS

ERS Carbon 85 SUP Paddle >

An ultralight and incredibly rigid paddle featuring a full carbon blade, shaft and contoured handle. Less weight and faster stroke cadence make it a great choice for most paddlers.


ERS Carbon 95 SUP Paddle >

The classic ERS 95 blade is a true multi-use do-anything, go-anywhere premium SUP paddle. Featuring a full carbon blade, shaft and contoured handle, it's the ultimate upgrade everyone should have in their SUP kit


ERS Hybrid 85 SUP Paddle >

We've combined a strong, hybrid carbon shaft and handle with a lighter, more flexible version of our NRF blade. The result is a super lightweight paddle that is equally at home during a casual paddle as it is in high-performance situations.

ERS Deck Bag

ERS Ultimate Deck Bag

The one bag solution to everything you need for a day on the water. Deck Bag and Dry Bag in one, the ERS Ultimate Deck Bag keeps all your essential gear protected and within easy reach.

ERS Hybrid Ankle / Knee Leash >

The ultimate in SUP leash design. Don't like the rebound of a full coil? Don't like the drag of a straight leash? Then the Ultimate Hybrid Leash is the perfect adaptation of both styles.


ERS Coiled Ankle / Knee Leash >

The classic SUP staple and a proven performer. If you become separated from your SUP board, the coiled cord is designed to pull the board back toward you. No drag on flat water. All industrial-strength hardware and bearings.


ERS Straight Ankle / Knee Leash >

If you are the type to be out in the surf with your SUP, this is the leash for you. We dual designed this leash to be also used by surfers with surfboards - because when the waves are right, we are right in that mix.



The ultimate in flexibility and performance. Be ready to ride in any water environment and change things up as no other SUP board can. It is the next-level option in SUP design for an enhanced paddling experience.

ERS Manual Pump

Dual Action COMPACT SUP Pump >

Pump on the down and upstroke = half the effort required. The reliable workhorse pump we include with every Earth River SUP board. Made with performance in mind but compact and light enough so that traveling doesn't become a hassle.


ERS Tie Down Straps >

We've sold thousands and for good reason. There wasn't a strap on the market that really did the job, and in 2013 we changed that. In 2021 we've made these available in 3 colors to match different ERS board designs and compliment your vehicle color.


ERS Dry Bags >

A perfect dry bag design that provides unmatched reliability and innovative features. If you want a dry bag that does its job every time - and that was specifically designed from the ground up for inflatable SUP / Watersport use but ready for any outdoor adventure.


ERS 8LB SUP Anchor >

Yoga, Fishing, SUP instruction - or maybe you just want to paddle out to the middle of the lake and enjoy some alone time. Designed to connect easily and effortlessly via a rust-proof carabiner the 8LB anchor is ready for the next time you hit the water.


ERS Pressure Gauge >

No hose or air input needed. The ERS pressure gauge is custom designed to take an accurate SUP PSI reading with no air loss. It's an invaluable tool every inflatable SUP owner should have in their kit.


ERS Deluxe Rolling Backpack >

Designed from the ground up with every feature we felt a GREAT SUP backpack needed. Heavy duty rolling wheels, solid straps, reinforced fiberglass shell and padding, and the toughest travel-ready polyester to protect your board.

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