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Earth River SUP (ERS) designs the most reliable high-performance inflatable stand up paddle boards and we are experts in inflatable SUP manufacturing.  ERS is an independent business that was established in 2012 with an ethos of never compromising on the type of company we wanted to be and the type of boards and products we wanted to create. For a comprehensive guide on selecting the right stand up paddle board see How To Choose The Best Inflatable SUP - The Ultimate Guide.




DUAL S3 | S3R | GT | X3


ERS DECK S3 (GEN-3) Inflatable SUP Boards >

The DECK S3 series redefines enthusiast paddle boarding. ERS Fusion material, X7 construction, Removable flex fins and reptile traction give recreational paddlers a compact, travel ready SUP that will handle any water.
ERS Skylake

ERS SKYLAKE S3 Inflatable SUP Boards >

Lightweight performance. Utilizing ERS fusion material with the option of permanent unbreakable fins or a fully configurable setup the classic SKYLAKE series are built for beginners through to enthusiasts and expert paddlers.

ERS DUAL series on a lake

ERS DUAL S3 | S3R | X3 | GT (GEN-3) Inflatable SUP Boards >

Rugged color with the ultimate in inflatable SUP design and technology. Ultra-durable builds, fully configurable fin systems, gecko grip traction and a wide range of different outline shapes and uses.

Why Ride Earth River SUP? >

The reasons why you should be riding ERS. If you are serious about finding the best SUP board, take a look at a few reasons to align with the best in the industry.

ERS DUAL series on a lake

Board Sizing and Uses >

An overview of ERS board series and shapes. A quick look at the different series available from Earth River SUP.
Girl carrying infaltable SUP down a beach

How to Choose The Best Inflatable Paddle Board In 2024 - The Ultimate Guide >

This article discusses in detail the process of choosing the best inflatable SUP for YOU.  We put you on the right path to selecting the right board. STEP 1. Ignore every top 10 list you read.
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