At Earth River SUP we have an core belief of making the best SUP boards on the market – and we put that same energy into our accessories. We source long lasting components to provide years of trouble free performance, and if a component isn’t up to our standard, then we design it from scratch to our discerning specification. When you see the Earth River SUP logo you know your purchasing the best stand up paddle board gear on the water.



Surf & Paddle Inc. consists of several very experienced surfers who were strapping boards to racks before stand up paddle boarding was close to being invented.

We knew exactly what was needed in a lashing / tie down strap so we decided to design it to our exact specifications.

Our straps come with a lifetime warranty too because we remember some of the poor quality tie downs we used in the last 40 years- and we wanted a better solution for everyone.

These are the last set you will ever need. Tie down correctly, be safe in getting to your destination, and have fun on the water. MSRP $29


Up until now 12V DC pumps have been clunky and unreliable, but we have developed a pump that finally changes the game.

The Earth River SUP 12V DC pump can inflate to 20PSI and it does it with the ease of a cigarette lighter attachment. Compact and mobile, we felt popping the hood to access your car battery wasn’t the desired solution so we have come out with a pump that does a great job of inflation – whilst you do other things. If the least enjoyable element of using an inflatable SUP is the time and energy required for inflation – we have a solution – and its as simple as setting a dial and pressing a button.

Exactly. We said, game changer. MSRP $159


The Earth River SUP Rolling Backpack is designed to transport your SUP safely, and keep it secure in storage.

Our performance boards required a bag that was up to the task so we utilised our design contacts to produce something functional, reliable, and that we would proud to include as part of our standard SUP board package – not just as an afterthought.

It’s easy to carry – it’s got wheels for flat terrain – its protective – made of tough material – and it is ready to accompany the best inflatable SUP boards for the 2017 season. Designed with enough room to fit your SUP and Pump, with room to spare for a few extra things. We also added a deep easy access pocket at the front to hold valuables or other items. MSRP $129


ERS has custom designed a dry bag that not only looks better than any alternative on the market, it also brings with it proven Earth River SUP ingenuity and quality.

Designd to fit in with our board designs, and accompany you on any adventure – the Earth River SUP Dry Bag is the best friend around the water you need to have.

Available in four sizes and constructed of tough resilient material we put them through of stringent testing process and added a few features such as a semi translucent window and backpack straps on 10L models and up.

The top section folds down three times and clips shut creating a semi air tight seal which creates buoyancy. Keeps your stuff dry – it’s an essential part of your SUP kit. MSRP $19 – $49


New for 2017 we have designed a pump that makes the process a bit easier and can inflate one of our SUPs to 15PSI within 10 minutes.

Inflatable SUPs need to be inflated – its one of those inevitable facts of SUP that we have to accept and efficiently deal with.

It doesn’t mean it should be something you dread or that stops you heading out for a paddle. In fact, we won’t stand for that.

Our Dual Action Pump makes the most of the kinetic energy or the pumping process by utilising the upstroke, and almost halving the time it takes to inflate with traditional SUP pumps.

Yellow in color – impossible to lose or leave behind in any environment. Make every stroke count. MSRP $79


Straight leashes drag. Coiled leashes tangle. Some like to wear their leash on their ankle. Others like it just below their knee. How to avoid all these tradeoffs and decisions? Get the leash that does it all.

The Earth River SUP Hybrid Ankle/Knee Leash is built around a 10 ft. cord that is divided into 5 feet of straight cord and 5 feet that is coiled. The result is a leash that won’t drag and is much less prone to tangling and snapback than a standard coiled leash.

The cuff is designed with extra length and adjustment range so that it can be worn around the ankle or above the calf with equal comfort.

Dual stainless swivels, premium 1” wide rail saver, and 7mm UV resistant TPU cord are among the carefully chosen components that make this leash worthy of its place in the ERS line. It’s the leash that does it all. MSRP $39



Inflatable SUPs depend on accurate PSI to perform at their best – so we have a quick and easy solution to check any boards PSI in just seconds.

The Earth River SUP pressure gauge requires just a twist on any board with a standard Halkey Roberts inflation valve and you can take a pressure reading, instantly.

It’s fast and simple – but it also provides valuable PSI information, and it does it without any air loss

No pump or hose are required to get a measurement it attaches directly to the SUP valve with one ninety degree turn. It’s an essential piece of kit for any inflatable SUP owner, that will fit in a bag pocket, and provide you with instant PSI. MSRP $29


Mushroom anchors attach securely to your boards D-Rings to provide a solid, stable SUP platforms for pursuits such as Yoga and SUP Fishing.

This 8 lb anchor comes with everything you need to attach it securely to your board’s D-Ring and keep you in place for yoga, fishing, lunch, or a lazy snooze on the water. The mushroom design works in any environment and does not rely on any particular type of terrain to keep it in place.

The cast metal anchor is fully coated in soft, protective PVC to keep it from slipping off your board while paddling out and to prevent damage to surfaces during use and transport. MSRP $49


Having your phone on board while you SUP is not only a convenience – it’s a safety issue. Our waterproof phone case gives you an easy way to keep your phone protected so you can take it with you on the water.

Our waterproof phone case fits any smartphone up to and including iPhone 6+ size. It closes securely with a pair of simple cam lock levers which effectively seals out water, sand, dust, and dirt. It has an extra long lanyard so it can be worn around your neck of tethered to your board. Best of all, the phone and most of its functions can be used without removing it from the case. MSRP $19


Keep your waterproof camera, phone, or keys safe from sinking into the water with an ERS floating wrist strap

Made of soft foam filled neoprene, our floating strap can be worn around the wrist, providing peace of mind and protection in case you drop your camera or phone into the water.

It’s bright yellow color makes it easy to spot on the water. Pair it with the ERS Phone Case to keep your phone safe from both water damage and inadvertent burial at sea. MSRP $9


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