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Ride at a Different Level

Earth River SUP (ERS) is a manufacturer of inflatable stand up paddle boards and paddling equipment.  We are rider-owned and operated and have evolved around the same core design team since our inception in 2012. We specialize in performance inflatable technology and are focused on producing the best inflatable paddle boards and gear for riders from beginners through to enthusiasts.

ERS boards let you go anywhere you would find a surfboard, kayak, or canoe, and even explore shallow waters that would be off-limits to any other watercraft. We started our company making boards directly for SUP instruction schools. In these commercial settings, our boards get used in multiple sessions every day in harsh environments. This requires a sturdier, more trouble-free construction than other inflatable and hard boards on the market.

Earth River SUP Paddleboards
ERS Inflatable Paddleboarder

Lake - River - Coast™

ERS boards are designed with multi-purpose versatility as a guiding principle. Paddle boarding has many facets, so you may find yourself surfing ocean waves in the morning and bird watching on the bay in the afternoon. ERS SUP boards ride with you from stretching out to do SUP Yoga through a whitewater session or even taking the dog out for a paddle then training for a race.

Our shapes, length, width, and board thickness are all tuned to make ERS boards perform in multiple settings without being constrained to just a single environment. Our boards reflect input from our design team which includes instructors, surfers, river paddlers, SUP racers, and even yoga practitioners who provide ideas on every board design before it goes into production.

Cole Reintsma with SUP board at the beachCole Reintsma with SUP board at the beach
ERS SUP boards paddling on the lake in a groupERS SUP boards paddling on the lake in a group

Better Inflatables By Design

We make our boards with tested and proven performance designs, an unparalleled understanding of inflatable paddle board construction, and advancements in modern material science.

The ERS Rider Team consists of industry professionals and enthusiasts that are dedicated to the advancement of the sport. Our design team consists of an MIT engineering graduate, an ACA Level IV Instructor and an industry leading commercial designer. We are fanatical about iSUP design and construction and likewise growing the most popular new water sport, getting people outdoors, and spreading our shared passion for stand up paddle boarding.



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Our board designs and shapes are the product of years of experience with our SUP school and outfitter partners who work hand-in-hand with our design team. Each board starts as a concept designed to improve upon existing board shapes and is tested and refined until there is nothing left to improve. That is why ERS boards are the most stable and high-performing in the inflatable SUP business.


Materials are the starting point for quality and performance, which is why we use only military-grade PVC, tight 1st grade drop stitch, high density EVA, and UV resistant coatings on all of our boards. Our process is a more costly way to make inflatable paddle boards, but it is the only way to make boards that will perform to our high standards and hold up to daily use in demanding environments.


ERS TECH™ is the core technology used in the construction of all our boards and is the DNA that forms our product. X7 and X9 core construction processes to ensure the right inflatable SUP is available to everyone, to be used in any environment. Our unique board shapes, combined with our perfected construction processes are what makes ERS the best ride on water.

ERS Inflatable SUP Boards - The Difference

We work hard on the details that make a better performing and more versatile inflatable paddle board. Our customers are making stand up paddle boarding an important part of their recreational lives and want a board that will enhance their enjoyment of the water and get them out having fun regardless of the location or conditions.

On Earth River SUP boards, you’ll find no shortage of upgrades, including hybrid deck pads, kick tails with arch support, choice of permanent unbreakable or fully configurable fin systems, UV protected graphics, commercial-grade valves, and riggings, removable wraps – all things that define an Earth River SUP board  from typical mass-market inflatables.

Earth River SUP riders at boating dockEarth River SUP riders at boating dock
Inflatable SUPs on Lake


ERS Tech™ innovation doesn’t end with our boards. We also develop accessories using new ideas to make every aspect of your SUP experience better.

We’ve developed paddles with exclusive grip textures, dry bags that double as backpacks, car straps that won’t damage your board, anchors for SUP yoga and fishing, and an exclusive portable inflation system that lets you inflate your board in any location without the need for manual pumping.

ERS Team on Photo session and social outing