Earth River SUP DECK S3 GEN-3

The DECK S3 series redefines enthusiast paddle boarding.  Lightweight fusion material, Removable flex fins and reptile traction give recreational paddlers a compact, travel ready SUP that will handle any water.  Featuring the same outline shapes as our popular SKYLAKE and DUAL series shapes the new DECK S3 series gives casual riders a real level up in performance and provide a reliable inflatable SUP option for everyone.  Find your ride.

DECK 9-6 S3 | Aqua

The compact DECK 9-6 S3 shape with yellow and aqua highlights.  Ultra lightweight X7 fusion technology and packs down to a footprint that rivals dedicated travel boards.

DECK 9-6 S3 | Magenta

The DECK series in an Aqua Yellow color combination


DECK 10-7 S3 | Purple

The DECK 10-7 S3 is the perfect casual SUP with performance level features. DECK series in a purple / green color combination.

DECK 10-7 S3 | Orange

The Deck 10-7 series in an Orange / Yellow color combination with yellow fins and handle wrap.

DECK 10-7 S3 | Blue

The DECK series in Blue color combination with yellow fins and blue handle wrap.

SKYLAKE 10-7 S3 | Aqua

The DECK 10-7 in the Aqua / Yellow Color combination with blue fins and yellow handle wrap.

DECK XL S3 | Purple

The perfect SUP for the casual paddler. Ultra-stable and perfect for Yoga or taking the kids or dog for a paddle.

DECK XL 10-9 S3 | Blue

The DECK XL in a blue / green color scheme.

Construction and Features

The Earth River SUP DECK Series is designed as the ultimate inflatable SUP board for casual padding.  Constructed with ERS X7 Fusion construction, convenient three click fin set ups, reptile skin track pads the DECK series represent outstanding value for paddlers who want a performance level SUP board that travels lightly and sets up quickly.

ERS Deck 10-7 Green

Core Material

DECK boards start with an internal core of advanced fusion drop stitch, in which the outer PVC coating is directly applied to the base fabric layers. The overall layup consists of two layers of fabric which are oriented at an angular offset to minimize elasticity and permanently bonded in a glue-free process before coating with PVC.  

5" Thick DECK SUP board on a sandy beach

X7 Rail

The X7 GEN-3 rail uses thicker, and stronger PVC to lock the top and bottom fusion layers and keep the board structure solid. The X7 design uses bright colorful rail colors accent each board partnering fun with performance.

Deck pad close up of ERS DECK board

Shape & Thickness

ERS DECK S3 boards are shaped to cover to cover all-around shapes that perform for paddlers of all sizes and uses. The use of advanced design and materials allows us to make a high performing board in 5” thickness, which lowers your center of gravity for increased stability and “grounded” feel, makes it easier to get back on the board from the water, and is easier to carry and faster to inflate.

Surfing an inflatable SUP

Deck Pad & Handle

DECK boards feature a reptile grip surface. The main deck area is 40% thicker than the industry average and utilizes the highest density EVA foam on the market. The result is a deck pad that feels great on the feet, provides superior cushioning, and lasts longer than typical deck pads. The tail section has a raised foot bar which provides tactile feedback of foot positions and a raised back to keep the foot from sliding back when doing maneuvers that involve applying pressure to the tail of the board. The handle is designed to conveniently lay flat when not in use and has a removable neoprene grip wrap for carrying comfort. Removing the grip provides a flat surface in the center of the board for lying down for yoga or stretching, and keeps the surface free of obstacles for surfing.


Fin System

DECK S3 boards feature three removable click fins of equal size arranged in a classic “thruster” configuration. This setup distributes the fin surface area equally among the three fins, which keeps the total fin height of the board  lower than boards with a large center fin and allowing good control of the board.  This setup allows easy setup and pack down while still being ready for any challenges that require a skill step up from casual paddling.



ERS SKYLAKE boards include a host of hardware component upgrades, including stainless steel D-ring for leash and cargo bungee attachment and a genuine Halkey-Roberts inflation valve for reliable inflation and air seal.  Earth River SUP has a simple approach to component selection - We always use the best available component for every purpose, regardless of its impact on manufacturing cost.

ERS Carbon 85 Paddle and deck bag

ERS Compact Pump

ERS SKYLAKE boards come with an ERS Compact dual-action manual pump, which is designed and tested to provide the most efficient inflation performance in the most compact form factor. The internal valve configuration allows the single cylinder to deliver air on both the downstroke and upstroke, resulting in almost doubling the speed of inflation. The dual action is selectable and can be disabled when the board reaches pressures that make it easier to finish inflation in single-action mode.  The extra weight and bulk of a two-barrel solution does not significantly speed inflation when compared with the more elegant and compact single barrel dual action pump provided with ERS boards.

ERS Dual Action SUP Pump


DECK boards come with the ERS Rolling Backpack, which is made of ultra-durable 1600 denier canvas and is sized to fit the board, pump, paddle, and accessories while leaving room for personal belongings. The bag is equipped with a convertible backpack strap system, strap covering for airline travel, two internal straps, 4 external cinch straps, three inside mesh pockets, generously padded handles, a paddle pocket, and smooth-rolling wheels.

Paddling under a bridge

Right For You?

ERS SKYLAKE boards combine superior construction, top-shelf materials and components, flexible fin systems, and the best available pump and travel bag to provide the best overall package for recreational and performance-minded paddlers who care about exceptional design and quality.The SKYLAKE boards are available in GREEN, COLOR, and GT series to further customize a board that is right for you.

ERS DECK Insights and Reviews

DECK was released in 2022 so we are compiling rider feedback. Please see our SKYLAKE series feedback until we have the page set up.
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