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ERS TECH DUAL™ is the core technology we use to construct the best stand up paddle boards on the water. The construction in used in all our boards and is the DNA of our product. In 2017 we have used two core construction processes to ensure the right SUP is available to everyone, and for use in any water environment. If it has our logo on it, you can be assured it is the best quality SUP construction on the market.



An ERS stand up paddle board is the perfect blend of modern material science, focused physics, and art inspired visuals. Our 2017 line up was built from the DNA of our 2016 Sky Lake series that were a massive success for us, and showed just how well an inflatable SUP could perform – if it was built right.


A board’s design can only be as good as what it is made from and we have developed the most advanced SUP material and construction to ensure trouble free performance. Both of our core designs feature material enhancements that provide enhanced rigidity, while keeping the boards lightweight and making your paddling sessions fun and enjoyable.


The CORE structure of our inflatable paddle boards is a resilient PVC but the secret is in the layering which produces a structure that is flexible enough to inflate, deflate, and roll up. The PVC layers are bound together with a high tensile string bound structure which allows the board to hold the intended shape when inflated. Below is a brief description the material layers and internal structure of our two constructions.


The V-II Core is the evolution of our time tested construction which has a second layer of military grade fabric thermally fused to the inner core. It is an additional production step that allows custom tuning of the board properties for the specific design parameters. Weight, strength, flex, and wear properties are all accurately controlled by means of thermal flex layering. It is a more costly process but it allows us to produce the highest quality performance boards without compromise.
The V-II Core series feature a diamond groove grip texture on the deck pad and LRC™ Fin System for the SUP rider who wants to tune their ride to their environment and paddling style.


The SKYLAKE Enhanced construction is built around a high tensile inner core that is fusion bonded to an integral layer of hard wearing PVC, resulting in a lightweight board with exceptional strength and rigidity. They also feature longer deck pads with high grip diamond groove at the tail and smoother croc skin texture on the rest of the board, which enhances comfort for all the things you might want to do on a SUP. The SKYLAKE Enhanced boards continues the design principles we started with our original SKYLAKE boards in that we wanted a SUP that was practically bulletproof and provide years of enjoyment to it’s user. SKYLAKE are available in GREEN (Permanent Unbreakable Fins) or BLUE (LRC™ Fin System)



The quality feel of a board is a synergy effect that requires all components working together – it isn’t only about the base material construction. While making a great SUP board starts with the raw materials, the key is combining quality materials, components, and design that keeps the board light and high-performing while ensuring longevity for its owner. Below are some of the enhancements we design into our boards which add to the overall experience:


We use the best PVC available in our boards but have developed techniques to reduce weight. Our PVC fabrics and coatings are among the strongest on the market yet our boards weigh only 19-26lbs!

40% THICKER deck pads

Cheap deckpads can wear because they are the place where all the action happens. We use a more resilient rubber on our pads that resists wear, disperses pressure, and provides an exceptional grip for the rider.


We experimented for several years with different fin boxes until we were satisfied we had a keeper. Our fin boxes are tough and rugged with just enough flex in case they take a bump underwater. Our fixed fins are unbreakable and trouble-free.


Only the best. D-rings, handles, bungee cords. We specify with our factory to use the highest grade components and a specific manufacturing techniques in order to maintain a board that keeps its structural integrity even in intense heat or cold.


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