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Earth River SUP (ERS) designs the most reliable high-performance inflatable stand up paddle boards and we are experts in inflatable SUP manufacturing.  ERS is an independent business that was established in 2012 with an ethos of never compromising on the type of company we wanted to be and the type of boards and products we wanted to create.

For a comprehensive guide on selecting the right stand up paddle board see How To Choose The Best Inflatable SUP - The Ultimate Guide. For an overview of design and shape information, please see our ERS inflatable paddle board sizing and uses page. Otherwise, read on for a brief description of each series


The SKYLAKE GREEN series features our advanced Fused Laminate Construction, dual texture deck pad, enhanced dynamic rail, and permanent unbreakable fins. These boards are extremely light and responsive and are consistent and reliable performers in all water. These boards keep the focus on getting on the water fast and having fun - every time.

SKYLAKE 9-6 S3 | Green >

MID 2022  A compact all-arounder ideal for SUP surfing, fitness, and exploration. Fast turning and agility characterize this board. Great for riders of lighter weight or smaller stature or for those who want incredible responsiveness.

SKYLAKE 10-7 S3 | Green >

If you don’t know which board to get, the 10-7 GREEN is a great place to start.  It does everything extremely well and just feels right.  You can shift up to the 10-9 or down to the 9-6 depending on your weight and height and enjoy the same level of performance.


SKYLAKE 10-9 S3 | Green >

An ERS classic with a grounded feel and ample balance for instruction, fishing, yoga etc. Despite outstanding stability, its shape makes it surprisingly quick across the water - while providing the most stable SUP glide on the market.


The SKYLAKE BLUE series builds on the performance of the GREEN series boards but feature a configurable fin system with three adaptable fin boxes.  A standard BLUE™ series fin set is included, but they will also take a huge variety of US standard center fins and FCS compatible side fins that can be mixed and matched for different paddling situations.

The GT series expands the ERS lineup in 2019 with two sleek boards designed for speed and versatility. These fun and sporty boards share the advanced lightweight construction and configurable fin system of the BLUE™ series but are more narrow width, lower rockers, and shaped with square tails for speed. The GT series boards are built to be fast but have an edge in adaptability to different water and conditions.


SKYLAKE 9-6 S3 | Aqua >

The highly transportable board that will travel with you everywhere and will have you ready for adventure wherever you go. The LRC fin system opens up opportunities for distance paddling or single fin SUP surfing setups.


SKYLAKE 10-7 S3 | Aqua >

The one board solution that excels at everything. The configurable fin system takes our most popular board shape to a new level of versatility. An exceptional combination of balance, speed, and turning makes the SKYLAKE 10-7 AQUA S3 a ride you will never stop developing with.


SKYLAKE 10-7 S3 | Magenta >

The multi-award-winning SKYLAKE 10-7 S3 in a striking Magenta Color. 

SKYLAKE 10-7 S3 | Blue >

The ERS SKYLAKE BLUE S3 in the ERS Blue color profile.

SKYLAKE 10-9 S3 | Aqua >

A perfectly balanced platform that will support larger riders, give confidence to beginners and let you ride with additional cargo or passengers.  The addition of the removable LRC fin system allows significant performance customizations in speed and versatility for different types of water.


SKYLAKE 10-9 GT | Dark >

MID 2022 A SUP designed for pure adventure. Fast, nimble, and incredibly enjoyable to paddle the 10-9 is up for the challenge. Lightweight fused material, slick turning and torpedo like cut bring a feel like no other to the water.

SKYLAKE 11-2 GT | Dark >

MID 2022 The perfect SUP upgrade when you want speed and distance, but don't want to sacrifice versatility. Short touring length and great stability give it impressive glide and multiple fin configurations give you options most boards in this class don't.

SKYLAKE 12-6 S3 TOURING | Dark >

MID 2022 The king of lightweight touring SUPs. A single center fin configuration and dynamic shape allow the SKYLAKE BLUE 12-6 to glide in any environment - and stay feather light for when you are off the water.


The ERS DUAL S3 series utilizes the rugged and ultra-rigid Thermal Dual Core Construction, resulting in a board that carries more momentum across the water and is built to excel in all water environments and conditions. The Lake-River-Coast removable fin system lets you adapt the board for varied environments and challenges and the full ultra grip deck pad sticks even in the roughest whitewater or surf. Designed as a premium SUP series for paddling enthusiasts who demand the absolute best in performance, reliability, and features. The ERS Dual S3 series is the pinnacle of advanced inflatable SUP design and technology.

ERS DUAL 9-6 S3 | Aqua Grey >

The compactness and agility of the SKYLAKE 9-6  shape but with an added layer of ruggedness. The LRC fin configuration transforms it to a serious surf and whitewater option - or run the single 9" center for sleek distance performance.


ERS DUAL 10-0 S3 | Neptune >

MID 2022 A high-riding bullet shape that responds to your every move with incredible turning capabilities. Surfing, whitewater, or flat water – this board runs it all and adapts to paddler input exceptionally well.

ERS DUAL 10-0 S3 | Code Red >

MID 2022 The dynamite 10-0 shape with a striking red and grey color scheme. The 'Code Red' is an extremely popular color variant of the 10-0, originally designed for SUP instructors.

ERS DUAL 10-7 S3 | Arctic Blue >

The ultimate multi-purpose shape, including the removable LRC fin system. Great at anything from surfing to flatwater, it is the perfect fit and balance for riders wanting an all-around SUP that does everything well.


ERS DUAL 10-7 S3 | Retro

The ERS DUAL 10-7 S3 | Retro is a solid nod to our original SUP school designs that we made in orange and yellow. We combined them into this board which was so popular in 2018 as a limited edition it has returned for 2021. Feel the glow.

ERS DUAL 10-7 S3 | Magenta

Tough color with the Magenta / Grey DUAL S3. The unbeatable X9 construction and Magenta highlights give you the ultimate in performance and style on the water.

ERS DUAL 10-7 S3 | Arctic

A swift and rugged board that can push through rapids in the morning and take the family out for a relaxing paddle in the afternoon. The configurable LRC™ fin system turns it from a shallow inlet explorer - to a distanced focused board in seconds.


ERS DUAL 10-9 S3 | Arctic Blue

A swift and rugged board that can push through rapids in the morning and take the family out for a relaxing paddle in the afternoon. The configurable LRC™ fin system turns it from a shallow inlet explorer - to a distanced focused board in seconds.



MID 2022 Meticulously shaped to strike the ideal balance of speed and stability. The DUAL 12-6 TOURING is designed to bring fun and versatility to a class that is often pigeonholed as only for distance paddling. Fast, stable, and so versatile it can run whitewater or slice through the wave break to explore deep-water coastline.